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– We’ve made babies
for My Hero Characters, we’ve stabbed them with the Stand arrow, and we’ve creeped on
their dating profiles, which saying it out
loud, is a little weird, during crystal, all right. But you know what we haven’t done? Made them square up with Goku. Saying that out loud, oh my God, that’s not gonna turn out good. Think about it, Todoroki would hate that. Like I feel like most people
in the class would hate that, ’cause it’s a grown man going
to school with the kids. All right, you know what? Anyway, so today UA’s gonna get a few foreign exchange
students from far flung places like the East Blue, Planet
Vegeta, Konoha Village, and yes, even Venice, Italy. This is what I like to call My Hero Academia Foreign
Exchange Students: Shonen Protagonists,
lengthy title but it works. (upbeat music) Okay, let’s start off with the guy who’s guaranteed to cause
the biggest ruckus at UA, our boy Goku. Now Goku is like, in his
40s, in Dragon Ball Super, and he’s a grandpa. So, we’re going to go back in time and grab Goku from when
he was fighting Piccolo. Like, Piccolo Junior, not King Piccolo. He was in his late teens at the time, so he couldn’t go Super Saiyan yet, but he’s still realized the legend and become UA’s very own Super Senior. There’s no such thing as a
Super Saiyan in this world, but for this video,
we’re giving him a quirk that’s just as good. He has an emitter-based quirk
that we’ll simply call Ki. Get it, ’cause he was Ki in the show. Just like in Dragon Ball, Goku
can shoot bright blue energy from his hands, and even his feet. And yes, his signature
move is the Kamehameha. With a powerful and versatile quirk, Goku would fit in on a lot of hero squads, but the first UA student
Goku would zero in on is none other than Sugar Rush. Poor Sato would lovingly
craft a welcome cake for UA’s newest student, only for Goku to scarf
it down with one gulp and ask when he’ll get the next one. And just like that, Sato
becomes UA’s Chichi, he’s gonna marry Goku, and
have his children (laughs). Destined to spend the rest
of his life cooking for Goku. But Sato gets off easy
in comparison to Ojiro. Goku’s convinced that
Ojiro’s also a Saiyan, but he’s wondering why
his tail is so massive. Naturally, on the first
night with a full moon, Goku tries to rip Ojiro’s
tail off in the dorms, just to save the other students. And in general, he thinks
all the dinomorph quirk users in My Hero’s world are just evolved forms of the dinosaurs from Dragon Ball. Yeah I’m like Goku’s pretty
much confused the whole time. So yeah, it’s definitely high school. Goku is an obvious star
in the hero courses, but he’s every teacher’s worst nightmare. Only Eraserhead or Present Mic would be able to keep him in line. Eraserhead can just erase his quirk, and Present Mic is the only person alive who can out-scream him. Seriously, Goku’s that kid
who always asks to borrow someone else’s notes, and always goes around the cafeteria asking if people are
finished with their lunches. And that is one of the many reasons Bakugo totally hates this guy. Their quirks are similar,
they’re both loud mouths, and Goku’s good natured antics
steal a lot of attention from Bakugo’s bluster. But there’s a silver lining, Bakugo and Deku have found
a common enemy in Goku. While Goku’s chaos rubs
Bakugo the wrong way, it’s his selfishness that pisses off Deku. Deku knows first hand how
important it is to work as a team, while Goku insists on fighting one on one. The man loves duels. Goku would probably
even let villains escape just so they wouldn’t get caught and he could fight them again. Homeboy fought Cell to like a stand still, he was done and then
gave him a Senzu bean. Even Deku’s gonna hate that. Like, all right, I get
it bro, I understand. Goku may give Deku a
run for his money, too. He’d be a perfect fit
at Nighteye’s agency. We know he could make Nighteye laugh. And with his optimistic attitude, he’d be a pretty good choice for the next symbol of peace, just saying. To give him the full UA treatment, I’m thinking of giving him a Support Item that’s basically the Flying Nimbus. It’d basically be a mechanized
version of the real thing. He’ll also have his power pole, probably with a fork on the end of it so he can take other people’s food. But his hero uniform would
probably just be his gi. He’s a simple man, with the
ability to fire energy blasts from every part of his body. And because he’s so simple, we all know what his hero name would be. Nothing cool or fancy like
King Wukong, not even Kakarot, and definitely not the Great Saiyaman. He would just be Goku. He really is not that
great with naming things. Now as if the teachers
of UA didn’t have enough on their hands with Goku, I’m about to do them real dirty and send in another piece of chaos. And by piece, I mean one of them, Luffy. (playful music) I’m on it today (laughs) Luffy. And when we’re done with
Luffy, One Piece is next. This bumpkin from Foosha Village hasn’t seen anything like UA, but he doesn’t really care
that much just like Goku. He’s mostly here for the meal plan. Sato gets a break this time. Luffy goes straight to
where the sausage is made, Lunch Rush’s cafeteria. The Pro Hero’s quirk is the only thing that can stand up to Luffy’s appetite. But the one thing he won’t be
eating at UA is a devil fruit. But thanks to his quirk, Luffy still has the
powers of a rubber man. One Piece is nothing if not the tale of how to master a dumb
power to take over the world. So I’m thinking Luffy does pretty well with his gum gum powers. He can inflate like a
balloon, repel enemy blows, bounce around, and stretch
like Mr. Fantastic. Like Mirio, Luffy’s a
pro at making the best of a kinda shitty quirk. And that’s why he’s in
UA in the first place! He’s a versatile hero. Just don’t ask him to
do any water rescues, at least without some water wings. Luffy’s always looking
to build his pirate crew, which probably means he’d make for a pretty annoying high-schooler. He’d definitely convince some UA students to join in his plan to
overthrow the world government and become the Pirate King. Mineta, I’m talking about Mineta. And with Sero and class 1-B’s
Kojiro Bondo in the mix, it’d be pretty easy to get an “I am Rubber and You Are Glue”
hero team off the ground. – [Adrian] Pretty sure
Bondo’s the guy with like the holes in his head. – Ooh
– Imagine that. – The Trypophobia guy,
that’s making me feel weird talking about him now. Sero’s got ranged attacks,
Bondo’s a literal glue man which must be useful, right? And Luffy brings those well
rounded rubber attacks. In spite of the powerful
alliances he could make at UA, I still think Luffy
would be a problem child. Mostly because he’d follow
Nezu around all day, convinced that he either is Chopper, or could become Chopper if
he just ate a Buster Ball. Nezu doesn’t want your buster
balls, Luffy, leave him alone! Ah- ah- ah! 1-A’s class president also has a hard time containing Luffy’s enthusiasm. Iida just can’t roll with
that erratic gumball. The support course
students would also have their work cut out with Luffy, but I’m thinking they’d craft
some kind of stretchy uniform that Luffy could harden at will, kind of like his Armament Haki. As for his hero name, unfortunately
FatGum is already taken or that would totally be Luffy. But as an homage to the chunky hero, I think Luffy would take
the hero name King Gum. Which is kinda like in the same of Homages that like rappers just add big
or little after their name. So as Fat Gum, I guess I’m King Gum now. Which isn’t much of a
Homage as you just saying, “Yo, I’m better than you.” but all you have is a
sound cloud mix tape. That’s like pretty trash. Unless there is a stupider
option that I’m not thinking of, but if you think of one,
lemme know in the comments. All in all, Luffy would make
for a very powerful hero who is also very annoying. I have a feeling Luffy would
reject the whole hero biz and just become a vigilante. He’s a pirate at heart, after all! His whole schtick is overthrowing
oligarchs and oppressors. So yeah, not exactly a government
endorsed hero approach. But dude still gets shit done. I’m noticing a running
theme of super OP characters who are also very ill-behaved,
I’m sorry Eraserhead. But I’m only gonna double down because the next person
to join UA is none other than the originator of
Sexy Jutsu, Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto has always been a little shit, and I don’t really blame him. It’s one thing for all of your
classmates to dislike you, but your entire village, he’s a little justified
in my eyes, I guess. At least everyone at UA isn’t convinced he’s basically the
reincarnation of a monster that is out to destroy all of them So that’s a start. He may not be a monster,
but Kurama still shows up in the form of his quirk. Naruto’s Nine Tails is an Emitter Quirk that works a lot like
Tokoyami’s Dark Shadow. Naruto can unleash a glowing orange fox to overwhelm his enemies,
but he has to be careful. If he releases the Nine Tails too much, it will overwhelm HIM
and completely take over. So, Naruto has to carefully
manage his emotions in the middle of a battle to maintain control over his Quirk. Naturally though, Naruto and Tokoyami are gonna butt heads a bit. Naruto has a history with
sullen, brooding types. Still, I’m sure they’d end up with a mutual respect for each other. I mean they’re both
Jinchuriki, I mean Stand Users, I mean they have Emitter quirks, they both have Emitter quirks. Even with a powerful quirk,
Naruto’s still a Shinobi, so he’s gotta have some
Shinobi support items with him. He’s got the tried and true ninja tools, shurikens and kunai to
attack from a distance, smoke bombs for quick getaways, and a bunch of different scrolls for whatever random situations may pop up. Naruto’s bound to grate
on plenty of students in the hero class, they
can only hear “Believe it!” so many times before they just
start to troll him for it. I mean I felt lame just
saying it right then. But while they all just
kind of put up with Naruto, I think he’ll be drawn to
Hitoshi Shinso from Class 1-C. Naruto has a history with
sullen, brooding types. Once they got to talking,
Naruto and Shinso would bond over feeling like outcasts, and having all their peers
giving them the side-eye because of the way they were born. And yet, despite their jaded upbringings, they shy away from becoming villains and strive to make the world
a better place as heroes. But while these two are
shooting the breeze, Deku’s staring daggers at Naruto. There’s only room for one
Naruto in My Hero Academia, and that’s the green one! It doesn’t help that Naruto
has a crush on Uraraka, too. And he’s blonde like All Might and Mirio. If Deku’s not careful, Naruto
will completely replace him. See, this is what happens when you have two shounen underdogs that will overcome any obstacles. So, Deku or Naruto? Who out-shounens who? It’s like an unstoppable force
meets an immovable object. I think my nose is bleeding, I’m thinking about this a little too hard. Either way, Deku hates Naruto’s guts, but who could this young ninja
actually work with anyway? Well, I hate to do this to him, but I’m gonna have to say Eraserhead. Think about it, Eraserhead has that
stern-yet-chill Kakashi vibe that Naruto first trained under. Also, Naruto will be
able to push his quirk to the absolute limit without
fear of losing control. And, Eraserhead can just
neutralize his quirk if things get out of hand. It’s a good growing opportunity, and Eraserhead loves to
see his students succeed. I mean, he’s the future Hokage! It’ll be worth all the
eyedrops, I promise. All right so let me set the
scene for this next one. You walk in the class, and
the boom, Giorno Giovanna! He’s even there before Iida, who’s the freaking class president. His life in the mob has taught him to always be prepared, you know? But even being the first one there, he doesn’t say a word to anyone. Mystery is the key. When Eraserhead calls on him, and asks him to introduce
himself, he stands up, looks out the window and says, “I, Giorno Giovanna, have a dream.” Suddenly, he’s the Austin Powers of UA. Women want him, men wanna be
him, and he’s from Europe, for what that’s worth. It’s good that he shares that one piece of personal
information though, because that’s how he meets Aoyama. These two gentlemen dress with flair and appreciate the finer things in life. Like cheese, and drinking tea, and posing. In fact are we sure that
Aoyama isn’t a transfer student from the Jojo’s Bizarre
Adventure universe? No one understands the
importance of flashy poses better than that guy. Giorno’s also pretty chummy with Koda and his Anivoice quirk. Just like his Stand, Golden Experience, Giorno’s emitter-quirk can
give life to ordinary objects. He can turn stuff into
animals like snakes and fish, but he can’t control the
animals once they’re moving. That’s where Anivoice comes in. Koda can coax Giorno’s creations into doing whatever they want. So they can basically
have an army of creatures to do their bidding. They would make a powerful Hero team, but that’s only if Giorno feels like it. That’s the issue with Giorno, he’s got a good heart
and strong convictions, but he doesn’t exactly
operate within the law. Like, someone can tell
him he can’t use his quirk because of some stupid license. As a mobster, Giorno is
used to going by his own, doing things himself. Not a villain, not a hero,
like a Gang Star, if you will. I doubt Giorno would
EVER wear UA’s uniform, but even if he did, he
would have to accessorize. And it’s not just for show, either. Giorno’s accessories double
as his support items. He can use his ladybug brooches to create whatever he needs in a pinch. Even getting Giorno to come
to class would be tricky. I can picture Iida chasing
him around the halls of UA, only to get tangled up in a water-fountain-turned-bramble bush. If Giorno had his way, he’d
just pull a Yusuke Yurameshi and hang out on the roof,
wind blowing through his hair, posing for nobody and
everybody at the same time. So yeah, Giorno wouldn’t respond well to the whole school thing,
but when it comes down to it, he’d be the most dedicated
for fighting for justice. Especially against the Shie Hassaikai. An underground organization
that deals drugs to destabilize hero society? While the other heroes
were organizing a plan to raid their headquarters, Giorno would already
be bombarding Overhaul with a 7-page muda-muda-muda! Even though his is like
a lot higher than mine, I was very low. – [Adrian] Yeah, why do
you always do that low? – Yeah, yeah I was doing all right. Muda-muda-muda-muda-muda-muda-muda-muda-muda-muda! Muda, I love you cloud,
I’ll never hurt you, and you know that. As far as work studies or internships go, you can imagine Giorno
would be in high demand. Recovery Girl could
always use an extra hand, and Giorno’s healing
abilities would give her some much needed rest,
especially when Deku’s around. Still, it’s not like
Giorno is gonna hang around some little old lady. Best Jeanist would try to recruit him for his fashion sense alone, but Giorno’s tastes are beyond his reach. Seriously, after working with
fashion icons like Bucciarati, Giorno wouldn’t be caught
dead working with someone whose entire outfit is just pants. Nah, I figure Giorno would
partner with Gang Orca. You can’t deny that
Gang Star and Gang Orca have a nice little ring to them, and he could be Giorno’s right-hand man for when he eventually
runs the whole school. It’s only a matter of time
until Principal Nezu bows down and kisses Giorno’s hand. Okay, between Saiyans,
Pirates, Ninjas and Gang Stars, all of these exchange students have done nothing but cause problems. Thankfully, Eraserhead
can give his eyes a rest knowing that our next exchange
student is always a good boy. Even when he’s slaying Demons. As a crow-carrying member
of the Demon Slayer corp, Tanjiro knows how to honor
hierarchy and follow rules. I mean, yeah, he heat-butted
the Wind Pillar that one time, but come on, we all know
that guy had it coming. I’m sure he’ll learn the ins
and outs of being a UA student. Really, his biggest struggle
is gonna be the whole man-out-of-time situation. Each of our Shounen boys so
far have come from worlds where seemingly anything can happen, but the wildest things that
cross Tanjiro’s path are demons. Jumping from Japan’s Taisho
period to the present-day is gonna give Tanjiro a
brutal case of culture shock. I mean, even in his own time, he was just a simple country bumpkin who grew up in the mountains. He hadn’t even seen a train,
let alone a smartphone. Well, he’ll just have to
pull a Captain America and get caught up on everything, with something far more scarier
than trains, the internet. You can probably guess that Tanjiro’s gonna be carrying his black Nichirin
sword as a support item. And hey, with Nezuko safe at home, he could pack his lunch in
that wooden box everyday. – [Adrian] I don’t know
if Nezuko is safe at home! – Homeboy’s got a demon in his bag the whole school day for sure. No-one’s told me differently.
But if you think about it, he’s already got a few
mutant-type Quirks going for him. He’s got his incredibly hard head, and his incredibly sharp nose. Both quirks have been super
helpful in his fights so far, but come on, a hero called Demon Slayer has to have something a
little more interesting than a thick skull and
a good sense of smell. So, let’s turn his Total
Concentration Breathing technique into a Quirk. Anyone in the Demon
Slayer world can use it, but let’s make it a power
exclusive to Tanjiro in My Hero. Also, you know how Tanjiro sees the strand when he gets the perfect
opportunity to slay a demon? That could be a special ability of his, like a Check Mate finishing attack. We don’t have to worry about
Tanjiro’s strength as a hero, he’s got the strength and
the spirit to succeed at UA. I’m more worried about him making friends. I mean he’s a good guy, for sure, but getting thrown 100
years into the future is probably gonna shake everybody up. First of all, he’d probably assume that anyone with non-human
features would be a demon. I’m sure a bunch of UA students
would have to hold him back from attacking Mina, or Shoujo. Especially that bug dude from class 1-B, dear God, I wanna fight him. Okay, Tanjiro’s not that aggro,
but he’d still be confused. He’d probably figure
Tokoyami’s head was a bird mask like Inosuke’s boar mask and
probably try to take it off! After a few awkward conversations, he’d end up rolling with the goon squad that is Mineta and Kaminari, simply because they’d approach him first. You know, they’d really
rub elbows with Tanjiro once they found out he had a sister. At first, things might get
lonely for Tanjiro at UA, but his good nature would
eventually shine through. He’s got a good head on his shoulders, and his compassion would
make him a star hero. Even as a Demon Slayer, he
knows the value of life, and does everything he
can to protect people at his own risk. Is there anything more heroic than that? And hey, I’m sure Edgeshot would appreciate Tanjiro’s
old-school Japanese style and take him under his wing. Tanjiro may be the only exchange student that Iida could hang with, too. They’re both serious,
honorable, and determined. I mean, anyone’s an upgrade
from Mineta though, right? And look, him and Deku can bond off of how cool the color green is. I know you guys are probably all thinking, “Who else can we add to the UA roster?” Well, lemme know in the comments below, and maybe we might do that. So, let us know. I’m Curt, this is Get
In The Robot, made NYC, ’cause literally that’s where
I’m at while I’m talking. – [Adrian] And because
we can’t move to Japan. – We also can’t move to Japan. (laughs) (upbeat music)

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    Hero: Gungnir
    Quirk: Symphogear or Base Boost (I not good with names)
    Type: Emitter
    Ability: When she sings, every one of her physical abilities greatly increases. If she sings a full song her enhancements last as long as a normal one and one fight. Also while hearing a playing instrument will make her enhancements lat longer.

  28. Name: Meliodas
    Quirk:full counter ; he deflect any quirk based attack back at them with the force x2 and he can collect the energy from the battle and release it in one massive attack
    Hero name: sin of wrath
    Anime: seven deadly sins

  29. Shinra Kusakabe from fire force

    He could have a quirk similar to endeavor's quirk but mainly focused on his feet and ankles.

    Quirk name: devil's steps
    Quirk class: emitter

    He would be really good friends with deku as they both aspire to be great heroes and both share tragic back stories that would lead them to aspire to become Heroes.

    Main draw back of his quirk is that his body requires oxygen to create the flames.

    Support items would be like and oxygen tank that he carries around in case he needs to produce larger flames or needs a little bit more oxygen to keep making more flames

  30. Exchange Student: Setsuna F. Seiei
    Code name: Gundam
    Quirk: GN Particles (a power up quirk that releases green particles as it speeds him up and increases his strength).
    Support Items: GN Drive (stores and concentrates his particles for later release).
    Seven Swords: 2 metal blades of different lengths, 4 emitters he can concentrate his quirk into to create Beam Sabers, and his wrist mounted GN Sword, which can fold back to reveal a gun designed to fire his quirk as a ranged energy attack.
    Ultimate Move: Trans-am. A heightened boost, which leaves him powerless afterward.

  31. I would love to see you either the two main kids from Hunter x Hunter, Yusuke Urameshi or Inuyasha or Sesshomaru and what about Superboy from Young Justice 💯

  32. Shira Kusakabe
    Show: fire force
    Hero name: Smiling Devil
    Quirk: Devil’s Feet
    Quirk type: Emitter
    Quirk ability: Shinra can create powerful flames from his feet. These flames allow him to fly for a short while. Over using his quirk will cause him to badly burn his feet.

  33. Subaru natsuki
    Hero name: re:zero
    Quirk: return by death
    Quirk's ability: he can go back in time only if he has come close to death

    No one actually believes he has a quirk and instead just thinks he's insane, he was also forced to go to UA by someone but he cannot figure out who it is and he cannot leave

  34. What about Maka Albarn and Soul Eater Evans from Soul Eater? Like they applied to UA as a duo

    Her quirk could be her Soul Perception ability, she can sense peoples 'souls' and energy to track them. But she can also manipulate her own soul to resonate with others to double or triple the attack if the bond is strong enough. But can only resonate with those she has direct physical contact with.

    Which is where Soul comes in. His quirk allows him to turn into a scythe. Which is eh on its own because he can't move. But with Maka can do serious damage and cut through most things.

    Makas hero name would probably be Meister and Soul would probably be Soul Eater

  35. I thought giorno's quirk would just be gold experience, but instead of a stand it's just an emitter type quirk

  36. Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail:

    Hero Name: Salamander

    Quirk Name: Fire Dragon Slayer

    Quirk Type: Mutant

    Description: Gives the user all of the qualities of a Fire Dragon

  37. Name: nijimura okuyasu
    Quirk: OI JOSUKE
    Quirk ability: by saying "OI JOSUKE" to his enemy, they will become best friends. It can also grant the user to will himself back to life.
    Weakness: the user is dumb af

  38. Meliodas from the seven deadly sins
    his quirk would be assault mode and cloning
    and his support item would be lostvayne.

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