I’m making a real LEGO game

Hi! MegaSpaceFighter here! and I give you a very warm welcome to my next video I know… It’s been a huge break since my last video It will soon become a tradition that I make such large
breaks between video materials Well, but it’s always hard to keep up Anyway, a lot has happened, I’ve been working a lot on a couple of films I hope you enjoyed my newest animation that I recently published I will definitely do the next part because I want it to be a mini series In general, I apologize to you for the quality of the recording because it is much worse compared to my previous ones when it comes to recording. First of all because I’m not at home I don’t have my equipment… I’m not even in Poland at all The truth is… ahhh it hurts I went to England to continue my studies. I’m sitting in my dorm room Maybe you see something outside maybe not… Well, I did not take much with me but I have some LEGO with me and also my MacBook and DSLR I borrowed some equipment from my uni and I’m working… Strangely, what you see behind me is not another animation It may seem so, I even work on the same program as always but it is going to be something totally different as part of a project for studies We’re doing a computer game and I thought to myself, why not use LEGO for this The idea passed, and the result was pleasing So I’m recording It’s always better to do something than not Here I have what I took with me A little pick a brick This is not all because I still have some of them on the regiment I bought them a bit because in England there are a lot of them Regarding the LEGO Stores I travel, visit, learn. It is very nice overall Here you have DragonFrame that I usually use. and our minifigure that I’m animating This is how drilling looks, for example Later from this animation we erase the background so we can add to the project with game For this reason I’m just going to my University and also my friend from California is with me. Jaime, say something in Polish [in Polish] Hi friends! So we’re going Before we get to computer lab room, Jaime asked me
for help in greenscreen for his project Unfortunately he forgot to charge his camera
so we are waiting and recording some video in meanwhile It’s almost two in the morning and
we have just gotten to the right room at the uni Please meet Radek, my friend with whom I came here – Hi! He is just working on a code for our game Anyway, look how it looks Because I think it’s already quite interesting Although it’s more like a pre-alpha version of this game I can probably call it like this, right Radek? – Yes, many functions are not yet finished Yea… but here you can see a little bit of code, entire map Show us some other functions like drilling or other stange things we have here. Yes… We are drilling in the air… Exactly We are going to implement many things We ultimately want to have like 3 levels We hope that we will make it and that it will take on an even more interesting shape Thats all in todays video I hope that you liked it Let me know in the comment section below if I should
continue this kind of video or not. Jaime wanted to tell you something more – New movie coming soon Thats true I will publish another film soon this time feature film that I made for NASA competition So I also hope that you will like it too. Take care!

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61 thoughts on “I’m making a real LEGO game

  1. Łał to co tworzysz jest wspaniałe, po prostu czapki z głów. Życzę Ci powodzenia na studiach i wszystkiego dobrego. Chciałbym umieć tworzyć tak dobre animacje jak ty, ale dopiero stworzyłem fabułę i postacie więc przedemną długa droga

  2. That's very interesting. You should definitely keep making these update videos! Also were you using a black magic pocket cinema camera for your star wars film?! XD

  3. Dobra robota
    mój bracie. A LEGO game that is fully made out of stop motion, about time someone worked on that. Brilliant! Can't wait!

  4. Les invito a mi canal de Youtube se llama stop Motion estudios 117 el vídeo es de halo reach mega construx suscríbete el qué me apoye y se suscriban los saludare en todos los videos

  5. Megaspacefighter oglądałem cie od początku i troche mi przykro było bo myślałem że to koniec z kanałem i nawet na sklepie nic niebyło a i jeszcze jedno JAK BĘDZIE TO TRADYCJA TE ZNIKANI TO UNSUB bo subowałem cie od początku 🙂

  6. Ohoho! Jak będzie możliwe pobranie tego cuda, to pobiorę od razu i zabiorę się za recenzję! 😉
    Oby tak dalej, świetnie idzie!

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