I FOUND CALLMEHBOB! TOY UNBOXING! Jazwares Roblox Series 2 Celebrity Mystery Packs

Oh my gosh, there’s a ponytail. Oh my gosh, I know who this is. There is a crowd girl the staff of Solaria This is CallmehBob. Don’t forget to follow my Instagram cyber Nova this month I’ll be doing followers sprees giveaways. So head over now Hello Humans, do you want to guess what’s in my cup? These are the roblox series 2 Gold Series celebrity mystery packs I have ten of them to open and I’m really excited because in one of these boxes hopefully is night Barbie and I actually heh Sad story I did go ahead and I already opened five off-camera Look at them. They’re beautiful And looking at the sheet right here. I’m gonna go ahead and assume this is the paparazzi from heros of Robloxia, so let’s get him builts So here you need some legs put on look at the size of this camera. That is a huge lead I mean, he must be stalking people a mile away to get those good money shots And here it is completely built you guys Look at this the tripod legs actually move what that’s so cool I think I know which one it to his Look at this sheet that has to be this guy down here the noob but within with the green Bubble gum blow and let’s get building people So we need to put the green hair on and I actually I really love how this character looks I think it would look so good in a background and we have a little it says bag Oh Noobs to put in his hand so that’s gonna be pretty hilarious. But here he is all Completed another really good looking figurine don’t on Oh, no, it’s not Night Barbie, but I see a fox tail. I think we have shyfoox Oh, come on. Yeah, that is a hundred percent Shy folks. I’m excited to open this figure. Look at how pretty the hair is you guys that ombre Alright, let’s put on the hair first cuz that’s what I’m the most excited about I also like the back of the shirt says boop. Okay. I think I got everything popped into place here Finally that bird is hard to put in her hand. Alright guys here is shyfoox Let me give you a little turn around see that tan. Oh, yes and the boop shirt I actually love how this figure looks and I like that it has the little bear feet so cute Oh my gosh, and I can tell who this is right away This is crazy blocks, you know, you can tell first off all the purple second off These Wang’s come on people. Well, this is kooky the heads clear. Maybe cuz the head is like invisible. Oh my gosh Oh, let’s pop the pants on yeas, and I also am finally getting my first block to you word This is Sookie Oh, oh my gosh I gotta put this on the characters hand you guys look at how good this figure looks and I love The Bloxey award. I want the big Bloxey award figure now dig it. Okay. It’s not call me Bob, but I’m excited Look at the list guys. I think that’s a blue-collar cat. Well, it looks like it’s only two pieces for this guy great I feel sad he has no item but the figures really detailed like you can move the tail and everything Which I think is cool. You can like spin it side to side So since I didn’t get Barbie in any of those Unboxings, I went ahead and I got 10 Marvel and if I don’t get CallmehBob, I am literally not gonna stop Cause honestly, I just I need call me Bob. Here we go people let’s let’s just start with this one. Okay. All right So opening up the top and I don’t see blonde hair. Oh, I do see blonde hair. It’s the paparazzi Okay time for another box. And what do we have? Okay, what’s in my box? Oh my gosh. Oh so this is from vehicle simulator and we have drag Racer, I haven’t played that game. Should I play it? I been here to build I’m here to play and I love the little little pink hair So let’s pop this hair on BOOP my favorite little part Oh my gosh, you can put a shark helmet on instead. What and pop those legs on. Oh my gosh Look, this is amazing. I love this one. I’m feeling lucky. Like I feel like we are definitely gonna get it CallmehBob. Like we have to right we have to get CallmehBob and oh my gosh, who is this? Okay So it says here on the guide that this is Insanely Luke and if you go to Roblox and check out his profile oh my gosh, it looks the same as the toy and he is the creator one of the creators of Pocket devs, which is coming this summer so I’m excited. I’m starting to get nervous that Barbie doesn’t exist in these bags..AHH! Luke flew everywhere Luke Are you okay? Crisis averted we have picked up the pieces of Luke. He still looks happy. Right right. Everything’s fine Okay, let’s pop that hair on it. That was kind of hard to pop on but he still looks cool Let’s pop those legs on oh Oh, that is a good looking figure check it out. Oh, I love it Come on, what do we got? *gasp!* OH MY GOSH THERE’S A PONYTAIL! OH MY GOSH! I know who this is. There’s a crown,a girl the staff of Solaria This is CallmehBob. We finally got CallmehBob. I literally thought we’re never gonna find her I was like, I’m gonna be the biggest joke in the universe Opening all these boxes and not finding my girl Barbie we found CallmehBob So first of all love that they put a crown on her head. I mean how appropriate is that for my queen look. Yes Not all sorts of assorted bits. Um, but you guys know I have to I have to redeem this code, right? Okay So here we go. We finally get to enter this code and I actually I have no idea what item this is yet I haven’t seen any of the people who usually upload Royal High like via ash Ashleigh. Ah, see. I haven’t seen anybody do this Here’s a whole troop I’m gonna cry Is this real? Callmehostentatiouslyshyempressed hat why it’s huge Oh my gosh, we got a look at this in 3d. Oh gosh, oh No, I don’t know if I can wear it with hair or not, let’s see, let’s try it with hair if not bye Bye hair, I don’t need no. Hello my god This thanks Yugi. Let’s go wear this in tomorrow. Hi. Okay guys, like I can’t even deal with this right now This thing is huge. Oh my goodness What we look so good This is the best thing I’ve ever seen ever in roblox and I’m screaming at you guys and you’re probably like why look at this crowler missus is Over the top like this is the best thing I’ve ever seen. Let’s ask people like Mike Brown This is the crowd I have wanted in my dreams even though I can’t spell crown Um, yeah worth every penny to get this crowd you Guys, leave a comment right now and tell me if this is not the most beautiful thing You’ve ever seen we need a skirt to go with this. Let’s dress up. Oh, she just fell sheshe loved our crowd so much She just fell like it. Do you like my crowd? Look at this ground, sweetie? This is my final form people Yes, see everyone loves it. I got the Bob toy. This was the item in the KO girl She is like look she is shook right now. She can’t even handle it. They’re like oMG Okay. Basically I just need to run around school like this forever like hello. I am the queen of the world We’re gonna show off this new crown to everybody Basically, I’m gonna be wearing this forever If you guys want to see like a whole video where I style a look based off this crown Let me know but this is like the crowd everyone looks like I wish we had different grounds. This is the crown you deserve So you could definitely tell this was call me Bob by the little seashell Shirt and the back says mermaid. We need to get these beautiful pants on we got some ripped jeans. Yes And queen Barbie needs her scepter. Oh, there’s our beautiful Call me Bob with the staff of Solaria. I am assuming This is amazing. I can’t believe we got the Barbie figure I was so Worried we weren’t gonna get this figure, but I’m really excited. I know you guys are excited, too All right people so we have six more to open. Let’s see what we got. We have the Photographer cat which we have unboxed before so why don’t we just give this away to you guys? I’ll put a giveaway link down below and there’s in another giveaway. I’d open toys with the codes What did it’d be awesome if we got to call me Bob’s and I could give a crowd to one of you guys Oh, that’s not Bob. Oh, no, but I did see a tuxedo. So that is very clearly. So real server Okay, for real he has so much stuff in his hands It is like you have to make him look a little bit crazy. But here we go We have Soros server right here. And I actually really like this figure. I love the cake in the hand You know, I like this toys because you could like mix and match the little pieces So if you wanted to see like a bandana or an accessory from one you could or if you wanted to make it look more Like you you could I mean call me Bob already looks like me a lot so I could basically use that for my base And I know she loves my remains. I’m a big like space alien girl So if we can find kind of like an alien outfit somewhere we could customize. All right, we are on our seventh Mystery box. Oh my gosh Look at this. Let’s turn it around. Oh, I see some purple hair. Let’s check our guide. Oh, yeah. That is 100% Mad games audio be excited to build this character. Look at all the fun accessories So here is the completely built figure format games audio and I am loving all the girly vibes on this I love the bright colors. I think that this purple gun is so fun and really cute. I just love this figure overall Okay, we still have three more. Are we gonna get another bob should we just like peek in and see if there’s another bob? Whoa, whoa. Whoa, wait a second. This is not a bob. Well, I want to build this. Whoa I thought there was two figures in there when I first opened the box cuz there’s so much stuff in here But this is the character that was right next to mad games audio And this is mad games Angel another blondie. So this has a little hair with crown, too But this is the hair with the headband So it’s a little different then call me bob’s crown and again like tons and tons of pieces Oh my oh, I like this figure so far. So I just put the torso together as you can see There’s a beautiful little like lightning sword and some easy wings. Here. It is guys. What do you think? I love this figure. I like the mad Games figures. They’re really detailed lots of accessories I’m loving these is there another call me Bob. Let’s find out ooh. Oh Hey, well, we did already build this one. So this one’s gonna go in the giveaway Remember guys entering the links down below. Oh, yeah, we’re gonna have so much fun stuff to give you guys on the channel It’s the final box. People. Are you psychic? What do you think is gonna be inside leave your predictions down below This is the last chance that you get to guess away Is there gonna be another call me Bob? Oh, oh my gosh I see another familiar character people. That is another shy fuchs So we have a shy folks and code going in the giveaway so we did end up with call me Bob but we also have four unopened figures and codes that are going to go in the Giveaway, so this is kind of like two items in one. So make sure you guys enter down below y’all I am so glad we got call me Bob. Oh My goodness, I can’t even tell you how excited I am It was it was a struggle to find her, but we found her and we have the most amazing crown So I think if I see these in stores I’ll still try to like grab some and if I get another call me Bob give one away to you guys Because I know that would mean a lot for all my royal high crew out there, but we got our beautiful Barbie figurine ready to be displayed Thanks for watching you guys and if you would like to see me open up any more roblox toys or just do anything Random in general on this channel. It doesn’t have to be roblox related. It can be an IRL type of thing Leave a comment and let me know don’t forget to enter the giveaway and I love you guys. Thank you for supporting me I’m so glad we got this and I’m so glad I get to get back to you guys I hope you have a great day. See you later humans I Love tacos tacos tacos tacos tacos Don’t forget to follow my Instagram cyber Nova this month, I’ll be doing followers sprees giveaways. So head over now

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  1. I feel really bad for you for wasting all of that money just to get callmehbob and there me I got callmehbob on my SECOND TRY the luckyiest day ever xd

  2. they're all out of stock in London!! i cant find them anywhere and im still disappointed but im still happy that you got her!!!!!!!

  3. I have tons of roblox figures
    I think I have a problem welp I do have the enchantress figure

  4. When you buy the mystery pack on Amazon do you get all 6 of the figures for 22$ or just one and you don't know which one you'll get?

  5. Lol I was eating a Taco and drinking a Frappuccino. I have an alien stuff animal that looks like the alien from Steven universe (peridot’s alien) Sorry if you don’t know what that it. I sound like peridot, but like I said I’m sorry if you don’t know what that is ( I recommend that show for you Cyber )

  6. Just a question: What store did you get the boxes from? I've been searching everywhere, but all the stores I check are out of stock, and I don't want to buy them online >~<
    If anybody can answer, thank you! <3

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