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Within 24 hours, i already received my payout! Here in my btc history, i already received my payout from this new robot which amounting to 0.1957018 btc and if i will convert this to Philippine Peso i earned 89,000 Pesos or $1750 just within 16 days only! Do you want to know my 2nd trusted website where i making my huge profit and make passive income? Hello everyone! My name is Aiza Mercado and welcome back again to Earn Money with Aiza! On my previous video, i already revealed my most trusted money making platform and where im making huge profit, right? But for today’s video, i will not be talking about it. What i will share you today is the SISTER COMPANY OF ROI ROBOTS. But before that, if this is your first time in my Channel please subscribe now and help me reach 300,000 subscribers coz i will be giving away mobile phone and how to join our 500 pesos Gcash Ampao giveaway just like this video now and fill up the form seeing in our comment section. To all people who have waited what is the sister company of Roi Robots i will introduce you, My Profit Robot. Check the description to all website I mentioned here Disclaimer: anything i say in this video will be based only on my opinion and my result investing here in this website. This is not a financial advice, do your own research first before investing. Lets talk about My Profit Robot. Literally, its a sister company of Roi Robots but with many difference. Like here in MPR, you will earn 1% profit daily. In ROI, you will earn 0.8% profit daily. Next, MPR has telegram channel for live support and admin can assist you with your account if any issue, you can contact him right away. In ROI, no telegram channel and totally, they only have email support. If you will ask, how much is My Profit Robot (MPR) its license is only for 6 months but its more cheaper then ROI, purchase for $200 only and take note, its not buy 1 take 1. Here in ROI robots, purchase it for 300 euro or its like 16000 pesos in PHP but its 1 license plus you will get buy 1 take 1 of Roi Robots. Anyway, im selling Roi Robots voucher with a discounted price. Don’t get me wrong, im selling the vouchers which investors bought in the website (buy 1 take 1) and this voucher is the “take 1” only. And last, about their referral bonus. In MPR, level 1 commission bonus is 20% When someone used your link and purchase the $200 MPR robot, you will earn 20% commission in level 1. level 2 is 10% and level 3 is 5% which technically, we have 3 lvl ref commission in MPR. In ROI, level 1 is 50% referral commission. If you like to watch my presentation about Roi Robots an (i) button will appear on the top of my screen and click the link to watch it. Totally, use MPR the same way how you used ROI you will use same BXT coin and Property Arbitrage. BXTcoin is a trading platform and we need to get the API key access to make the robot work. And we will deposit our bitcoins here. How to deposit BTC in BXTcoin? You need to go to “balance” and btc deposit wallet address will appear copy this wallet or simply scan in your wallet so you can start sending btc and take note, there are no minimum and maximum btc amount to deposit here. Just keep in mind, when exchanging in BXTcoin there are 0.1% trading fee. In Property Arbitrage, no need to deposit bitcoins here we just need to access the api key as well to make the robot work. Anyway, there are 3 websites mentioned you will see all links in our video description. Now, if you want to start your MPR click this purchase now. Write here the sponsor ID who invited you, desired email, password, confirm password, and your btc wallet. Write here your personal btc wallet address like in coins.ph because whenever you invite and purchased MPR your ref. commission will be auto sent in your wallet. Next, you need to sign up also in BXT coin and Property. Take note: if you used ROI robots before and have account here in 2 websites you can use it again using MPR. YOU CANNOT USE MPR AND ROI AT THE SAME TIME. Just choose robot to work only, but me personally i used MPR coz its generating 1% daily profit. Now, i will be teaching you how to purchase MPR. I recorded this before, and i will show it to you now! This is my MPR account that i haven’t bought yet as you can see, same interface as Roi Robots here, config your account as well like put your api access key in BXT and Property. In my dashboard, my license is still N/A and take note, there are no 7 days free trial in MPR. In ROI too, 7 days free trial are over! You need to purchase ROI robot to start earning. In my coins.ph i will show you how to buy MPR robot. In amount to send, copy this amount appeared in 6 months license copy this exact btc amount let me zoom this in for you copy it and paste it here in the amount then copy the MPR btc wallet as well. In what is for, you can just write “MPR” select “high” for faster transaction as well. Basic sending, btc to btc and verify your code and send. Welcome back, as you can see, i already purchased 6 months license of MPR. its only $200 and yeah now, lets configure our API access. In BXT coin, sign up now or sign in. Use your existing BXT coin account before, if you have. In my BXT, i deposited more than 1 btc. Now lets go to settings to configure the API access. In API access, enter your password to generate new key. Now, copy the api key that generates then paste it here in MPR configuration. But before that, write here your email you used in BXT. Then paste here the BXTcoin api key you copied before. Same with Property Arbitrage, proceed to security. No need to deposit any btc in this site. Put your password here as well and generate new key. How to standard setup API access will be seen in my ROI robot presentation before. Copy Property API, and paste it here in mpr. Enter here the email you used in property arbitrage paste the api key and save. Next, lets config the risk %. The % you enter here, is the % how much money will mpr will use to trade. Did you get it? So if you put 100% MPR will trade 100% of your money in BXT coin. We are all set, now TURN ON the robot. There you go! Robot on. You can now earn while you sleep, go on vacation because MPR will do all the tradings by himself! Take note that in every hour, the robot generates profit. From 1pm up to 4am, the robot trades for us. You can check it in the history, you can check your profit every hour. Now, im all set up i will wait for few days and will show you how much BTC i earned total profit today! Hello, and as for today…. After 16 days, as you can see this how much i earned now using this MPR robot! My total robot gained is 0.19572406 btc! And i also have total advisor bonus because i invited users and they purchased MPR already! In my BXTcoin, my 1.08 btc before turned now to 1.38 btc! Now, i will withdraw my profit gained using MPR. In BXT coin, proceed to “my balance”. Take note: if your BXT coin wallet still not appearing just refresh it repeatedly or simply, log out your account then go to balance until your BXT coin wallet address appear. I will go now to MPR and i will copy the amount that i total profit gained. Thats 0.19572406 btc paste also your btc wallet address to withdraw click receive then copy your btc wallet to receive here your withdrawals. Paste it here. Double check all amount, then click send. There you go, withdraw request open and BXT coin will email you for withdrawal confirmation. Simply click the confirmation link and boom! Withdraw approved! Withdrawals are within 24 hours Now, i must wait until i receive it from my Coins.ph! Within 24 hours, i already received my payout! Here in my btc history, i already received my payout from this new robot which amounting to 0.1957018 btc and if i will convert this to Philippine Peso i earned 89,000 Pesos or $1750 just within 16 days only! This is my presentation about MPR and o hope this video helps you earn passive income and for more, i think its the most legit i invested here in online! Then again, thanks again for watching stay cool and stay payaman my name is Aiza Mercado and have a great day!

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  1. Note: MPR Robot will not work if walang bitcoin sa BXT. ANY AMOUNT PWEDE PO DOON. Need may funds para may pang-trade ang robot. Again, any amount! Your daily earnings will based on how much you deposit money in BXT.

    Puhunan dito ay:
    MPR is $200 + iba pa yung ilalagay mo na BTC sa mismong bxt coin para pang trade ni robot 😇

    Enter group chat: https://t.me/joinchat/GU9goVAsXkV6BgI2afoesA

  2. Hi miss aiza , New subscriber po ! pero halos lahat po ng vedeo na play kuna haha , more vedeos papo to earn money.! God bless po and. thankyou❤️

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  3. Wow! Thanks for sharing this wonderful video. New subscriber here. God bless you

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  4. Gudmrng po mam aiza. Pwede po bang magpa advise. Sa lahat ng mga video nyo po. Alin po ba ang ma e recommend nyo po na passive income na kikita talaga ako kung mag invest po ako. Salamat po..

  5. Hi ma'am me subscriber nyo po to salamat po Sana makatulong pa po kau God bless share your blessings hehehe my #09285850013 ok lng po Kung di mapili thanks ulit sa video I like it 🤩🤩🤩

  6. Hi miss aiza, yung $200 dollars po yun na po yung naging 89k after 16 days? At wala napo tayong gagawin? As in maghihintay lang tayo then let the robot do it for us?

  7. Hello miss aiza, new subscriber here… still earning on my bitcoins.. thank you for your videos on how to earn cryptos… at pag nakaipon na ng cryptos, saka ako bibili ng robot ko at sana meron ka pang maibebenta sa akin… 😅
    so far okay papo ba ang roirobots and MPR?
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    Ask ko lang po if may Roi Robots pa po kayong for sale? 😊
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