In review: A full YEAR worth of LEGO 2018-2019

everyone welcome back to new Jang city
where it is confession time because I’ve been keeping a big secret from all you
guys for the better part of a year now and it is a pretty big secret it’s still
going there’s more there’s more there’s more oh man yeah that’s a pretty big
secret so here’s the thing normally in past years when I would get
products and I would open them that would build them now would review them I
would get rid of the packaging as quickly as reasonably possible because
this is a lot of packaging and I don’t want it hanging around my house I don’t
want it taking up all this space it’s all nice and neat up against the walls
right here right now but this stuff stacks up very quickly and I’m trying to
live in this house I’m not trying to survive in this house not trying to turn
it into a jungle gym I don’t want it to be an obstacle course so I try to get
rid of packages I recycle this stuff because it’s all recyclable it’s all
cardboard except for the plastic innards that has to get thrown away
unfortunately but yeah normally this would all be gone
is within days of each review the boxes would be gone but this time for a full
year from the 2018 holiday season the beginning of it through now which is the
final break before the 2019 holiday season I’ve been keeping all the stuff
specifically to do this specifically to put all these together in one place at
one time and try to show them to myself and to all of you just to get a feel for
the mass of stuff that may be what puts out and that I review over the course of
just a single year and this is a lot of stuff and I want to talk about it a
little bit I’m gonna do a little bit of a
run back through kind of quickly these entire themes I’ve organized most of
this stuff by theme I think pretty well not all not all of it is completely in
order and I don’t have every single package here there are some that have
not made it you know that have not survived but most of it is here the vast
majority of it is here and that stack goes almost up to the ceiling to keep
some of these together I have actually taped some of the backs of the boxes
together why you may see some some awkward looking stacks here but yeah
I’ve just been looking forward to doing this for a year and I’m sorry that I
don’t have a better space to look at all of them together I just don’t have that
much open space and it’s actually windy right now so doing it outside probably
would not have been a good idea anyway let’s go through some of this stuff I
think I can just start from over here I do have kind of a kind of a
miscellaneous pile right here but you know this is some stuff that I’ve done
fairly recently like the the Dragon Boat Race it was nice that we’re actually
able to get that on a global basis flintstones ideas set you know it was a
little bit disappointing to a lot of people who were big fans of the original
ideas submission then ended up not being so good just in its in its finished form
not as exciting definitely a very good build solid but not as exciting to look
at LEGO Friends is doing big things little friends is at a high point right
now it’s as good as it has been I think ever in my opinion just the quality of
the builds just the stories that they tell the variety is fantastic stranger
things I think that Lego probably did not expect stranger things to do as well
as it has I know that you know it was already a big thing when they they
signed on with Netflix to to make a set but season 3 did pretty well and people
are really looking forward to season 4 so that was a big success and
fortunately a lot of people really like the set as well a lot of people like the
train in this set don’t like the price of it right meanwhile that idea set down
there the treehouse pretty well loved needs a lot more
leaves it’s rather different from the original submission but mostly in a good
way this is one of those cases where it’s mostly better ninjago got a lot of
love this year two full sets of releases way more than I personally would have
expected especially after all this time so on the right here for the most part
I’ve got the the most recent season stuff the fire and ice season sets and
they’re a bit of a mixed bag at least the the prices are were fairly good for
the most part Titan mech turned out really nice the Spinjitzu little
individual sets they didn’t give us a full set of ninja this time around but
at least they’ve stuck with the kind of show realistic looking cyclones even
though they don’t have the attachments like the previous set of sets did which
had a similar look but the actual ability to customize really liked what
they did with those because hearken back to the better points of the earliest
days of the original Spinjitzu spinners where you could customize and actually
see results from doing things there’s one more fire and ice season set but
then we had this whole legacy thing and this is another mixed bag or was another
mixed bag with some things that were they were shrunk down from their
original form some things that were expanded upon made larger than their
original forms most of them better quality build some of them you know
definitely subject to an overwhelming amount of nostalgia that would keep them
from being loved as much as the originals which is fine but from what I
saw these things sold actually really well and we’re pretty well loved by a
lot of hooks and again prices were pretty good and we get into some of them
some of the more commercial stuff you know the actual licensed fully licensed
stuff over here from the outside one single set from the Captain Marvel movie
and that movie actually did quite well one single no skimming two sets from the
Spider Man far from home a movie which my wife and I only just saw about a week
ago Avengers we called these the Avengers
endgame sets they didn’t have too much going on with them they had to really do
with Avengers that’s gonna be with endgame itself but that’s okay you know
we did get some decent figures out of it it’s mostly just homage to the Avengers
sub franchise what we got here and this very much well loved homage to the old
days of Iron Man movies and just a nice little set of figures and some good ways
to display figures that we already have so her fans of Iron Man in particular
that was a real gift DC focused on Batman as usual because
Lego knows that LEGO fans like Batman a lot of them too especially within the DC
realm and we got the 80th anniversary Batman special throwbacks or kind of
rebuilds of older designs also this one is one of the older sets from early in
my year of collecting boxes but a lot of these turned out to be pretty good
builds I would say Harry Potter continues on this year and will continue
further into coming years with more rebuilds reboots of stuff that they’ve
already done sets of before at least once but they’re trying to do them you
know up to a modern modern standard so a lot of things are higher in quality
higher in detail not all of them though got some questionable design choices
made with that warned that hungarian horntail in particular but we got some
little sets that made up for it to some degree small inexpensive good figures
good settings overall feel like that entire reboot for Harry Potter has been
pretty good I’ve actually enjoyed going through and reviewing these sets not
being a super Harry Potter fan myself having only seen the movies never read
the books and having only seen the movies once at that but it you know I’ve
been gaining appreciation and these sets have definitely helped I like the modern
style in general better than the older ones speed champions did not get a whole
lot this year unfortunately hopefully they will contain
you only seen a couple more vehicles that have been announced so far as of
the time the recording of this video I personally am super partial to the
Ferrari f40 and remember when the Ferrari f40 first came out in magazines
Road track and Motor Trend they’re showing the the initial ones
what 288 GTO has been surpassed I can’t believe it so I’m partial to that but
I’d say that out of all of these speed champion sets that they did I guess I
heard that many but how do the ones that they did probably the most loved thing
out of all these was the little mini ironically the smallest thing in the
biggest set the little classic mini thank you
lot of people really enjoy that a very joyous build and the end result looks
very nice minecraft continued to be supported very
well by Lego this year and that’s an interesting thing because minecraft made
a big comeback in in the real world you know it’s it’s not that it ever went
away rumors of its demise have been greatly exaggerated repeatedly it
continues to be played by millions of people but it made more of a comeback
this year I think then Lego could ever have expected and they supported it
pretty decently well I actually like these things they call big things which
are I call them giant Tigs cuz we already have things called big things we
kind of use that that name for a specific thing and that’s not what those
are anyway whatever you call them I think they worked out pretty well I
think they could make more of those in the future which will probably be of
interest to a lot of Minecraft fans who art even Lego fans you know they just
make for a nice little display models and we did get some new prints some new
colors and a handful of new mobs a little bit of updated stuff I wanted to
update aquatic I got our first husk in that set down at the bottom which is
kind of an interesting set you know tries to be kind of fanciful and fun
all right hidden side I need to talk again about hidden side on the whole I
don’t think I’ve ever really gone through and talked about hidden side on
the whole I’m not gonna spend too much time on it
but cool sets many of them cool ideas decent augmented reality app integration
though not a lot of people’s devices work with it you know you need to have
very recent devices and even at that not all of them will do so yeah it’s been a
bit of a mixed bag but the biggest thing that I continue to see as a problem with
these is the packaging now a lot of people have appreciated the fact that
these have used different packaging you know different graphic design style it
swim school it it’s trying to establish environment you know as a as a standard
and experience as opposed to focusing on the actual sets but from a distance you
look at all that stuff what is it I don’t know what it is if you don’t know
the sets if you didn’t know the sets in advance just as a regular consumer not
like us not like you know proper Lego fans just regular folks who aren’t
looking at hashtag Lego leaks on Instagram ten times a day you know just
regular folks the main consumers of Lego who go into a store sight unseen and
look to see if there’s anything new in the toy aisle they are not gonna know
what any of this stuff is and that’s why a number of stores have actually put the
boxes up backwards because at least the backs of the boxes show you exactly what
you can build inside small pictures compared to what we normally get but
it’s been very confusing and I have not seen a lot of buzz about these after the
release actually occurred there was a lot of buzz in the Lego fan community
about these in general you know rightfully so I think but amongst just
regular consumers it’s kind of faded out now overwatch is a very very interesting
situation with timing in particular when these first came out he was during on an
overwatch a real-life overwatch drought there there wasn’t a lot of buzz about
it pretty much most of what you would hear about overwatch in general media
and general gaming media was just in support of the
sports stuff and that’s all just based on big big money menus a millions of
dollars or just pushing the the marketing pushing the coverage and
everything but players normal players again just regular folk weren’t all that
hot about overwatch then there was a bit of a revival this past year so I think
Lego was able to take advantage of that they got some they got some very
fortunate timing out of that they can never predict things like that of course
now lizard is going through some tough times as a result of some interesting
world situations you want to see how that all turns out but it was it was a
bit of a an up year well a down year and an up year for Lego but they definitely
made some nice sets at least with some cool prints and some poor prints okay we
got to talk about lego movie this is another one that has had some some high
points and some low points the low point was definitely critical reception and
buzz around the movie after it actually came out of course like a movie 2 was
never going to be able to do as well as the original lego movie you just cannot
you can’t repeat that you can’t repeat that performance it was so fresh and so
new and interesting and cool and fun and it fueled a resurgence in Lego on the
whole worldwide and it made the Lego Hobby more mainstream more acceptable
you know it didn’t didn’t didn’t change the hobby that much yeah we did get a
lot of new people but I felt like it mostly brought the folks who were just
doing it in their basements just tuning in their headaches you know staying
quiet it brought them kind of out put him out had made them more interactive
with with the world lego movie – it was an okay movie it wasn’t it wasn’t great
it wasn’t bad I mean some people didn’t like it some people did like it but
overall you know it was it was okay that’s why it was it was enjoyable and
there were some cool sets they came out for this series to be sure a bunch of
some new molds a bunch of new colors you know part pieces and everything but I
think the high points of this when it really comes down to it again ironically
the smallest things that Benny space squad set was so loved
by so many people that was cool to see didn’t sell tremendously well some
places still had to put it on sale to move units surprisingly that just kind
of shows the difference between the a faulty fall vocal community and their
perception and their numbers compared to the whole of the Lego consumer or sphere
you ought to think that something like Benny’s space quad yeah it did
sell out early on but then as they continue to you know just bring the
product out at the normal rate it started to go stagnant on shelves but
it’s okay for us fans at least we were able to get some stuff that we liked
some of this stuff was not of interest some of the stuff was only relevant to
the lego movie to itself and doesn’t really have any staying value beyond
that and it’s just how the cookie crumbled you know I think they’re gonna
have to reevaluate to their their movie direction going forward all right time
to look at the other side of the room and the first stack over here is this
Jurassic world stuff and this is spaced on mostly spin-off stuff and I’m okay
with that as far as I have seen at least in stores near me this stuff has
actually sold it sold decently well because well you know kids still like
toys of dinosaurs and things that are like dinosaurs and things that were
contemporary with dinosaurs even if some of them don’t have feathers that should
have some of them have the wrong claws some of them have the wrong colors based
on what science knows today but will surely change again tomorrow as they’re
always changing their views of what was true for dinosaurs and their
contemporaries but regardless kids have fun with this stuff and that makes me
happy I’m glad to see that this stuff has actually sold well the Jurassic
world last full official Jurassic world movie stuff sold well at first but then
it start collect dust on shelves after that buzz
from the movie one way and those were very expensive sets 2000 other thing
they’re really hell and back and then we get to lego city and evergreen true
evergreen you know takes us right back to the original source of lego as we
know it today as a brick based construction system and all being all
about reconstructing things in a small scale in a rebuildable way this just
keeps going and they keep doing more fire stuff and they keep doing more
police stuff and older fans are like why they need to stop that it’s like the
200th fire station that they’ve made in my lifetime yeah well in your lifetime
in my lifetime speaking as me myself most of the most
of the current Lego fans didn’t even exist not until recently so they need to
keep stuff that’s fresh on shelves for folks who want it and don’t have it and
they’ve continued to do that sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t like that
burger bar fire rescue a lot of people like that even if the little steak water
cannon thing isn’t the best but the sky police stuff I’ve seen some of those
actually sell like the big one I think the big set sold pretty well from what
I’ve seen the little car sold pretty well the individual car need to get in
closer but there’s just no ways it’s really tight quarters right here but
some of them some of the parachutes stuff hasn’t sold very well and honestly
it didn’t perform very well in real life we actually try to walk around to the
other side to talk about the space stuff now to be honest with you I can just
barely see the screen on the camera I can just barely see what it is looking
at but I am pointing a camera pretty much in the direction of the set so I
think we’re talking about the same thing and looking at the same thing at the
same time I’m really happy that they came out with these space sets and that
from what I’ve seen they’ve actually sold pretty decently well to normal
consumers buy stuff from stores certainly the rise of SpaceX the company
has contributed a lot to a resurgence in popular interest in space exploration
and civilian space pursuits I personally am no fan I’m no fan of you
on musk I’m not a big fan of SpaceX itself but I’m definitely a fan of space
exploration and just general propulsion of society interest into exploration
space and Sciences for constructive pursuits I think that overall it’s a
good thing that helps to push our entire human race forward just in a way that we
need to continue to go we can’t stagnate with technology you know we’re
technology driven or ability driven and we’ve extended our abilities continually
throughout history what has separated us from other animals and I think we need
to continue to do that I feel like it’s it’s part of our or our purpose in life
if you will but it’s nice that Lego has put out some more civilian type space
sets and that they have been received pretty well from at least from what I
have seen you know something that’s not Star Wars for space speaking of Star
Wars I did not do this in part on purpose putting the city space stuff
next to the Star Wars space stuff just the way it turned out with anyway
Star Wars yeah we got a lot more Star Wars sets this year didn’t whoa oh man
yeah so I personally have seen I’m sure most people have seen a slowdown in
general consumer uptake of Star Wars merchandise
you know Star Wars stuff just in general has not been selling as well recently I
don’t personally blame that on the last Jedi
I don’t even allow it to be blamed on the folks complaining about
Jedi the way I see it they just over market an earth over merchandised the
heck out of poor old Star Wars they just they’ve tried to do too much by they I’m
talking about Disney and all of their merchandising partners and marketing
partners and everything just pushed too hard after the acquisition you know they
kind of got ahold of everything and then or is like okay he’s gonna be all Star
Wars all the time everywhere and they just did too much and I think the market
has suffered for that I still see oh look I’ve got a set that’s upside down I
only just barely noticed that oh well fortunately they’re I think fortunately
there are still quite a lot of people out there that enjoy Star Wars for the
goodness that’s in it you know just the good clean fun of it the sci-fi nerdy
geeky goodness of it whether you liked a particular directors movie or not you
know just in general I think Star Wars is still a good thing had problems had
lots of problems in the Lucas days some of the worst decisions made in Star Wars
in my opinion were made by George Lucas himself the very worst much worse than
anything that doesn’t he has done or ever will do but that’s neither here nor
there these Lego sets pretty varied quite
varied we have original trilogy stuff we’ve got sequel trilogy stuff we’ve got
Hey look at this something from a game there’s another game about to come out
we’ve got something from a TV series that hasn’t come out yet we’ve got these
things these action battle things was an interesting idea but gosh they turn out
expensive they’re kind of fun but at least that one in particulars is fun
this was not bad that was there man yeah the end or one was me we got these
junior ones what were called juniors ones that’s that’s okay you know fairly
cheap for what you get looking at the stuff now looking at the
number of pieces and all but just such a variety microfighters 20th anniversary
throwbacks with the old figures with the ugly prints on the back reduce their
value a little bit a lot of stuff a lot of different stuff some of its cool some
of its not just a wide variety big ol Yoda down there Gigantor Yoda you know
and this isn’t even everything there also at least there’s at least one
briquettes double pack I actually haven’t reviewed it yet and that’s
another thing just about when you look at these again it’s not every single
thing that I’ve reviewed it’s not everything that Lego has right out just
stuff that I have bought and kept the packages for which is which is most of
the stuff that I bought but also things with with smaller bits of packaging like
the minifigure packs and yeah the the different types of minifigure packs I
have not kept the packaging for those just the boxed stuff creator yeah I
didn’t do all the creator stuff this time around but got the modular building
there the excellent Mustang truly excellent gingerbread house I’ve seen
some folks that actually don’t like that and that’s okay
but I think it’s pretty I think it’s pretty cool I think it’s pretty good I
think that enough people will enjoy it that it was worth bringing out to be
sure one or lander definitely a good thing Harley Davidson Fatboy of interest
to a limited number of Lego fans from from what I’ve seen just everybody says
if it was done with chromed parts or at least silver parts they would have liked
it more I guess I can understand that as a big part of the appeal of this type of
classic chromed up cruiser bike hmm no overall I think it’s a fairly strong
overall say overall again a fairly strong offering in the creator expert
line this year and then when you look at the non expert stuff the little ones
were definitely good sets I think all of these were good sets just the bigger
ones were rather expensive I also did review a few
architecture sets I still haven’t done the Paris skyline one yet I still need
to do that but I think architecture just continues to go mostly from strength to
strength and just gets better and more intricate more interesting to look at
and also to build as more and more parts become available and that’s the end of
the line there over on this side if anybody would care to count to the boxes
I’ll actually go ahead and do another run through here so maybe you can put
the video on a super super slow-mo count the boxes let me know what a number is
I’ll be looking in the comments I’m curious myself I’m not gonna count him
right now myself I’ll probably try to do an estimate but it’s a lot of stuff you
know a lot of work that I’ve done this year and you know I’ve started Wow let’s
see it actually was pretty much since the beginning of this collection of
boxes at the end of 2018 when I started doing speed builds on my dedicated speed
build channel and that is sorry that has been well received in general and then
some at some point along the way started doing the real-time builds as well it’s
also been doing I’d say better than I expected and now for every single set
that I do every single set that I get to review I do at least three videos at
least three videos or at least three videos that cover them you know
sometimes I put multiple things together if it’s little things you know little
sets that just don’t need a lot of time to cover them so put multiple things
together for folks who want to see more stuff at once in addition to the number
of videos that have been doing I’ve also been increasing the quality continually
as best I can at one point not too long ago I was recording it like
I’m gonna say 15 megabits per second something like that just in terms of the
amount of of memory space they’ll be used up per second of recording now a
lot of the stuff that I do is like 50 megabits if not even higher than that
I’ve gone from Full HD which I had been doing for quite some time 30 frames per
second to now 4k for most of my review videos the main review videos and 60
frames per second for the build stuff so it’s more sets more videos per set and
more time more memory per video and it’s working out now when I really look at
all of this together and I when I really consider just all that is going into
this channel right now it’s it’s it’s nice to see that yeah I’m happy with the
work that I’m doing I guess with the amount and the quality but continue to
look for ways to make it better even this past day before recording this
video before putting all these boxes together
I was improving lighting conditions in my regular little white void room a
little bit more just one more time again trying to chase that magical white
against white ability where things don’t you know where I can review a set like
that and it doesn’t blow out still haven’t gotten it just right yet but I
just keep trying to make it better hoping hoping that one day I’ll have I
have the the key I’ll actually be doing it what I consider to be B right so I
hope you guys have enjoyed the run-through or the run back down minimum
memory lane here just one year worth of memory hope that you’ve enjoyed the
content that had been producing over the past year or so I’ve been enjoying it
more myself enjoying more the process again there was a time when you know
it’s just kind of getting like especially like 2017 roses getting
bogged down by all the YouTube algorithm stuff my rotation here again uh in the
microphone terrible terrible I’m fired you know all the all the stuff that I
couldn’t control was was bugging me and I was kind of pulling me down a bit kind
of hurt my my productivity also hurt my energy level which I know that a lot of
you could hear and that just made things less enjoyable for you to watch my
videos so I’m sorry about that but I’m glad that I’ve been able to make a
comeback feeling much better and I’ve been able to do quite a bit of work this
year have also done some work on this this here city not as much as I would
like to but still some I’m pretty happy with it just don’t need to do a whole
lot more though thank you for watching this hope you enjoyed this let me know
if you have any comments anything that you would like to share yourself about
the breadth of work that Lego has done the stuff that they have brought out
putting if you have any comments about themes that I I’m not even able to cover
much these days because I just can’t do everything but yeah looking forward to
any comments you have if you have any you don’t have any that’s cool I will
talk to you in very soon in my next video regardless thanks for watching

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  23. Wow, that’s a ton of Lego boxes! Thanks for really putting this into perspective to show jut how much Lego produces each year! Amazing video Jang!

  24. I counted a total of 105 boxes on the first wall (LEGO Movie, Minecraft, Avengers, etc.) and 79 boxes on the second. There's bound to be some amount of error but that's my best estimate just from watching the video and making a tick mark for every box.

  25. the other year a threw out all my boxes for hard rubbish 2010 sets to 2018 all gone but after i kept new sets so brick bank 2019 digger and benny space squad and a few others

  26. Hey Jang, quickly question: Why don’t you review the UCS Millenium Falcon 75192 and the newest UCS Star Destroyer 75252 ? It would be awesome if you would review them !

  27. I won't say TLJ killed Star Wars, but it certainly didnt help the fact that – outside of Rogue One – Disney Star Wars hasn't provided the visual spectacle that the previous trilogies have. Atm 75% of the Sequel Trilogy sets are a remake or update on something that was already there. If they'd turn to more obscure things – like the sandspeeder set – there would be so much more to work with.

  28. Brilliant video, mate. I really appreciate all your hard work in reviews and over all shear entertainment you give us. If I could pick my favourite JANG vids, it would be Bricklink hauls, NewJangCity vids and Architecture reviews. Thank you.

  29. That was a clever idea for a video, and I did enjoy this video, so thank you for making it. I love when you chat about your opinion on various Lego related topics as you've got a lot of experience with Lego products and you're a reasonable guy so your opinions carry some weight. It has made some of your more recent views even more fun to watch actually. I was a little worried about you last year as your tone did seem off on some videos but it is good to hear that you've worked your way through all that. I guess we all struggle with work from time to time:)

  30. That's a lot of boxes. Wow. I certainly respect the dedication to this idea…. have fun recycling it all lol. I only came onboard the Jangbricks train this year but it's been a great year so far, thanks always for your hard work!
    I totally agree on burn-out from Star Wars marketing. I remember when The Force Awakens was coming out, I came across Darth Vader and C3PO branded vacuum cleaners. I've been a lifelong Star Wars fan (still have most of my old action figures from the 80s) but man, it instantly put a bad taste in my mouth…

  31. No doubt about it, you have reviewed a lot of sets to date, and the year is not over yet! I don't have nearly have as much space as you do to collect Lego sets or the money, because I would collect a lot of them if I could! I did get the Avengers: Endgame Hall of Armor set, even added the polybag of the Iron Man in his quantum suit in the Hall as well! I also got the Lego Movie 2 Benny's Space Squad, since it's a small enough set with a lot of nostalgia behind it, and also a few of the Lego City Arctic smaller sets, not to mention at least 3 of the Speed Champions sets, so I'm keeping my Lego collection at a minimum, because I do collect other things that take a lot of space. It all comes down to space and money if you want to collect Lego sets, you don't want your collection (or collections) to take over your home! Gotta say no at some point!

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