Inflatable Boxing Man VS Lego Hammer from Ninjago movie

Hi guys, welcome back to my channel today I am going to be playing with my lego hammer and this inflatable man as you see I know what the inflatable man like, He’s like ginormous but right now the hammer pretty big, its the lego hammer if you see look on the top from the ninjago movie I think its called and the yeah guys I dont have anything else on my head what to say I was buzzing around like what what now we need to blow up this inflatable man, guys but first we need to open this em I think i stack my finger ok my finger unstack on just put that to the side and that to the side so this is the hammer guys if you see you can look at it guys it also feels very nice, feel it literally feel it, ok you can feel it because its in the camera ok its literally feels of weirdes nice chesto but anyway lets get blowing up this inflatable man see you so guys this is the inflatable man if you look at this, this is just a demo a very hard hit with it look so we are going have rounds it means trying to knock it over when I knock it over that I win, round one boxing I know what to do if it doesn’t come up I will difinitely will win ok round two difinitely round two so guys this is round two with the hammer ok I’m going to spin ok I’m going to try a jump ok this is difinitely not working guys if you look this is like he’s invincible round three jump and smash, now the idea of this came from the game clash royal you know the dark night like that he sometimes goes like that ok I’m going to try it one two three I didn’t even do the hand bit though, the hand bit is the mean so that what he do I’m trying to smashed him again with this move so guys fire the gun whatever ok guys, I’m going to try this random move this inflatable man is so hard to knock down and its still standing even though i did knock it down once with the arm with this arm bashed which one of the random move and I’m just going to even with it landed in the air like this it go up so bye guys an inflatable man bye guys so inflatable man is the winner but this is inflatables man’s prize that’s his prize its literally his prize being throughed down anyway bye guys and now inflatable man your going down

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