I’ll BUY Whatever You Can Carry Challenge (KIDS WIN BIG!) + Spider-Man Toys Gear Test! KIDCITY

what’s up everybody we are on the road I
mean you can carry check we got two stores okay everybody pick a store that
target Ava Gunn Disney dad City and mom City are going to buy whatever you guys
can carry up to the register yeah but there’s some rules okay the rules are is
that you cannot drop anything if you drop it and he doesn’t count we put it
back you lose it drop it you lose nothing breakable like vases yes you ready to do this girl all right yeah well you you can get whatever you can
carry in your hands okay oh my she’s jewels now if you remember
you drop it you gotta you gotta put it back she’s putting the jewels back okay
so castle boy you can see her gears turns she doesn’t know what she can
carry side mission we’re gonna say that mommy
in this store can pick up something anything she wants but she has to carry
it in one hand whatever you can carry one-handed versa
okay the side mission she pick up something else the most expensive Lego
set probably in the world how you gonna carry anything else she is
I don’t think you can fit anything else girl I think you’re I think you’re
stopped she’s still browsing she’s still
browsing you think you can get something else I mean can you get this phony
that’s not how it works you have to give something up if you won’t get that go
take it up to the counter Ava if you drop it you lose it take it to
the counter gotta make you gotta make it to the counter make it to the counter
she did it my board she scored oh that one’s gone Cinderella Cinderella
slippers are gone good job Ava we go home and unbox them
okay but all did you lose Ava only your slippers
that Sleeping Beauty costume was fifty dollars federal good lord what are you
thinking remember it’s one hand you can do a lightsaber you can do lightsaber
we’ve got Minnie Mouse a Minnie Mouse cooking apron web shooters spider-man
web shooters look at this a web cyclone blaster it’s it shoots a tornado web
shot oh look that’s a foul Nan ornament it is breakable but we’ll let you let
you decide are you serious you dropped them so you have both of those in one
hand so what else do you get are you really yeah look at she just
hooked it with her fingers yeah I think you better know her she’s
gonna drop I call three items in one hand
here we go is she gonna do it drumroll she got it she’s already got this out
all right it is your turn let’s make our way to target okay I’m gonna try and get
two video games video games she’s got Molly Raja and he’s gonna walk
out with whatever he can carry all right buddy remember the rules if you drop
something you lose it nothing breakable I suggest you get a handful two handfuls
of Halloween greeting cards now what about an illuminated nail
clipper for dogs why oh look what he’s he’s hit the video games section they’re
locked we’ll look at this you can’t get games
there look look at him thinking now his gears are turning it’s a problem solving
here he’s thinking about oh he almost got a Pumbaa game food look at this
plumber pants here gulp you only see us play the plumber crack game comment
below and let us know maybe we’ll open that up again but true the game oh
that’s right a beer alley detective Pikachu figures knew this I’m
telling you every every youtubers got a toy now except us we got to get toys you
carry he is a grandma he’s so slow you passed by the fortnight section and
everything are you telling him to smell it it smells like the floor of target
what are you talking about catching dragon you gotta make it to the registry
look at this know why you want a stuffed animal I want one so bad okay then you
need to put something down he’s going to set this down he’s got to maneuver this
he’s gonna set that back down there he’s being real risky he’s gonna
rearrange things right here and we should put that pot we’ll thing back
he’s got it put that back stack this up you go Reese tack it rearranged okay I don’t think he wants a big
unicorn okay so he picked up a puppy and okay is that your choice got himself a
dog okay you got to make it to the register with that all the way up to the
front you go make it I got myself into this so here we go
well there she is there she is you know this way so we can do it Hey oh my goodness his grand total is about
the same as hers look at this it’s a it’s a sponge head I
think I found what I want that’s all I’m happy with this yes I’m gonna get this
and I’m gonna flip it around and go back to back and get it in like this y’all
got it all right and I’m gonna wear this in a little bit he’s working on his
Bakugan and she’s getting her Sleeping Beauty dress on yeah does it make noise
or anything just sparkly and she’s also got these Cinderella lineup shoes she’s
gonna be a mash-up of Disney Princesses look at him over there opening his
bucket gun yes look at this you guys scored on your challenge she also picked
up this Disney Lego set oh my goodness Oh are these tapping shoes so this is the bakugan arena right
battle plan it and that’s the little alien bug that you put together all
right show me how these work and be serious about it how y’all doing over
there okay this is Dragonoid Maximus evil Lord of the kuving’s belongs there
we go yes there’s his neck oh cool all right next
and they come with these cards here there’s our car oh it’s a Titan
Dragonoid okay show me a comment down below and I’ll see if I can find some
more yeah so this board game you got and it’s a weird but true game over 200
wacky wild mind-bending facts and I think that we’re gonna let you host an
entire kit Sitti video based on this board game okay yeah alright they’ve
also got this what Aurora Aurora Sleeping Beauty’s all to match your
dress and this Cinderella blonde go back to sleep girl alright let’s see we got
we got to test out this website clone blaster outdoors because last time we
tested out a web shooter indoors it’s stained our walls web-shooter color yeah
sure did you so Ava you’re gonna stand over here with your spongebob head on
okay Wow alright and also the spider-man far from home webshops
twist strike you can play defense and these are the
this is the twist dry these things never work good I miss and it shot him twice
that’s it now I got twisted up again wind it up ready oh oh boy
I think I’m broken already okay he’s gonna he’s gonna prime it get it spin
and get the motor running Spidey’s gonna run in oh he pooped it
out I don’t know it was a big silly string turd here right in the eye I told
you to put your mask on I’ve never seen such a accurate shot into the eye oh here we go here we go we
no it’s pooping oh my goodness the incredible Spidey pooper

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