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Hi, everyone! Leysan here, and welcome to My Istanbul Diary! In this video I will show you a museum,
but it’s not a regular museum, it’s a toy museum. This museum, for sure, will be liked by both – kids and their parents. Every room of the museum is dedicated to an individual topic,
so there are many themed rooms in this museum, and you’ll have a chance to see most of them in this video. There is warm and homelike atmosphere in the museum, and using the word rooms instead of exhibit halls is the best solution,
I think. By the way, there are many pictures that are not
included in this video, and you can find them all in my blog. I will leave the link in the description box down below. In this room, for example, you can see all kinds of bears: teddy bears, bears made of plastic, mechanic bears etc. Here you can see Wild West themed toys like Indian and cowboy
figurines, horse-pulled carriages and everything like that. And, of course, all these toys are US toys of the early 20th century. Istanbul Toy Museum was founded in 2005, and is located in a historical mansion in Kadıköy district, in Asian side of the city. The museum has pieces from different countries all over the world, but most of them are from Germany, Turkey, USA and UK. And this room is my favorite room in this museum. A huge collection of all kinds of doll houses is presented here. To be honest, I literally was charmed by what I saw in this room.
As a child, I have always been dreaming of such houses for my dolls.
And suddenly, many years later, I found myself in a room full of doll houses,
and all those houses were so beautiful and realistic. Need to be mentioned, that all these toys are 50-100 years old,
and some of them are even older, but in spite of the age, they all are in perfect condition.
And it’s just amazing! There is also a railway themed room in this museum. And its interior is made to be similar to the interior of a real railway car. So you can sit back and imagine that you’re traveling somewhere
by train. The sound effects played in the room will also help you
feel the atmosphere better. You may notice that some toys have photographs of
their owners next to them. Sometimes it’s even two photos.
In one photo you see a little child hugging his/her favorite toy, and in another photo you see an old person with the same toy, and currently this toy is displayed in the museum and you’re looking at it. It’s an incredible feeling.
You realize that our toys we used to play with as kids, probably, will have a longer life than we will. And 100 years later,
maybe, people will be coming to museums to admire them, just like we’re doing right now
with someone else’s toys. Honestly, all this makes me think of how weak and powerless we are,
because even our toys will have a longer life… And this is it for today. I hope this video was interesting. Give it thumbs up if you liked it, and subscribe to my channel
to not miss anything new in the future. Thank you everyone for watching! See you soon! Bye bye!

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