inspectAR Case Study: PCB assembly

inspectAR is an augmented reality tool
for working on electronics so it will display design information about a
circuit board in real time onto a video feed of that circuit board so that all
the information you need as an engineer as a technician or even as a manager is
right there in the one window so we’re here tonight at the inspectAR office
having a soldering party with eastern edge robotics from Memorial University.
It saves me lots of time honestly like I spend a lot of time looking at my board
on my laptop and if I don’t have to do that and you just look right there and
it’s like hey it says that the capacitor goes here this one goes there
I can just do them all at once another thing I really like is the fact you can
select multiple components at the same time with the same value so if I have a bunch of 1k or 10k resistors I can solder them all at once and I know
exactly where they go on the board very accurately and again the real-time
feedback definitely helps there. Our application can be deployed on four
different platforms Windows Mac OS Android and iOS what you see behind us
is inspectAR are getting used in two ways we’re running it on desktop through an
external web camera so you can put a webcam on a stand over your circuit
board in the lab just come in connect your laptop and get to work on the board you can search for components in real-time so you can say display all 10k resistors and then go and solder those
up alternatively inspectAR is being used on a mobile phone under the microscope
what you can do off to the side is have inspectAR running on your phone take
your phone move it over the circuit board search show me all 10k resistors
and then freeze the frame using a feature of our app and move it off to
the side where you can continue to go and solder very quickly. The things I
really liked is that it’s really easy to find the components you’re looking for
you can see the board live so you don’t have to like look around through your
for me like kicad to try and find it it’s really easy to find them and when
you click on it the value of the component pops right up you’re gonna
save a bunch of time because you don’t need to keep going into different pieces
of software in order to look up information such as you know where is
this resistor located on the board which net is connected to which pin of this
component and where is it and then also you’re gonna save mistakes because all
that information is tied to the video feed of the board so it’s very very
difficult for you to make an error

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