I 3D Printed a House & Lived in It… It Was the Best Day of My Life! (3D Print Challenge)

– Yee Ha!
(high intensity music) – Okay, so I’m seeing these things online called 3D printers. What is a 3D printer? Apparently, you print stuff, but in 3D? It don’t make sense to me, but I thought, “You know what? “I want to get in on this action. “I want to try and print something in 3D.” I don’t just want to
print something little. It’s just easy. Anyone can do that. I want to 3D print a house. (laughing) I’m gonna 3D print a house, baby! Yes! This house is gonna be awesome! I’m gonna be able to
get in there, you know, and sleep and live. Why not get my Xbox in there? That would be insane! (laughing) We can have so much fun! I’ve already ordered the printer online. It’s here. It’s in the house now. I’m gonna take you inside, show you that. I’ve got the ink. Is is ink? Do you call it ink? Filament? I don’t know what it is. I’ve got the printer, I’ve
got the ink in the house. I’ll go show you that. Before I do though, I do stupid
stuff like this every week, sometimes twice a week. So why not press on
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below and follow my back. Before we do this, just hold on. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! (footsteps running) I got a massive box with
a huge printer in there, loads of ink, and big bits of wood. How am I gonna get it in that? I can remember where I
put it a couple weeks ago with that T.V. as well. (playful music) How am I gonna get it in? – [Moon] That’s gonna break! Oh my god!
– Owe! Oh, that’s just stupid. (car engine running) – This is stupid. Bro, I need a new car. I need a new car. Let’s go have a look. (beeping) Awe, that’s gonna carry everything. That’s gonna (mumbling). – [Moon] What, that one? – Come and look at this. Come on. Plenty room. Plenty room for activities. – [Moon] Get down, I
don’t think you’re meant to be up there. You go down.
– Nah, this is it. – Shall we buy it? (street noise) (birds whistling) (laughing) (laughing) – (laughing) Look at this! This is insane! Look at this, you got
like the leather stuff and it’s got all this stuff. I don’t even know what it is. Computer stuff, look at that. We have the satin albums
here, debut radio. Four wheel drive, we can drive
over mountains and stuff. – [Moon] We’re so high up! (laughing) – (laughing) Yeah! Still gonna build that thing then? – [Moon] Just let’s drive a bit more. – Just a little bit
more driving. (laughing) (engine revving) (high intensity music) (screaming) – Oh, that was quick! – [Moon] Thomas! – Yeah! – [Moon] Yay! (high intensity music) – Wait a minute, stop a minute. I mean what is this? What, seriously, is this? Look at this. There’s cables everywhere. It’s all in literally hundreds of pieces. I don’t even know what I’m doin’. What’s this? This ain’t even gone on yet. We’ve been at this for over three hours. It’s a printer! What printer comes in millions of pieces? I’m gonna to bed. I can’t do this. – [Moon] Bye. (door shutting) (electronic noise) Thomas, it’s doing something! – He’s moving. It’s working! Ah, yeah! We’ve only just got it set up. It’s literally just started moving. We’ve not even printed anything yet, so I don’t know what is happening here. I don’t know how it works, but look at this. All these cable there are to do. I’ve had to put all these cables together. This is meant to be attached somewhere. This is like the fan
that cools it all down. This is insane. You just don’t understand
how long this has taken me. I think it’s meant to look neat and stuff, but I’ve looked and it’s
just got cables everywhere. So now what the plan is. We’re gonna hook it up
to the computer somehow and print like a sample thing out and make sure it all works. Then what we’re gonna do, you know them Lego things
where it’s like base? It’s like the floor you put
your actual Lego pieces on. We’re gonna print loads of them. Hot glue them all together
and make a big house with a window and a door and everything. It’s gonna be so cool and
we’re gonna have so much fun! We’ve gotta get past
this boring bit first. Like, what do I do now? This is like the ink. Blue, green, I’ve got green. I’ve got loads of boxes of this stuff, so I’ve got plenty to
make this actual thing. I’m just gonna have to make
loads of blue and green bases. – [Moon] Yeah. – That’s it, it’s just gonna
be a big, blue and green house. This is what we’re gonna be printing. It comes with the thing. It tells you to print this first. Two owls. (laughing) – [Moon] It’s me and you, look. – So, all I’m gonna do now is
press this logo right here. Three, two, one! – [Moon] If that works… I’ll eat a broomstick. – [Kill’em] Oh my god! Oh, Moon, Moon! Uh, oh! Whoa, now that don’t look good. That does not look good. Oh my god, no! No, stop! Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop! Oh, what, what now! (laughing) Yes, yes! It’s working. It’s doing somethin’! I don’t understand if it’s working. It’s doin’ something. Do you all know how happy I am right now! Moon, it’s working! Come back! (hip hop music) No way! That is insane. Look at her. (laughing) – [Moon] It’s really good. – That’s so detailed. We actually started it once
already, but look at that. The details, there was a lot
of holes in there and stuff. We started it again and this
took seven hours to make. So I think when we make the Lego thing, what we’ve gotta do is I’ve got to change the settings
even more so it comes out without the holes. It’s gonna take a lot longer,
but it should look better when it’s done and it’ll
hold a lot better as well. So now that’s all tested, working, ready to go, looking good. So what we’re gonna do now is
try and make the Lego thing. – [Moon] Are you allowed to say Lego? – We can’t print Lego on it. I’ll get done for copyright. (laughing) It’s a brick toy base, not Lego. It’s not Lego. (laughing) Found a file online to print my brick toy base.
– Brick toy base. So I’ve got this loaded up, ready to go. All there is to press print right now. It’s saying here it’s gonna
be taking an hour each. – [Moon] You need 120 you said, Thomas… An hour each one? We’re gonna be here all week! (laughing) It still freaks me out! – [Kill’em] It’s so fast! – [Moon] Wait, wait I need
to hold the camera steady. (laughing) Look how slow. (slow hip hop music) – It could be an hour. (laughing) It’s printin’. The house I’ve designed
is gonna be 120 of these. It’s taken an hour each. That’s four days. This is how it’s gonna be stuck together. Just a hot glue and put
one on top of the other. That’s it. In four days, we’ll
have a house. (laughing) (moaning) Oh, the printer is so loud. How could I wake up every hour to put a new one in. That’s the first wall done. We’ve got like a window there. Finally, all the days taken. This is insane. This is ridiculous. – [Moon] I never thought
it would take that long. – Now I’ve finished two big walls. Both have got windows in. I’ve only started printing
the next batch of tiles for the back wall. 3:00 a.m., the blue ink. Ah, back to bed. I’ve almost finished the back wall now. That’s two sides and a back wall. We’ve still got front
wall and a roof to do. This better be worth it, all this work. That means done, another one done. I’m startin’ another one printing. I’m just too tired to stick this together, so I’ll just press print. We just made a start on the roof. Hopefully, by tonight or
early hours of tomorrow, whatever it is. I don’t know. We should be done. Should be. I don’t believe it. Pieces have all been stuck together. We’ve got the two walled
pieces, the doorway, the walls, everything. I’ve just got these final four pieces to stick onto one of the roofs. Other than that, we’re complete. I need some sleep. I need a proper night of sleep. I’m out. I’m out. I can’t do this, I’m done. (high intensity techno music) (Laughing) I’ve got my own den. This is awesome! I’ve 3D printed my own house. I cannot believe how
good this has turned out. This is way more solid
than I expected it to be. We’ve got our own den! (laughing) Look at this! Look at this! We’ve got a cactus on a windowsill. We’ve got beautiful lights up here to light the whole thing up. I’ve got a Xbox set to telly. They’re on Netflix on right now. I’ve got a coat rack as well
with my hat on ready to go. Beyond there, I’ve got
pillows and a blanket just to keep me warm and cosy. I’ve even got a photo
of my favourite actor. Body Snatch, Custard Bath. Benadryl Cucumber Batch? Penelope Thundersnatch. No, that’s not it. (laughing) – [Moon] That sounds like
a drag queen. (laughing) – And look (laughing) we’ve got a deer. We’ve got a deer’s head on
the outside of the house and a candle. We’ve got a candle! (laughing) I love this place so much! This is the awesome! This is awesome! Moon, we’re keeping this forever! – [Moon] No, it’s too big! – No, I want this in my life everyday! – [Moon] No! – Yes! – [Moon] Look at him… In his little house. Pathetic. – I’m not very good on Xbox. I’ve not attempt to play in ages which is why it’s vital I
stay in here as long as I can and just play and get good. I’ve got my good luck charm
here, Benedict Crumblesnaf. That’s right. I think I was right that time. – [Moon] Yeah, it always sounds right. He’s creepy look. (laughing) – Could I have some food? – [Moon] (laughing) It’s your
own little place isn’t it? – Can I have a drink please? – [Moon] What you want? – A drink. – [Moon] What drink? – A drink, please. (chips crunching) – [Moon] What’re you doing? – I’m keeping everything nice and tidy. – [Moon] Nice and tidy? You never help me tidying up! – Yeah, but this is my own, little den. I want to keep it nice. It’s my baby. – [Moon] I wish you would
do this in the house. – Yeah, but this is different. This is like my own thing. I want it to be good. – [Moon] Oh, can I come in? – No girls allowed. – [Moon] Come on, can I come in please? – No girls allowed! – [Moon] Who says that? – That’s the rule of the den. No girls allowed. Even if I wanted to,
you can’t fit in here. It’s too small. – [Moon] Look how much space we’ve got. We can nicely cuddle up and watch a movie. – No girls allowed! (toilet flushing) What’re doing? Get out! That’s mine! – [Moon] No, no, I’m in now. – It’s mine, what’re doin’? – [Moon] It’s actually really good. – You’re not allowed in there. No girls allowed! – [Moon] Yeah, but now
it’s no boys allowed. – What’re watchin’? – [Moon] Just a bit of La La Land. – La La Land? – [Moon] I’ve not watched it yet. It’s a musical and all
there’s singing and stuff. Come in. You can come in. Come in, you’re allowed, Thomas. Benedict is in here already. Thomas! – [Kill’em] What? – [Moon] Can you turn
it down a bit, please? – I can’t turn mine down
’cause then I can’t hear mine ’cause of yours. – [Moon] Thomas, that’s ridiculous. Please turn yours a bit down
and I’ll turn mine down. – No. – [Moon] Thomas, I can just see you. What shall I do? I can’t see the whole telly picture. (chips crunching) Thomas, it’s getting ridiculous. Come on, you had your fun. Come on out. (chips crunching) Thomas. That’s it. I’ve had enough of that. (feet stepping) I’ve had enough! You’ve got five seconds
to get out of this den! Five seconds!
– No, no, no! Five,
– We can talk about it! Four,
– I’ll let you in! Three,
– No, stop it! Two,
– Don’t do it! One!
– No! (mallet banging) That’s it! (hip hop music)

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  3. Gotta say that’s the most epic dog house ever lol anyway keep up the good work also the fan indicator urn cable should be on the other pad but it worked so well done great vid by the way.

  4. You can obviously see that you didn't 3D print this why would you print a LEGO power when he gives print a plane panel

  5. This is just great!!! Really funny, although the Red cup house with the lights and that GREAT Monkey was visually stunning!!!


  7. Then add a solar panel to the roof, connect that to an extention lead, add your appliances, (Oven, fridge, microwave, kettle, toaster, fryer) then you can add a bed and a seat, and BOOM! a home that has been 3D printed that didn't cost 30 Grand.

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