Justice League Battle Royal with Batman Superman & Wonder Woman by KIDCITY

what’s up everybody its dad city and
little slash little flash and we are about to play a Justice League battle
royal on WWE 2k 18 but first we have a very special announcement
what is the announcement that’s such an important thing I lost on somebody
killed her he was playing soccer it was awesome I wish I had it on video to show
you guys but I don’t he’s playing soccer and he collides with this other guy and
he reaches down business and it’s tooth popped out blood and everything is
awesome so today we’re playing a battle royal we’re not just doing a six-man
battle royal this week we’re healing an eight-man
battle the new battle Royals on WWE 2k 18 are the hardest thing ever because it
just they like throw y’all so little flash is going to be little flash I
don’t think I want to be dad City you want me to be dead sooner I’ll be dead
City Roma Luke shirt no kid see shirt so custom superstars so here is the Justice
League got Batman we’ve got cyborg do Aquaman Darkseid we did a talk on in
Darkseid he’s like eight feet tall and he just throws they’re running so okay
so who else we have we have Green Lantern well so Superman Superman cruiserweights Superman
so me and Superman are a cruiserweight or small but we’re strong that’s right
Wonder Woman is not in here because they don’t let you on this game wrestle girls
which you shouldn’t do in real life either this is trying to teach you the
right thing to do here we go Royal Rumble now
this is hard I’m telling you yeah so if we know if we get eliminated we’re just
gonna let the match run and we’ll we’ll start rooting for somebody else
actually we’ll do another if we get eliminated we’re gonna just start it
over and do another manage but only twice if we get eliminated twice both of
us we’re just gonna have to let it go okay what’s that weird grin on Green
Lantern space why he’s cool watch glowing arm watches going up this
is eight legs triangle oh man that was close man Azure just make it as present
stop there Oh God Oh Aquaman’s already run run from cyborg please help me okay okay okay nope I
don’t know I’m going after cyborg no this is hard he gives too many people
in the rain oh he’s putting his middle buddy I I need to get messing with
myself at hand I forget how to select your people okay
wait what do you mean Batman’s head okay who do I want I don’t want nothing to do
with Green Lantern we’ll try surprising with a child what I just ER
it soon Green Lantern men Green Lantern is good look at his glowing belt and
glowing arm I was gonna sneak up on flash but he caught me you did yeah be
careful man he’s gonna go eliminate you man I’m in trouble Green Lantern zone me
rubbers oh come on oh I didn’t know he gave me a DDT like his chances here come
on reversing reversals impact there we go there’s a reversal maybe not you know
let his guard down there for Green Lanterns got his Batman up there okay green they’re getting out of green
there’s way come on come on bunny no no no please mr. flash oh it’s super kicks
me over the oh no dad city eliminated little flash on his own you better be
careful where you get the Justice League all over you Oh flash and little flash
going at it that’s it cyborg rematch why does the
Sun work he’s going after me oh he almost eliminated me within like two
seconds that’s not what we want for this there’s
a reversal motorable man oh is their last chance this juncture the match
makes the intention unmistakable to be little come on you gotta watch me this time okay no no
no no no no no no he took my finisher wait Superman makes me so mad Oh
Oh Green Lantern’s going after these guys the hardest battle royal we please
I think now he’s about to this battle royal mode is the hardest
we’ve ever played Batman cyborg yeah Batman’s out cyborgs out Superman flashes the winner not little flash big
flash hey kind of weird-looking but we had fun we didn’t win this time
we’ve won before check out some of our other spider-man the second one is so
much easier if you want to see the spider-man battle roar that’d be good
will link to that up there man to kick will give you links to more of our WWE
battle royal as we play these weekly along with our other family funds so
give us a thumbs up and subscribe so you can follow all the action bye

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