Jake’s Buccaneer Blast : Pirates on Ice – LEGO DUPLO – Season 1, Episode 5

Shiver me shiverin timbers! Ch ch chilly canyon! It’s ch ch chilly! We can warm up later. After we find the Pirate piece of bucket ice near blue ice! Without it we can’t get the bucket near blast of treasure… Well my map says it’s in the Frozen Forest Right up ahead! Then yo ho let’s.. Go Smead, a Pirate piece is this way! Captain Hook? Aye Captain but we really should speed with caution, We don’t want to be causing any avalaches! Oh don’t we?! Coconuts! Incoming! Ahhhhhhh!!! Batter up! Rahhh ahhhh ahhhhh ug! Uh ohhh…bahhh haa Woo hoo! Cool!!! Well we only need one ice cube but which one is it? This one! Yo ho ho way to go Jake! Unhand that cube of icey Buccaneer blue or prepare to be snow-balled! Yah hey snow way Hook! We found it fair and square! And I shall take it from you! Fire! Woah! We’re getting ice-creamed! Not for long! Woah!! Now it’s snow balls away! Wow, in, never, aghhh! Alright! We froze out Hook… And we got the Pirate piece (Yeah!) Don’t worry Captain, I’m sure we’ll thaw out by next Spring! Ummmm agggghhh

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