JJ Abrams & Bad Robot – Justice League Dark Movie & TV

This is gonna be a good conversation!

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38 thoughts on “JJ Abrams & Bad Robot – Justice League Dark Movie & TV

  1. Doesn’t matter who’s first but, who does it better. DC should just keep doing the best movies and they are going to stay on top.

  2. Dear God…Bad Robot and JJ Abrams are just Hollywood Hooches…how many franchises and IPs can one company F*** Up?! STOP GIVING THESE CREEPS JOBS!! Well at least (hopefully) this means the Bad Robot crew has been booted from Star Trek…🤞🏼

  3. There is no DcEu for me without Cavill as superman in it. Doa for me if they announce anything without cavill reprising

  4. Estrogen is such untapped potential. He basically has a Hulk type thing going on except with magical powers And the uncanny ability to rhyme everything he says, Not to mention all the myth schism and lore surrounding his character like where exactly does he come from where does the curse come from blah blah blah, it’s a perfect character to add to a team. You could do all of the information over a few films

  5. We all know they’re after Constantine to be their central figure. He’s a more palatable character for the masses to accept, easier to market because of the name recognition too. Zatanna and Swamp Thing are super cool characters who don’t have the charisma to hook new fans currently (which can easily change over time of course). Great assessment Grace…

  6. I would love to see a movie about Jason blood and Etrigan where he is telling his story from medival times when he got his powers to someone like batman or amanda waller.
    like a magical, demonic and medival version of jakyl and hyde but told from the perspective of a jason blood in the current year

  7. They really need to do something about Superman, as well as putting together some kind of plan for the larger DCEU.
    These actors are not going to do this forever. Pattinson is going to move on before long if there isn't anything interesting for him to explore.
    Gal Gadot isn't going to stick around forever, and is so attached to Patty Jenkins that she might move on if Patty does.
    The DCEU has so much potential, as do these actors, and Warner Bros. is squandering all of it by continuing to keep them separate.
    At least building towards something should at least build greater excitement and investment, both from fans and actors themselves.

  8. Constantine is the only one who can compete to Dr Strange.
    Because seriosusly, WB can’t make a movie of Dr Fate, it would be just awful.

  9. The Star Wars debacle is 100% on Kathleen Kennedy, although I will say that Bob Iger didn’t help much either. If JJ sticks with something, then I have confidence in his ability to pull it off, because TFA was definitely the best of the new trilogy, hands down. Not super original, but definitely the best one.

  10. The fact that we never got that damn Deadman show with the Quantum Leap treatment is still BS. If JLD is going forward. It needs to happen.

  11. If there is no Constantine (with Matt Ryan playing) or Swamp Thing then this is one ill skip.. i also think the CG swamp thing will cost too much for this movie.. if its not under 100mil then i dont think they shud make it bcuz it wont be a billion dollar movie IMO

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