Kevin the Cashier at See’s Candy, Part 2

(women singing)
Kevin the Cashier! Played by Adam. [upbeat music] – Hello, may I help you? All right. What’s that movie where they say “Life is like
a box of chocolates”? I thought it was, like,
“Gremlins 2” I thought it was one of
the “Gremlins” movies. I remember he’s like–
he’s like coming at him and he says it? “Forrest Gump”?
Like, the one with the aliens? Who’s Tom Hanks? Do they quote
the “Gremlins” movie in it? Oh, okay. Hi, welcome to See’s Candy. Scotchmallows. We have sugar-free,
but you’re not going to make me start all over, are you? [laughter] This took me forever. I like your shirt, that says
“I wish I was retired.” That’s how I feel,
getting these chocolates. [laughter] I can take a bite out of
a couple of them, if it’ll make them fit better. All right, and there is a new
law in the state of California. I have to tell you how many
calories are in each one. So this one is 25,
this one’s 32. This one’s 19.
That one’s 6. This one’s 15.
That one’s 23. This one’s 27. That one’s 36. That one’s 10. That one’s 12. This one’s 10. That one’s 8. And that one is 14. This would be so much faster
without the cups. I love touching chocolate. Hi, welcome to See’s. Want to see how many chocolates
I can fit in my mouth? [laughter] [muffled words] – [laughs] (muffled)
– Uh uh.
Ta da! All right. Uh huh. Welcome to See’s. Getting some
Valentine’s Day candy? You see this old lady on
the cover there? I was in here at the store,
late at night, and I saw her in that corner. And then I turned the light on
and she was gone. Poor old Mrs. See’s. Anything else? You don’t mind if I do a shot of
Fireball while you wait, do you? Gets me through the day. There’s a camera up there. You’re on “The Ellen DeGeneres
Show” right now. You are.
Do you want to wave to– Yeah, I don’t work for See’s.
I work for Ellen DeGeneres. Thank you so much for being
a good sport.

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