Innfos Gluon: Amazing 6-Axis REAL Robot Arm!

Hey everyone! I’ve got something really, really special
today- something I’ve been waiting years for, a REAL robot arm. The Innfos Gluon, 6-axis robot arm- and it’s the real deal, no shaky RC servos, no lasercut parts, real brushless motors, carbon fiber, and anodized aluminum. Now, as you know a lot of what I look at on this channel is related to automation a look at a hopefully post-scarcity future where machines do all the work, and we sit back and have a beer. A big thing holding that back has been the
high cost of robots, and those robots cost so much, because of the motors that drive them. A usable robot needs motors that are light, powerful, and have some sort of way to provide feedback, so the computer driving the robot knows the exact position of reach motor. There’s a few ways to do this, we won’t go
over them all the important part is the good ways aren’t cheap, and there is a shortage of the motors that do this well. Yup, you got it- a global robot motor shortage. Technically a harmonic drive shortage that’s a sort of way to make a fast motor a strong motor, but there’s a shortage. This means there have been a lot of failed or partially fulfilled crowdfunded robot arms in the last two years. Because electronics startups raise money, go to buy motors and- no motors, or at least no motors cheap enough to fill their pre-orders. So when Innfos contacted me, and said they were launching a crowdfunding campaign for a robot arm. I said hahahahahahahah NO. You’ll never find the motors for a low cost
actuator driven robot. You can’t source them. Well, that’s the thing they said- we are the source, we’re actually an actuator company, not really an electronics company. We have the motors already. Hmm. Well that’s something interesting. Because as I said- those motors are a big
bottleneck, and they went and patented their own low cost actuator, and everyone I spoke to said they were the real deal. Company info checks out. So- cool robot arm aside, low cost actuators- game changer. So they send me these two robot arms to test out, one 4 axis, one 6 axis. It comes with a little controller board that
connects to Ethernet, a power supply, and an emergency off button to stop the robot
uprising. I’ve been working them them like this for
the past week, but that’s a bit messy and not good for a demo so I’m going to neaten things up by cutting a mounting plate out out of acrylic plate with my MakeBlock Laserbox. Alright that’s much better. So the arm itself is absolutely beautiful, it’s under a thousand dollars depending what you back on Kickstarter. The hardware is a phenomenal value, Innfos is an established company not a bunch of guys flying into Shenzhen with a dream. This is what they do, the arm is a finished
product, ready to go. That’s the hardware- the software is another issue, but we’ll get to that in a moment. Lets take a look at the 4-axis arm. So I am going to use raspberry pi to control it to give you a demo. You can download a raspberry pi image for the Gluon arm that’s all ready to go, I have it in this nice little enclosure I got with a built in screen. I’m not going to spend a lot of time on the
Pi because it’s a pain to capture screen video on it and run the arm at the same time. Better to do that on my Thinkpad. So I’ve got all the files. It’s ready to go. Let’s go to Ubuntu home and find this file
called robot-controller-GL-4L3. You open it and right click your mouse. Open in terminal, first type . e then Tab,
goes into tutorials. So right now it is moving because these couple of motions are pre-programmed.There are four modes. If I want to quit out, I just press Ctrl and C. Back again. Okay, that was the first motion, let’s type in 2. This is number 3. Number 4. Wow, this one has a bigger motion. Alright, if I go in mode1, this one is very diffferent. So this one you can record like I said, pre-program it. If that’s done, then press Ctrl and C and it will save a file as data.txt. Now if we want to run that, go back to our
command line and go to mode2. That’s what I was doing. You see, it is repeating what I recorded. So I recorded it and it can go into cycle
or continuous mode. I can show you how I do it in my Thinkpad. So this is doing continuously. Alright, let’s stop it. Now we quit out of the program. So this is my little demo on the Raspberry
Pi. Now let’s switch to the Thinkpad to control the 6 axis. First, I 3D printed a little scoop and some
handles to make things easier. It’s not required but that’s the great thing
about the Gluon. It’s incredibly hackable and upgradeable and that makes more sense than buying a bunch of parts you might never use in your application. Let’s put those on first. So right now we are in the robot arm 6 axies file that I created and let’s click robot-controller-GL-6L3-master. You can download all these files on their website. It’s all there, they’ve updated all the files and this is one of them on Github and right click your mouse open in terminal. Alright, right now the robot arm is not in
home position, let’s calibrate it. . e and then Tab. ./r and then Tab, robotserver calibrate Okay, let me hold the arm. All straight up. You don’t have to do it every time as long
as you calibrate once and then Ctrl C to exit. Okay now we have successfully set the home position. I am afraid that later it will fall off so
I am going to set the gravity first, ./setrobot g ON. So right now this axis, this part is fixed,
so they won’t fall off and use the up arrow, ./robotserver mode3. Starting recording. Insert MOVJ, MOVL, MOVC or STOP. Okay, what I am going to do is to put the arm down to the right position like this, just outside of the tower of Hanoi and type in MOVJ. Okay, the second point I am going to insert the arm into the tower and type MOVJ in capital letter again. It’s not actually sovling the tower of Hanoi
puzzles but it’s a good practies for the little robot arm. Now I’m talking to the Innfos people every
day- I don’t have a business relationship with them but I think this is really interesting and I want to stay involved. They are working on more user friendly software, I’ve seen the alpha versions. That being said- software is never a strong point in China. It’s not that the current software is bad- it’s great, it’s professional, but professional isn’t necessarily classroom friendly. I’m comfortable with the linux command line and it took me a while to get up to speed it’s doable, but it’s certainly a step beyond 3D printing. I anticipate they will be able to ship with
more consumer friendly software, but my advice is to only back the arm if you are willing
to tackle the software learning curve that I just showed you. If you have more questions, want a more technical overview of the arm- head on over to Skyientific, he does a great job of that and takes an in depth look at how a lot of the specs pan out in the real world. My job, is as always testing real world usability, you all know I care mostly if it actually works. In closing, I think it’s a great value, but
be prepared for a steep learning curve if the software is not ready on time. Overall- two thumbs up and you’ll be seeing me use the Gluon arm for some upcoming videos. That’s it for today- remember YouTube likes to unsubscribe and turn off notifications so show them who’s boss and set that right. Until next time, if I can do it, anyone can do it.

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100 thoughts on “Innfos Gluon: Amazing 6-Axis REAL Robot Arm!

  1. Great video Naomi. I'm impressed with Innfos. It isn't ready for consumers but it's damn ready for commercial use. I love it!

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  10. Aaaaaand… Kickstarter suspended this project. Luckily they're refunding everyone's pledge, but I haven't yet found any information on what is actually happening with Innfos. There's talk of a "raid by investors," a lawsuit, and their offices occupied by "hatchet men???"

  11. Looks very interesting, but I’ll wait until I can program basic command like make coffee, or grab me a beer. Right now too much work for nothing.

  12. I see Kickstarter has suspended the campaign 1 day ago and is refunding Money to the project. I tried to see them at CES and nobody showed. Do you know what happened to the company? I have also emailed them multiple times and no response. Any ideas?

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    I find you have a polarizing body, the people I have shown your videos to love it or hate it with no middle ground. Excellent marketing strategy.
    I also like that your a fan of Dolly Parton. I learned about her impressive business skill here:

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