Japanese traditional dolls – 人形 – 4K Ultra HD

Like any culture, dolls or ningyō, have been and are still very popular in Japan. Today we had the chance to share with you some of these gorgeous creations made by Fukuda-sensei, a Japanese doll master we had the chance to meet while exploring their creations and private collection in Tokyo. Unlike Europe for example, Japanese Dolls were not only toys for kids but also considered as art in much the same way as statues are art, and this is how they are treated in many Japanese homes. Like an elaborate sculpture, it can take up to one year to make such a doll from start to finish, due to the delicate nature of the materials involved and the time required for the paint to dry. Doll masters sometimes need up to one month to finish a doll’s head for example and need to pay close attention to humidity when working. Finally, on average a doll costs between 100,000 – 500,000 yen, but the rarest ones can fetch up to several million yen, depending on how famous the artist is.

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7 thoughts on “Japanese traditional dolls – 人形 – 4K Ultra HD

  1. I have been collecting souvenir dolls from all over the globe for many years now, each in their traditional dress. I especially appreciate the Japanese doll. They are masters at their craft. With the current evil that is spreading globally threatening to eradicate variety in culture I am blessed to have this collection in my possession. God created variety and it is good.

  2. These dolls are so beautiful Okiku is the one who got me into other Japanese dolls especially the porcelain ones like these i totally want them to putt in my room

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