Jurassic World Lego Game Incredible Hulk Hybrid Indominus Rex Custom Dino Creator By WD Toys

okay guys so here are the two incredible
Hulk T Rexes that I create and all together I’ll be creating three
different dinosaur hawks okay today Jurassic world Lego game I am
going to create three Incredible Hulk Jurassic World Lego Game Incredible Hulk Hybrid Indominus Rex Custom Dino Creator By WD Toys so uh so anyways I’m gonna create t-rex
off dinosaur and we will see two other words so let’s get over there the pic thumpy is cute see but he can’t
access that stud one’s gonna have okay so for the first one we are going to
start with a t-rex body first thing I want to do is bring this guy all green
so it makes more sense we got this green here or dark green
I think the hawk would be bored dark green would be yes on the go dark green
dark green and dark green okay so now our next thing is I did pick a t-rex oh
now we have to pick a head I will need your help
we have Dilophosaurus who are like that Dilophosaurus indominus Spinosaurus
Triceratops Tyrannosaurus and Velociraptor I think I’m gonna stick
with Dilophosaurus head and this would be there should be more accurate
let’s go died officers I know it’s not as accurate but so then we have
ankylosaurus Spinosaurus Stegosaurus or t-rex I like the inclu soros for the
tail tail tail our choices are ankylosaurus buy more food on biggest
soros or I am gonna go with okay so we have our we’ll use the head on a smaller
one I mean if you I want the big guy to be more accurate so we’re gonna use and
indominus hey okay so there we have our walk and then we’re gonna make another
hawk with another dinosaur how about we use Spinosaurus cool
so our first move I’m gonna make this a different type doors okay well anyways okay so for his
head we have Dilophosaurus it dumb this
spinosaurus Triceratops Tyrannosaurus Rex and velociraptor I’m gonna stick
with the Triceratops that looks cool that he’s got words for
the body we could go Pinkley asaurus Spinosaurus negatory
I’m gonna stick with Spinosaurus and the tail I definitely want to go Stegosaurus
so that is our second I know those funny soros there and then we need to do a
small ones so how about we do like dumpy okay he looks awesome
almost want to leave him like yet but this is the hawk so we’ll go a light
green with this walk again like green you know I wonder if this is what guy
would look good a mix of maybe but we gotta get rid of those
stripes okay green I guess and then for his head
our choices are Dilophosaurus Dominus spinosaurus triceratops t-rex
velociraptor I like the Spinosaurus for his body we have a Clea soros coffee
boiling thesaurus daggits or I think I’m gonna go with white
okay for the tail inkless or it’s comfy let’s go time or for that okay so that
is our third Dino so we’re gonna go ahead like lime we’re gonna go ahead get
out of here I’m gonna go ahead and spawn these guys I’m not gonna show it to you
guys again if you go back about just follow the button to my previous videos
it’s about two videos before this so go ahead go back there if you want to see
how to get to the spawning site okay time to go ahead and spawn these guys
first what I’m gonna do is are a large gun so that’s gonna be our custom t-rex okay I like this guy I would think of
the hall I was definitely think this guy salt
let’s see what he loves okay so he could attack with his head okay he’ll go
invisible he does have it bonza you’re doing great but there’s still more out
there he looks cooler okay-y anyways if we go ahead and bring
in the final one each each good use this fight it’s the automatic feeder for the
Dyna so I will bring in my spinal I think that darker green is better for
the brown but this is like some type of freaky looking
oh look at this guy okay so this guy charges because he has Triceratops here you get a better look at a warring
down here anyways this guy is cool charge yeah if
you wait a while the other one disappears so what I’m gonna do is I
will go ahead and bring back the other one that’s our tiny little Hulk that
little coffee down there that is a okay so now what we’re going to do is
just switch now to this guy here and he’s gonna chase me look at that
dang great now lumbering after me after a while he
forgets about me and then they respawn sometimes they respawn
sometimes they don’t so I guess this is one of the times they don’t okay but
anyways I’m gonna go and bring in the other big guy and then we will fight
this one with the other day charge right I guess okay so let’s bring the big one
back in and then I’m gonna take the little coffee and attack them walk them
out of here I should have all oh okay come on Tommy get him what happened I stomped yeah I’m just gonna go take down the big one
okay let’s do that one more time let’s bring in the same big one and we’ll
fight these two guys and then we will roll it all verse research in deep down for the kid love respawning the little copies going to what comes
back okay well anyways guys that is our three
Hawks if you guys enjoyed that video idea which one what you see instead and
that was awesome I really enjoy baking these for you guys if you guys enjoyed
the video let me know you guys are awesome
I do have over a thousand videos guys the majority are Jurassic world Jurassic
Park Godzilla King Kong Power Rangers and I
am starting to get the drastic world fallen Kingdom toys filled with tales so
you guys are awesome and I will see you and today’s secret word is the word go ahead and put that in the comment
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  1. You may remeber me but my old account Jeff gaming phone did not work so I forgot my password but I still watched you're videos 😀

  2. hello it's me do you like baryonyx or allosaurus more super ultra great video and the hybrid was amazing


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