I Got Mixed Used LEGO For Free ! Are There Any Good Bricks?

Here is my latest LEGO find for August
2019. as a matter of fact this is my first lego find I was contacted by a
family member and they asked me if I’d like to have some free Lego well I would
never turn down free Legos so of course I picked it up let’s take a quick look
and see what we have in here obviously we have very dusty Lego we have some
kind of Coast Guard boats very dusty I think I have this boat in green but it’s
not as long but I can make something nice out of this probably remove the
stickers oh we know what said it comes from six zero zero one four this comes
apart that’s a good way to clean that up okay
let’s start up here very dusty Tupperware it looks like we have
ourselves some partially built set anybody can help me what tell me what
that is maybe we can finish building it so there is some good bricks so I could
use some of these pieces almost looks like aviation adventures okay and I was
also told that there’s some other random pieces you could already spot some
already I think there’s even some Mega Bloks in here too here’s part of a truck
Oh helicopter be good for inspiration or go rip down for parts this is go on the
top of this I bet that does Hey look we got a complete set pretty cool mera some
kind of tractor things looks like I see mostly bills okay this is a new set so
this must be very recent I was expecting this to be older cards but this is
obviously the chicken coop you know I got that settin okay so now we know
what it looks like more cars and dusty trailers and yeah I bet this would work
for the boat this is for a semi I don’t have those in red Oh a life raft or I
could use this a lot of stuff in here some more trailers helicopters some kind
of tractor okay let’s Lego that’s not mega Blok
very nice tires cannibalize Wow monster trucks really intact – pretty cool well
we found a yellow lab in here okay so I guess that’s non Lego what set him off
to the side some kind of tractor with a missing tire I can use this piece on the
front I’m really just pulling out stuff right now Wow okay I don’t even have this set this
is that fifth wheel that kind of looks weird matter of fact the one that I’m
currently working one looks better than this kind of silly welcome stop more
race cars looks like some kind of rocket very
ducky my hands already getting painted with dust bunnies okay I guess I guess
we found ash ketcham now ash where’s those Pokemon Anna you want to help me
look in there so let’s see here you can help me just just just dive right on in
there with me okay so kind of sounds like a boat trailer and some other
random stuff like base plates I think those are the only two some little
Michaels scale up a truck and chopsticks and a nightlight okay I mean just pull
those out yeah I mean oh wait okay I found the campfire or any more
things in there I found this some kind of knitting that’s not let go you know throw that in there all right we’ve got some looks like these are
training bases these would come in handy been talking about building a Lego train
I got a bunch of these well I want her to have a few more vehicle Chaffey’s white life raft Oh with police I’ll have
to peel those off Oh I’ve noticed something too about this Lego some of
this is really yellowed yeah that’s really yelled let me see if I could pull
that apart is that just oh yeah we’re gonna have to rocks like that brick
separator paying attention ashlynn being here
all right we got some sort of collapsible box cargo that’s a matter of
fact let’s zoom in on this so we can see things better okay I do see a lot of
minifigures most of stuff is for city man my hands are just getting nasty so a
lot of this stuff was pretty much fall apart now I can always use these some
bees were really scuffed up okay we found the seal
see even ash was loving this to stand attention looks like his hands are out
thinking where’s Pikachu I gotta find them all here
here’s Pikachu just pretend that that’s Pikachu right there okay now these
always come in handy see little slow oh I don’t have a olive-green boat I guess
this would be great for some kind of military thing all I’m seeing here is
mostly tires I’ve never seen this many tires before and all this stuff is mixed
in anything else is war stuff and all these slopes will come in handy for
house all righty window or that’s a door and
that is really scratched up the frame is really warped but you know I’m not gonna
complain it’s free ladders and that’s starting to yellow up something stuff
could be very old too I like these doors Oh got an instruction
manual actually I have this set that this
belongs to so wasn’t a good set to begin oh wow
mother lode right there look at that all two-by-fours purposes a telescope can
you see through there pretty cool so there’s a little barrel it’s pieces that
I probably could live without I got millions of tires actually I don’t
even have this ladder and brown so that’s a good piece to have oh here’s some more letters Wow okay
boy how many ladders we’re in this thing I’m gonna put it down so far like six
ladders part of an ear so oh looks like this is probably a campervan I recognize
this set here yeah this is the caravan so anyways there are some good pieces
and yet I can use I don’t have a lot of these in blacks was that the second boat
I found well that’s the pizza van these labels not that old really you gotta
have fun doing Lego guys it’s that’s what I always like to do have fun when
I’m doing these videos we’ve got a couple of horses these rock pieces but
do I really see anything in here I’m really gonna have to go through this I
can see on the side like there’s not a whole lot of bricks I’m putting some
slope mostly vehicle chassis so this set of Lego actually look like it belongs to
someone who loved doing vehicles and by just looking at all the cars that we’ve
been pulling out of here I like this one here maybe we can make a better version
of that good inspiration I have spotted some mega block bricks I’m not going to
so basically you can see we have a lot of good parts in here lots of goodies
lots of good stuff plenty of helicopters so this is like more sunny this would be
a good bin just for accessories and inspiration but matter of fact I’m just
cringing by all the stickers on these we’ll take care of that he’s trained
bases just phone it all back in here because I don’t have to pick it up later
on like I mean honest SEK 200 on the top of that oh there we go
honestly this is about the Uglies oh wait a minute
oh this is the left-handed door there’s arty somebody in there is that open up
I’m sorry guys and gals I can build better than this I don’t have to think I
know I can’t so anyways that’s pretty much it for the Lego haul or whatever
you guys want to call it my Lego find but I’ll tell you there’s the nice stuff
here I just got to go through this now and clean it cuz my hands already
getting dusty and nothing worse than having dusty Lego back in there there’s
some flat tiles so yeah and this bit is very heavy too but what am I gonna do
now now let’s go throw it and I’m gonna do I already have a video up a tutorial
how to paint Lego I got to do that on a bigger scale or what I may just do is
get brave and just put water inside this big container and washed all that out I
don’t know yet there’s so much in here see that it’s just a lot of stuff but
you know what free I’m not gonna complain I can get a lot of use out of
this I could probably build mocks just out of this alone so it’s it’s pretty
heavy too so we’ll see what we can come up with a lot of sorting to do

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37 thoughts on “I Got Mixed Used LEGO For Free ! Are There Any Good Bricks?

  1. You have to get a lego catalog and look at the city sets. To compare the things that you got with the things is the catalog.

  2. You got some pretty good stuff there! Three little thoughts…
    Might wanna be careful about how zoomed out you are 😅
    That net piece I believe is official. It came with the cmf with the skunk.

  3. Not gonna lie, you got some pretty good stuff there! Really looking forward to see what you build. You do some awesome stuff and some of those parts could definitely come in handy! Happy building!

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