I Tried Cleaning My Entire Apartment With Robots

Narrator: Remember Rosie
from “The Jetsons”? “The Jetsons”: Rosie cooks. She cleans. Rosie is the ideal maid. Narrator: These robots are the closest thing we have to Rosie. They vacuum, mop, wipe down
windows, and even scrub toilets. I clean my apartment twice a week and could always use some help. I wanted to see if it was possible to have these robots
clean my entire apartment, so I could get some of that
time spent cleaning back. This doesn’t go very far. Oh no, oh no, oh no. I’m just unscrewing the top
of my toilet to remove it. It’s like a vacuum! I went on Amazon to find four of the
highest-rated cleaning robots. I’ll be testing out the Eufy Robovac 35c. It’s Wi-Fi-enabled, and
can handle hard floors and thin to medium carpets. It works with both Alexa
and Google Assistant, is a competitor to Roomba,
and retails for $300. The iRobot Braava Jet 240 mopping robot. It mops and sweeps and retails for $170. The Hobot-268, a window-cleaning robot that can suction itself to glass and clean its way around windows. It retails for $375. And the Altan Giddel, a
toilet-cleaning robot. It’s the only one on the
market and retails for $349. Will they be easy to set up? Will they save me some time? And will they get the job done? First, we tidied up,
put away wires and shoes so they wouldn’t get
caught up in the robots. Then we made a bit of a mess with some crumbs and other debris to give the robots a little challenge. Let’s bring on the robots. First up, the Eufy Robovac. Initially, it was a little
tough to connect to Wi-Fi. The issue was it’s not compatible with 5-gigahertz networks, but once we connected to
the 2.4-gigahertz network, we were ready to roll. I wanna say they go here. (piece snaps) Ha, look at that! Oh! Eufy gave us some
magnetic boundary strips, so we’re going to just
place them around the rug. Although not the sleekest design, for the most part they worked. You just have to make sure they’re really secure to the ground. Oh no, oh no. If the included strips aren’t
enough, you can purchase more. If the strips aren’t covering
an area you want avoided, the robot will find a way around them. No, don’t come on the rug! Oh! The robot uses two side
brushes to push debris into its center suction area. This was mostly effective, and it tended to pick up
anything it rolled over. These little brushes almost
push the crumbs farther away, so it makes more work for the robot. It eventually does pick them up. This wasn’t a problem for big, open areas, where the robot eventually
made it to the spot the dirt or crumbs landed, but if it landed in a
corner or under something, like a cabinet or fridge, the robot was unable to suck it up. Are you confused? That’s really gross. Overall, the Eufy was pretty effective. I don’t think it could
replace a full vacuum, but it would be great if I’m getting ready
for company to come over and I just wanna run it in
between my deep cleanings. After the vacuum, it was time to mop. The Braava Jet was super easy to set up, however, once I had it going it did bump into corners and baseboards. Ooh, what is happening? I don’t know what it’s doing. This doesn’t go very far. And it’s thin width made it take a while to clean even small areas. I even tried to change the
pattern that it navigated in, but it didn’t seem to make a difference. It went back and forth a
lot over the same areas, and seemed to keep cleaning
areas it had already done. Unfortunately, it left
my floor pretty soaked, but it did grab some dirt, so at least the cleaning
pads seemed to work. Braava Jet is putting me to work now. I was a little disappointed because iRobot’s Roombas
have great reviews, and the Braava Jet just
didn’t really clean the way I thought it would,
and wasn’t as effective. Yeah, so you’re done for today. Thank you, thank you for cleaning. To the window. I don’t even know how this is
going to attach to the window. Are there stickies or, like, magnets? The Hobot window robot
was super easy to set up, I just had to put on the cleaning pads, spray down the window,
and it was set to go. It’s like a vacuum! It’s controlled with a remote, which you can use to control its movements or tell it to move autonomously. You only have so much slack
to clean your windows, because this specific
model has to be plugged in while in use. They do have a newer model,
which is rechargeable and has a built-in tank and sprayer. The Hobot uses suction
to adhere to the window, and I was surprised at
how well it hung on. I kept waiting for it to
fall off, and it never did. However, it took a really long time to work its way over the window, and didn’t really seem to
follow any of the directions I was trying to make it navigate. It kept going down, which made me wonder if gravity
was just too strong for it. The robot did get some of the dirt off, but it did leave a lot of streak marks, which made the windows look
just as bad as they were before I cleaned them with the Hobot. It’s not something I would
use again on my windows, and they would’ve looked a lot cleaner if I just did it myself. I think it’s a neat concept,
but it’s not practical. Your first step is to
remove the toilet seat by unscrewing the nuts. I’m just unscrewing the top
of my toilet to remove it. It comes with a bracket you
have to attach to your toilet, which is supposed to
be a permanent install that you then slide the
robot in and out of. The installation was supposed
to be just three easy steps, but it took much longer. It wouldn’t let me
reattach my toilet seat, so I took a little trip to Home Depot and picked up various-size
screws to try and make it fit. I’m at Home Depot trying to find the right size
screws to fit my Giddel robot, the ones I have right now are too short and the robot doesn’t come
with any additional ones, so wish me luck. There’s a lot to choose from. Well, thank goodness that
I purchased those screws, because they came in
handy when even my dad attempted to try it on two other toilets. Thanks for helping me put
together my toilet robot. Dad: It’s no problem,
Alex. It’s what I live for. It takes a little finesse
to install the hardware, to line it up properly. Narrator: Should lock right in. Dad: It should. This is just not working. Narrator: The problem is the bracket doesn’t fit all toilet seats, and when we finally got
it mounted on my toilet, the size made it impossible
to reattach the seat. The Giddel didn’t even
really fit inside my toilet. It started with the rim, but just seemed to gently brush it. At times it looked like it
was barely touching it at all, and as it rotated, it kept
hitting the sides of the toilet. When it started inside the bowl, it didn’t look like it was
applying much pressure at all. It didn’t really get rid of any
hard-water stains inside it, and I couldn’t really see much of a before-and-after difference. It would be great if they could include
additional screw sizes, or ways to fit more toilet-seat types. I could see the installation causing a lot of problems for people who are expecting the seamless experience shown in the promotional video. This robot was a real struggle. I could’ve cleaned so many toilets in the time that it took me to get this one set up and going, and it didn’t even clean the toilet. Well, the robots took a really
long time to get the job done and they didn’t save me much time, ’cause I was constantly watching over them to make sure they weren’t
getting into trouble. I feel like I could’ve cleaned everything in less than half the amount
of time the robots took, and I could’ve done a much better job. But I would use the Eufy to
tidy up in between my cleanings. The Eufy Robovac: four out of five. The iRobot Braava Jet: 2 1/2 out of five. Hobot window robot: two out of five. Alton Giddel toilet
robot: one out of five. My overall rating for
all the cleaning robots would be 2 1/2 out of five. We’re not quite in the future
“The Jetsons” promised, and we do have a long way to go before Rosie the robot
is cleaning our houses. So for this battle, woman
definitely beats machine. Director: Perfect, great, all right.

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