this really isn’t so now we’re making a
Lego boat and after that we’re gonna race the Lego boat here here there whoa
we’re gonna race the Lego boat here later there you go there’s the Lego boat
so we’re making Lego boats for us to be able to race there you go there you go
Lego both yeah hi Arbella what are you making your own
lego boat and then afterwards we’re gonna raise it right over there yeah
race ya race how about Sophie are you ready now I
think I’m ready I have my boat it’s very simple see there look at my boat my boat
is ready oh hey look how does your boat okay boat look at my boat Bella look at
my boat wish Chris Jakob also designing his boat
we are still here at Legoland waterpark Dubai we’re trying to decorate our boats
make it into something that looks like a car and Lucas is there Jacob and
Arabella and Sophie they’re here are you ready no I think I’m ready come
on let’s go let’s go so now it’s time for us to race come on D come on deke
let’s race come on okay so we’re raising all the
way there how do you do it
how do you do it now a playoff quick beer you put it back come on let’s wait
for it wait for them this race this race deep receiver foot oh no wait they think wait guys
get yours Neela it’s not floating it’s not exploding okay go go go go we’re doing boat racing
Jacobs boat is in the morning whose boat is the winner do it again okay let’s go to the wave pool we’re
gonna go to the wave pool there’s the wave pool there you go you guys go why doesn’t he go go-go better IRA IRA Bella screaming it’s raining go go go go go we’re collecting bricks LEGO bricks LEGO
bricks a lot of Lego bricks there there big block Bella Bella here’s
more blocks villa Lego blocks Bella I’m so big
look at this Lego Lego block come on the traitor dinner are you doing okay what are you doing
guys – Oh it’ll be airtight okay you say fun this is fun yeah okay Villa Urbana Villa anyone Dorabella so here you go
nothing go go come on
now let’s go it’s got my back is it okay we go together no only one no it’s okay
well I don’t be scared okay anyone okay where do you want to go
Bella where let’s try that one in Dubai Dubai with particle setup
daddy will try here okay it’s okay go there I’ll go there again again other
side okay go go go go go Bella
Oh bill Arabella the place well where do you want yeah go go go most like ha
ghosts will be together together come on go go why does he go Wow again again again hi again there I go

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