Jurassic World Lego Game Black Panther Hybrid Indominus Rex Custom Dino Creator Marvel WD Toys

Jurassic World Lego Game Black Panther Hybrid Indominus Rex Custom Dino Creator Marvel WD Toys ahead and create some custom dinosaurs
the first one we’re gonna create is a black panther Dino how cool is that so
here is all the Dino bodies we could pick okay so today we’re gonna create
three custom dinos the first one is gonna be black panther so I think for a
black panther I’m gonna start with an indominus rex body let’s see the head
I’m gonna stick with indominus rex because it’s got certain points that
like the black panther does or the body i am you could do ankylosaurus you could
do indominus rex Spinosaurus Stegosaurus I like the Spinosaurus so I’m gonna
stick with that one and then for the tail you’ve got different choices you
got ankylosaurus you’ve got die more food on indominus
rex or Stegosaurus I’m gonna stick with Stegosaurus because that would be the
sort of like the claws on the Black Panther
and then you’re gonna have to go with colors this one I did go through the
different color schemes and it seems like if you want it the most accurate
you should go all black I mean you could do some crazy stuff here I mean check
this off but for a black panther I am going to go all black and then for the
third color you’ve got different choices here too as you can see different
stripes and stuff but once again I’m gonna go all black so that is our Black
Panther indominus rex so uh I’m gonna create two more and then we’re gonna go
ahead and spawn these guys and battle a little with them they are totally cool
so anyways let’s go back okay so now what I want to do is I want to create
like a medium and a small one two so medium let’s go with like a
Dilophosaurus okay we could change his head I’m gonna change him to Triceratops
head there you could change his body I’ll go at stegasaurus and tail let’s go
with anklet Saurus okay then you could go pick color schemes or you could do
some wild stuff by using this symbol here so here it’s gonna flip through a
bunch of different wild dinosaurs and that one looks cool Wow okay but you
know what that did change our Dino so I apologized for that
let’s go back there and do this one again okay so let’s go back again
Dilophosaurus oh you know that was the Dilophosaurus it was just giving me some
weird I don’t know I don’t really like this I
like doing it myself so Triceratops I do like that body I think yeah body we were
gonna go with big asaurus and tail I’m gonna go with ankylosaurus okay then we
need colors so let’s let’s find some wild colors look could we go you guys think okay let’s start let’s stick with that
red for the secondary color a purple of spent okay then the third
one would be like a pattern actually that looks and then we could do
like different stripe patterns and stuff actually I like the tiger stripes okay
so we’re gonna go ahead and stick with that one
for our second Dino and then I need a third Dino which I’m gonna go with I
believe we had a copy here okay Gallimimus is fine we will go with
the Gallimimus oh okay I am going with that guy that guy actually you know what
that’s one of my old designs yeah let’s go ahead and switch this guy off okay so
first I do want to stick with what do I let’s go to Dilophosaurus head there very fancy
stick with the spinosaurus body tail let’s go with the die more foot on the
tail okay so you know we got three dinos so
what we’re gonna do now is go to a spawn point and get these guys made so we’re
gonna head right out of the lab here we need to find a map point okay so to get
there just come out of there I’m gonna go to the map here and it goes into the
mask I’m going to go up here to the t-rex that is the yellow one I’m gonna
find this map point right there the tyrannosaurus territory and go there
during the day and then I will have to find the the load point so basically
here just gonna run right through here so it’ll probably take me a couple
minutes to get there I’m gonna show you guys one time and in other other
episodes I will not show you so what do you guys think of our choice
of dinos I think they’re awesome you know I love bringing them to life
so with that dino we are going to have that’s about the closest I could get to
how the Black Panther would look so I am almost at the spawn point there it is
right ahead that big blue area there and then we will simply throw this thing
together and we are good to go okay so go on here and go ahead and spawn our
dinos okay so we’re gonna start with the big guy first
so we need our custom t-rex and there he is is that sweet or what well you press yellow you go into there
and there is or sweet-looking Dino roar oh hey there any chance you know how to
use this it’s the automatic feeder for the dinosaurs I’m not as bright as a Dino
true I’m wearing pants okay and I believe you could swing his
tail okay just one bonza you’re doing gripe but there’s
still more out there okay let’s see if there’s anything else
I could do we got over there
I thought he could sling his snail oh he’s dancing and he just left visible
huh those awesome okay so what I could do is I could bring another
dinosaur on here too and have these guys fight so let’s go ahead and bring my
medium Dino up oh I remember what it was okay let’s see small dinos what do we
lost the Raptors office Oh Thursday loss okay so that’s custom Dilophosaurus that
we made let’s check out what this we could swing his tail Dino battle and
he just killed ok so this guy could charge ok let’s go ahead bring my get
into my big Dino and then there’s my big one yeah hey there we go I just stomped into this okay so that’s an awesome dyno there see
we still have to find our last one so laughs oh okay our last time was one of
these believe ya Gallimimus that was the other one we made okay so the Gallimimus
is let’s check out what options okay he could spit – he’s got the Doyle
officer ass man humans
let’s get the big guy back here and see what happens with office or okay I don’t want to go back into the big guy
the little guy move farther away he just took me down he’s trying to stop everybody okay well
anyways that is our three dinos and that was a lot of fun that’s awesome guys if
you have any suggestions for any other custom dinos let me know I will gladly
try to make them for you you guys are totally awesome if one more time let’s
see if I can get it hey maybe I could get rid of the small
guy their back the big guy still not letting me I pointed it right at the customer X and
is still not like that guys throw nuts check him out it’s just not letting me get back into
him okay-y anyways we took a good look at a
man we will go ahead and create some more so you guys are totally awesome and
I will see you in today secret word is the word go ahead and put that in the
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