Imagine having a doll named after you [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2020.03.15]

(Day of get-together, 8:30 a.m.) (Seoulites heading to work) (Unlike the usual morning commuters) The best smell ever. (Smell of popcorn fills the morning cinema) She told us to meet at 9 a.m. But she is 20 minutes late. Hi, there! (Boss Jini appears) – Hello. / – Hello. (Running) (Childlike boss’s way of being late) She’s late. (Giggling) (4-month employee, still getting used to it) My camera is ready. I can hear them coming up. My camera is ready. I’ll get my camera ready too. I shouldn’t miss this scene. – There he is. / – Coming up. ♪ Bbam-bba-bam ♪ ♪ Bbam-bba-bam ♪ They picked two people. (Stand-out appearances reflected in the glass) (Superhero duo catching an early-bird movie) (They rocked the morning get-together) I’m Ran, the main program director. I’m the CEO of Kids Works, Kang Minseok. That’s the CEO. Everyone has this mindset. “It’s no fun without a penalty.” That’s how we think. If I had to wear a costume… I’d be upset since I only joined 4 months ago. (I’d rather not wear it…) Did anyone ever quit to avoid that? No, no one. Not yet? What do the other bosses think? I wouldn’t do it. – CEO Kim wouldn’t. / – No. – She can’t wake up that early. / – No. An early-bird movie like that… How about drinks in the morning? That’d be nice… (Goodness) How about you, Boss Yang? A morning buffet would be fine. – All-you-can-eat morning special. / – For breakfast. – For breakfast. / – A 24-hour buffet. That would be nice. (While others commute to work) You should fly! The superhero speaks great Korean. He speaks great Korean. Spiderman! It does seem special. No other company would do this. As I mentioned yesterday, study the camera angles… (Not just a company outing) Camera angles? Study the visual effects. The camera angles. Got it, folks? (Work-talk triggers fatigue…) The angle going from here to here… Things like that. It’s not just a get-together. Which movie will they watch? Wouldn’t it be an animation? We always watch animations. – Right? / – Is that so? I want it to be helpful in their work. It’s not an outing. It’s a study session. – It’s work. / – A training session. Shall we go in? (Entering the cinema) It’s screen no. 7. Wow. Ta-da! (Why is Boss Jini surprised?) – Wow, awesome. / – Incredible. Is that the premium hall? The cinema owners must be thankful. The premium hall got booked in the morning. – Right. / – By a big group. Wow, amazing. Hey, everyone. I booked the entire hall for my lovely employees. Enjoy it! – That way, they can talk during the movie. / – Yes. We can lie back too. Flash, you’re awesome! ♪ Bbam-bbam-bbam ♪ Flash really splurged. (All fun and laughs) (Kangi, such a cool CEO) Hey, everyone. Remember what I said yesterday? Study the visual effects and the soundtrack. (Boss Jini talking about work again) They rented the hall to say those things. It’s a seminar. Yes, that’s a seminar. Look at their faces. You’re giving them work. – But they can lie back with snacks. / – A business trip. You can call it a get-together. It still feels like work. What an unusual sight. In the morning… (Excited) (So fun) (Immersed) (Grown-ups getting immersed?) (Snorts) Is it too childish? – He’d fit in at my company. / – Indeed. – He’s a bit different. / – Yes. I’ll send him as a dispatch worker. (Film reaching its climax…) (Making sure they’re enjoying it…) She’s monitoring them. To see if anyone is dozing off? See? It’s work, not a get-together. Let’s say I’m an employee dozing off. What would you do? – I’d wake you up. / – “What are you doing, Hyunmoo?” – “You should work!” / – Sorry! Would I need to say sorry and watch? You’d have to wake up. That’s scary. Since we make videos for kids, when we watch movies, we watch animation films or other good films as references. They give us themes for content. It became our company culture. (Animation screening or seminar is over) We have to go someplace together. Follow me. (Dongmyo, Jongno, Seoul) (Mecca for retro, vintage items) They have great items here. It’s too cold. Boss Kim went there too. Models often go there. – Along with fashionistas. / – It’s a fun place. (Rowdy group) (Boss Jini and her employees arrive at Dongmyo!) It’s right around the corner. (Why are they in Dongmyo?) There it is! Wholesale market for stationery and toys. (Wholesale market for stationery and toys) We work on kids’ content. Toys are essential items. Our employees already know a lot about toys, but I still wanted us to browse and talk. So today, we went together. (Ms. Shim loves shopping for vegetables) (Ms. Park loves shopping for fabric and thread) They have different interests, right? (CEO Kim loves shopping for vintage items) (Boss Yang loves shopping for fitness equipment) For fitness equipment, he spares nothing. (Boss Yang loves shopping for fitness equipment) This place is nice. Let’s look here. Wow, look at that. – Use a child’s perspective. / – Let’s go. Fascinating. They make great toys nowadays. This is the wholesale market street. They have everything, from old toys to the very latest items. Today, let’s buy a few for our video shoots. Let’s buy a few for our video shoots. (Film seminar followed by market research) It’s market research. Just by seeing where toys are displayed… – You see what’s popular? / – Right. Yes. The newest toys are released first… – In the wholesale market. / – The fastest. Boss Jini, look at this. A toy for would-be content creators. – Really? / – Incredible. Wow. – Looks fun. / – A new toy. For would-be content creators? – Oh, my. / – What is that? Nowadays, so many kids want to be content creators. Nowadays, kids asked about their future dreams… – Say they want to be YouTubers. / – The no. 1 dream. – They shoot videos at home. / – With hospital kits. Like that. Wow, with lights too. They sell those holders? – The whole setup. / – For kids. – Incredible. / – Looks cute. Should I start with that kit? That looks nice. Our company should buy 10 of those too. – Would you pay $38 for that toy kit? / – Yes. – You’d buy it? / – For what? I’ll start shooting videos. – I’ll set it up. / – Really? I’ll use the voice from before. (Screech) (Screech) I’ll set up the camera. A horror video for YouTube? Is that what I look like? Horror videos for YouTube… (I’ll go to an all-you-can-eat restaurant) (Kids will be traumatized) (Scanning, estimating view counts) Sir, how much is this? It’s $38. (Great price) (We must buy it) Wholesale is the best! Kangi, give me your credit card. What’s popular these days? That’s the most popular one. This one? Used as cards or slap-match pieces. – What are those? / – Stickers. They’re mobile game characters. – Mobile game characters? / – Slap-match cards. – With mobile game characters. / – Slap-match cards? In my day, they had “Mazinger Z.” Mazinger Z… In my day, they were round-shaped. – The round ones. / – Yes. – For slap-matches. / – Like this. – Are you buying them? / – Yes, two of these. (CEO Kangi pays for it) Thank you. Have a good one. (Next, Boss Jini’s favorite store) (Pink world) Gosh, it’s jaw-dropping. (Pink here, pink there) Those dolls are so cute. (All princesses of the world gathered here) (Which toy will she buy?) It’s Jini! It’s Jini! – Wow, it’s Jini. / – It’s Jini. Is that Jini? Is it Jini? – Is it “Hey, Jini?” / – You were the model? Yes, a licensed character. – Really? / – It looks different. It looks totally different. Since I look prettier in person. Sure… – That’s what I meant. / – Right? Wow, what’s that? Awesome. Science experiments. Crystal candies and such. Let’s buy it. Wow, awesome. Slime. Let’s buy this too. She’s just buying what she wants. That’s my first priority. – Things you want? / – After seeing all those toys… The ones that attract you? I see the ones that look fun. That’s my first priority. Things that kids like, that’s my second priority. Popular, new releases, that’s my third priority. – Hot items? / – Yes, that’s the order. (Jini’s radar activated) – Chen? / – Yes. Please get that for me. – This looks nice. / – Bowling pins? – How many toys are they buying? / – A bowling set. (Reborn as kids’ content) (Current view count, 23,000) – I chose this. / – What? (Scanning again and again) This looks nice. Wow, wow, wow. – What’s that? / – Goodness. ($112 for one toy?) (Startled) (My goodness) – The egg costs $110? / – It was $112. – What is that egg? / – What does it do? – Well… / – Does something hatch out of it? It does. (Ta-da) Gosh, that’s startling. (Current view count, 68,000) You chose the most expensive toys. – It was over $300. / – $380. – They bought a lot. / – They did. Thank you. (CEO Kangi’s bold investment) The CEO’s hands are trembling. – Good-bye. / – Thank you. – Thank you. / – Sure. I’m so hungry right now. – We’re hungry! / – Can we go eat? What time is it? – It’s way past 12 p.m. / – So it is. – It’s 2:30 p.m. / – I’m starving. – If so… / – I’m famished. – Something tasty. / – We’ll eat something tasty. I’ll take you to a tasty place I know. Sounds good. What costs the most at a kids’ content company? – Toys? / – Toys. – Toys? / – Toys and costumes. – Not company meals? / – No, no. You only eat snack-like foods. (Eating sweets in her videos) (Does she have childish tastes in food too?) What kind of food will she like? It’s so cold. Let’s hurry inside. – It’s here. / – Looks like a tasty place. It’s a tasty place. A tasty eatery. (What kind of eatery is it?) What’s this? – Beer? / – Rice wine? “Jipyeong” brand rice wine tastes great. She noticed the brand? – It’s CEO Kim’s style of food. / – Yes. Webfoot octopus… A dish of webfoot octopus… They have great webfoot octopus here. – Great. / – Looks tasty. – The best. / – It’s delicious. I love spicy food. Spicy chicken feet, spicy pork hocks, and Chinese chili hot pot. Those are the foods I enjoy. CEO Kangi can’t eat spicy food, can he? He can’t. But you keep eating spicy food. It’s what I like. – What Jini likes. / – It’s all that matters. I feel so sorry for that CEO. He has no decision-making power. We’ll have 5 portions of spicy webfoot octopus and one webfoot octopus pancake. (Sounds tasty) Why did you spend so much today? (Toy that cost $110, growing wary) Please press “subscribe” and “like!” Study the visual effects and the soundtrack. Let’s hurry inside. – High-pitched. / – Here we are. Why did you spend so much today? To create content. – For viewers. / – To create content. Since the toy cost $100… (Brain working in full gear) For $100, you’ll need 1 million views. (1 million views equals $100) Don’t you always get at least 1 million views? It’s tough to get 1 million views these days. – Back in the day… / – Too many videos, right? You got 2 to 3 million views by playing jackstones. – Playing jackstones? / – Yes. Ms. Shim is the best at jackstones. (Ms. Shim uses real stones) She uses real stones. (Spicy webfoot octopus and pork belly is served) (Tasty, temptingly red) (Octopus and pork belly, awesome combo) Looks delicious. – Great food. / – You need rice wine. – So much octopus. / – A generous serving. So much octopus in there. Looks delicious. (Queen of spicy food, inhaling away) (Yummy) (Small bite) He’s only eating the pancake. He can’t eat spicy food. – He’s eating mild food. / – Yes. You maintain lateral relations at work, right? What if someone says, “How about some alcohol?” – Who? Me? / – “Boss, let’s have some drinks.” An employee. – An employee? / – Yes. “Let’s have some drinks.” (Boss, let’s quench our thirst) I’ve never thought of it. Stop teaching her bad things. – I’m worried enough already. / – You went overboard. No need to do this these days. (This time, wrapped in lettuce) (Pops it in) (Taste makes her forget about toy costs…) It must be tasty. – So tasty. / – Her eating show must be popular. (Eating it properly) The stir-fried rice looks great. Looks tasty. (Glossy stir-fried rice) The seasoning looks delicious. It’s tasty. – It looks that way. / – He spoke for the first time. He spoke for the first time. (Boss Yang had trouble focusing) It looks so delicious. (Energized) Ran, when did you join our company? It’s been 3 years now. – 3 years? / – Nearly 3 years. 3 years? – And Poca? / – 2 years. She’s in her second year. 3 years and 2 years. He joined 4 months ago. – 4 months. / – 4 months. How does it feel to be a 3-year employee? – Describe the workplace. / – As a 3-year veteran. How is it after 3 years? Fantasies and dreams are… She trailed off. Are you “Alice in Wonderland” or what? Ran, there were so many perks for you. You shouldn’t be the one saying that. You’re forcing me to say that. You shouldn’t be the one saying that. You’re forcing me to say that. – We went on the Disney cruise. / – Right. We went to Orlando. What’s the Disney cruise? I’ve never been on it. In Orlando, U.S., there’s a cruise ship run by Disney. There it is. – That cruise ship? / – Is that it? That ship? – The Disney cruise. / – It’s huge. I can brag about that, right? You can. I had no idea. (Like a palace inside) (Water park) Looks so fun. (Shows and events) All the different characters. I got to visit Japan and the U.S. I traveled to new places. Chen, how do you like the company? For me… (What’ll he say?) I’m looking forward to this. For me… I think it’s good. People say that when they’re stumped. Why do you think so? Since the video shoots are fun. – Not serious. / – Right. As soon as my friends get to work, they type in chat rooms, “I wish the day was over.” That’s the reality for most office workers. Right after joining companies? No, no. Then do you reply, “I want to go to work.” “Finally! I’m at work.” – “Finally, I’m at work.” / – No, no. (Laugh fest) “Which kids’ cafe will I visit today?” (Delighted) That’s funny. Guys my age usually don’t visit kids’ cafes. It’s appealing in that way. (I agree) – They ate a lot. / – We’re all eating well today. I ate so much too. I should start exercising. Stage 4 Kangi will arrive soon. Shhh. Stage 4 Kangi? (Kangi’s dynamic transformation) (Oh, my) Back when he looked cute. Oh, my. Stage 1 and stage 4 are entirely different people. What happened? He changed his hair color for sure. He gained so much weight. – From stress eating, right? / – Right. Right. (Who made him so stressed out?) Good luck exercising. People say I look cozier now. (Did your mom say that?) All done? Let’s go. – Thanks for the meal. / – Thanks, CEO Kangi. Let’s go. (Gloomy after talking about weight) The only time you call him CEO. It makes me sad. – Thanks for the meal, CEO Kangi. / – Thanks. (Tough day for CEO Kangi)

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