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100 thoughts on “Keeping Secrets From You

  1. Wow, The Kids Have Never Seen A Camel In Real Life? In My City, We Have An Apple Orchard That Opens every Fall And there Are Camel Rides. I've Ridden On Several Camels In My 13 years Haha!

  2. I think they're called popping bobas… but basically they're these little fruit-tasting balls filled with juice that pop in your mouth and they're heaven <3

    p.s. your kids are so adorable!!!

  3. my favorite frozen yogurt topping is probably hot fudge or caramel sauce. I have also tried a melted marshmallow sauce that tasted a little strange but I liked it…

  4. Definantly the Bobas!! My brother and I always fill like half of our cup with the "orbeez" as he likes to call them 😂👍

  5. My favorite topping is strawberries or just good old rainbow sprinkles! I was wondering if you received my Christmas card? -Mya ♡

  6. My favorite Fro-yo topping is Gummy worms because when I was younger my nanny would always take me to get fro-yo and she introduced me to gummy worms. Now she lives In Texas and I eat gummy worms in her honor because I miss her so much!

  7. Here in Australia it's our summer so I have my fro yo with strawberries, kiwi, pomegranate and white choc bits. It's so refreshing!

  8. My favorite fro yo topping is either cookie dough pieces or strawberries. I love fro yo! Now I want some. Thanks Christopher! lol Love your family!

  9. Love dem elves–they rocked it hard with the Sushi Dance! Don't know that I've ever even seen a Sushi Dance before.
    Chris, that was the best Tallulah Bankhead impersonating Elvis impersonation. More, more!

  10. I've always wondered why Bailey has Orange hair , but brown eyebrows . Just wondering ? Your kids are the cutest though, I love your family <3

  11. It honestly made my day how happy they got when you guys said they could get frozen yogurt! You guys are so awesome 🙂

  12. I've only recently discovered Chris and his amazing family, and going through all the vlogs is such a fun experience. I like watching the kids grow up and learn.

  13. I didn't even realized he filmed all these meetings about haters back off until recently going back after the show exists

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