Jedi vs. Sith – The Skywalker Saga | Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures

You’re a Jedi Knight,
aren’t you? [Qui-Gon]
There’s something
about this boy. The Force is unusually strong
with him. Anakin! You refer to the prophecy
of the one who will bring balance
to the Force. You believe it’s this… boy? Trained as Jedi,
you request for him. Hmm? You will be a Jedi.
I promise. [Obi-Wan]
A young Jedi
named Darth Vader helped the Empire hunt down
and destroy the Jedi Knights. [Luke]
I am a Jedi,
like my father before me. You will meet your destiny. [Maz]
That lightsaber was Luke’s,
and his father’s before him. And now, it calls to you. [Darth Sidious laughs]

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100 thoughts on “Jedi vs. Sith – The Skywalker Saga | Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures

  1. Great. Now I want to see the whole saga, including films and Clone Wars series, in this style of animation. Well played, devs, well played. 👍

  2. The only problem I have with this is that Rey and Kylo are included. Rey more than Kylo, but I still don't think either is really….what are the words? I'm going to stop here before I start a rant. anyways, love the animation, love the colors and fluidity of motion. Just annoying that Old man Luke, Ren, and Rey are all actually canon when such characters as Revan, Malak, Malgus, Bastila, Satele, and Valkorion are just considered "Legends".

    ….aaaand I ranted anyway. Sorry folks. 😛

  3. many things i love this video specificly:
    1: the Animation is awesome, i love how it seems so Simple but with the Right effects it makes some of the previous Animations of Star wars to shame
    2: i LOVE the little additon they added like the moving hair from the Clash of the Lightsabers, i mean sure it might just be from the wind… but i also love the added effect in the Lightsaber Clashes… like seriously… they went all Anime in this
    3: i love each Character Design… but i must admit… Rey is the best.. she looks so younger and so Determent that i just fell in love with her… XD she also actually looks better Animated then she does in real life personally

  4. I don't know why, but this actually got me teary and emotional. I guess it's all that nostalgia creepin' up on me.
    Thank you for this Disney. Beautifully made. The animators really did a fantastic job.

  5. This is weird
    Revenge of Sith
    Return of Jedi
    Rise of Skywalker



    Episode III
    Episode VI
    Episode IX


    I think that Skywalker is plural and i think that word combines all skywalkers Anakin Luke Leia Ben and possibly Rey
    MY teories about rey
    She is granddaughter of sidious
    She is skywalker
    She is clone

  6. Ironic how these videos are meant for kids and most of the people watching them are teens and young adults who just wanna see a show come out with this animation!

  7. I love how it's all about destiny, family, betrayal, trial and then some rando ends up with the sword and decides "Well I guess I'm a part of it now"

  8. I don't like how they included the sequels in the end, because they feel out of place, they don't feel like part of the story, and it was jarring, aside from that, I love this.

  9. Well, I guess that's one way to get next generations to not abandon Star Wars. Especially if you've already built that giant at-at at Disney world lol.

  10. Had me right up until the sequel trilogy… ugh. It's not just that the sequel trilogy is terrible, it's that it would've been so easy to do it well.

  11. Why did you mess up the order of Rey kicking Kylo's butt in a lightsaber duel BEFORE she had any training, or went to Luke who threw the lightsaber away unceremoniously ?
    Unless of course you openly admit that Rey is a Marty Stu and this is a chance to try and rectify the extreme horribleness of Star War: The Last Jedi and Star Wars:The Force Awakens?
    But putting aside that mountain for a moment, yes, this was very well animated.

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