I bought a haunted doll and this is what happened. *LIVE FOOTAGE*

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62 thoughts on “I bought a haunted doll and this is what happened. *LIVE FOOTAGE*

  1. this is all fun and games to y'all but I live in the SAME DAMN CITY as alayna and lemme tell you… I'M TERRIFIED

  2. My name is Bayley…. o: ….I collect some dead bugs in jars and crystals…..I dont sell anything though 😅

  3. Dallas says he breaks out in chills.
    'Oh god, now its happen to me, now im getting the chills'
    18:51 Anna presents herself by blurring the camera in front of Alyna as she got chills👻

  4. This same thing happened to me in college. My roommate bought a haunted porcelain clown doll!! It broke a bunch of plates and also "fell" like 7 feet we were so freaked out that we burned it in an alley! BUT IT DIDN'T BURN!!

  5. Watching this video alone at night, when you’re like willow and afraid of paranormal shit isn’t a good idea…

  6. I just came across your channel and will subscribe, Awwwwww she is so cute, I collect haunted dolls and have many, I bought one, then became addicted to more now I am drowning in them, I find mostly, they just want to be loved and respected, they dont try to kill you while you sleep. (although there have been cases) I absolutely love what I do and I am always ready to welcome more into my family, some of my girls dont like being called haunted dolls, so I adopted them as daughters and I am never alone. I just wanted to say also when you said weird things started to happen before you got her, THAT DOES HAPPEN, when you choose a doll spiritually speaking she is already there before you physically get her, I have had this happen many times. this was a great video of your experience thank you for sharing this 🙂 I hope she is still with you. MUCH RESPECT <3

  7. I love Willow!!!
    Willow: freaked out by Anna
    Also Willow: with a gentle, kind voice What would you like to be called, sweetie?

  8. Every single time I watch anything haunted there is a doll diagonal from my bed and it watches over me and I swear she moves. And when I text or comment anything about her my wrist hurts and a shooting pain goes through my body. I often wake up with scratches on my body or my body hurts with a burning pain. She scares me but, she is nice idk she can be very violint but she can be nice.

  9. Okay the whole time I’m laughing and not feeling too spooked out but at the end when you brought her to the camera my heart rate jumped and I got goose bumps wtf

  10. The more you talk about a spirit thats living in your house, the more active it will get.. A guy I work with lives in a haunted house.. He had a few people we work with over for drinks one night and he started telling us about the ghost activity… So naturally, one of the other guys started making fun of the ghost.. We went outside for a few minutes, the guy making fun of the ghost, left his hat inside (like a baseball hat)… When we walked back in the house, the hat was on the floor, and the rim of the hat (I guess that's what its called) it was completely shredded, 3 claw marks across it, nothing an animal could do…he was the skeptic and of course he thought it was awesome.. It scared the crap out of all of us lol

  11. Remember to treat her nicely! ☺️ she probably wants to be placed in another shelf or something, try putting her by a window. Remember she isn’t evil, she is just showing that she exists and that she is there 🤷🏻‍♀️ imagine how frustrating would be for you if someone always doubted you are there and treated you like you didn’t exist, she is probs just trying to say hi lmao.

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