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At the end of this video, I’ll give you a bot but programmed by myself and it makes a profit Hi everyone, I’m Tientrong94 Co-founder of the CHN Pro Trading community In today’s video, I will show you how we can create it Get a Bot simply, if we want Create a bot to trade and do other things then you want a higher level, better Bot then you need to go to school or hire You have to pay a rent to get a Bot like that But in today’s video with simple ideas I will show you how There is a simple bot and at the end of this video I’ll give you a bot that I programmed myself and it makes a profit Now let’s get started On this screen is our Youtube page CHN Pro Trading, thank you for your support and in the recent video is the Scalping Gold video This video is for the Scalping CHN system Our is applicable for GBP pairs and Gold mainly because those pairs go fast in fact, apart from those pairs, it could apply with other couples but it doesn’t go as fast. Therefore, You should apply this CHN Scalping method with Gold and GBP There are 2 versions Bot set Auto SL-TP in this video for MT4 and MT5 Please click to see it, and if you like No forex broker account Or want to support us, you can register under broker Exness Follow the CHN Team link to support We have included a link below the video Now let’s go to this site ForexEAdvisor.com I will put this link below for you to visit Here it has the following cells: Open Buy, Open Sell, this is a condition of opening an order Buy, open Sell, Close Buy, Close Sell conditions for closing Buy orders, closing Sell, Option orders add a few features and finally get the code Now we will try one simple idea Here we will start with selecting the conditions of opening an order with Buy Now I will scroll down and here is Ask, Bid It’s up to you to choose below are indicators that you can incorporate, for example, here I choose RSI then TimeFrame ie time frame then I will choose H1 This previous is worth Shift you to 0 big, small, equal for example here You want RSI 14 to be bigger RSI 9 or smaller than RSI 9 then you will choose the next RSI For example here I choose smaller RSI 9 time frame also H1 suppose so That is when the RSI line 9 it cuts up and closes above the RSI 14 then the conditions for opening Buy orders will be matched and it will open a Buy order Now we will go to the condition of closing the Buy order Of course, the condition of closing a Buy order can be simple That is the opposite, when opening the order is 9 RSI 9 on RSI 14 then now RSI 14 frame H1 will be greater than RSI 9 or equal It’s a simple one Or click Add here All other cells have the same conditions this is And (and), Or (or) means RSI 14 is bigger than RSI 9 plus one more condition then we close the order or open the order Now if you want to be Or it would be Or RSI 14>RSI 9 or RSI 14=RSI 9 You add this equal sign Remember to select the H1 box because frame H1 matches If you program in the M5 frame then what you should choose is a time frame to make it overlap If not, you can leave it alone with one This is the simplest, most basic method So you guys can program a bot So here Open Buy here is RSI 14RSI 9 means RSI 9 cuts down RSI 14 and closes Close Sell conditions are similar You’ll do like this and you’ll be out greater than or equal to closing a Sell order After this is done, we will finish the opening and closing conditions After opening and closing conditions are completed then go to the Option section Option part, here You will leave the account value your to run as 10,000 as well because it’s time to enter You can edit the code For example here I will put 1000 The lot will be set as 0.02 My stop loss is 45 Take Profit is 60 and Training Stop Loss and for those you don’t know, Training Stop Loss is what when you turn on the machine Training Stop Loss how many pips it has then it will move the SL up, then it will guarantee The risk is somewhat lower and your profits will be more likely Often use the Bot I think Simple programming for you to try should have Training Stop Loss It depends on the method There will be many different schools, if the schools you see are with my case as well as my method or SL, or TP, it can eat as much as you can Leave it as it is and leave the Training Stop Loss set to 0 there won’t be any more but if you want Training Stop Loss then you need to leave the value here and it’s the Pip value and the Pip value, I’ll leave it at 30 why? Because usually when TP as much as I usually split in half that’s about the amount I want to move SL When the price goes it will move the Training Stop Loss up and by the time he gets 30 pips Training Stop Loss is equal to the price and go a little higher and you only have a tie or a profit and definitely more profitable because my Training Stop Loss is more than the entry point At that time, it was either a big profit or a small profit After finishing all the code, then click on this “Expert Advisor Code” then press “Generate” Here, you will name it Then you can see is There is a code below, where is the Magic Number, … This is the place you will want to fix later Save it on We created 1 is Test 123.mq4, this is a file that can be edited, then copy it For example, I opened the Exness software you can see when going into Exness and want to add a Bot what do you do In the Scalping video I have instructed 1 time, now I will guide 1 more If you don’t have this box If you click on the star-shaped image, this box will appear After completing this field, you see Expert Advisor, then right click and then click later It shows a table Exit it, if you don’t have then click on the file Open, here you have, click on Expert, then Open Folder Then paste it here Turn off these 2 Right-click Expert Advisor Refresh Now it will be out After you have the Bot here, double click It will display this table and in the comment section You will click on Allow Live Trading Input is the value of your account depending on if your account is 500, 1000, you enter that number here and enter the correct number, Lot number you want to adjust, click here Pip numbers, to SL, TP Training Stop Loss is how you click and then click Ok and the last step so you can show your smileys 🙂 Here I have installed a Bot auto set SL-TP already so it appears But click on Tool then select Option Expert Advisor and check Allow Automatic Trading and then click Ok after completing 2 steps, your Bot will show a smiley face and when it shows a smiley face, it means It has started trading and will have the following notes: 1. This is a simple transaction bot because you program according to simple ideas but not so that it doesn’t work because there will be Simple idea but still extremely effective Therefore you should test on Demo account 2. If you want to run this bot continuously because of Bot, it often goes into commands when it is qualified and when it is qualified then it goes to the order if not eligible then order will be cut That’s why you should run it on VPS Where is the VPS, you look online Maybe I will review for you a VPS If I think that’s OK If not, you can search online to rent after running on VPS already then you leave it it will run 24/24 and after doing so, you run on the Demo account, it will be given a certain account You will consider whether to trade whether or not to use it for real trading That’s it, guide you to create the Bot Here I will show you a bit about the Open Buy, Open Sell, there will be a few other conditions For example, here I have only 1 simple condition is RSI I will press Add, you add another condition like RSI then conditions like Bollinger Bands It depends on your ideas, your creativity How do you make a bot? following your method most complete, simple and most effective is that you can trade after that so and on VPS then I think you should run On Demo account about 1000 $ or more because the bot will run Effective when the “Free Margin” is large enough to enter a continuous order Now I will show you the Bot I have programmed here i have 2 VPS This is Real VPS Real account, CHN Bot, programmed by me This is a Bot called Test 2, so I’ll change its name later to send to you and its link, I’ll put it in the bottom Then it’s time for you to follow the instructions In the description below, you will download Here, this bot was programmed by me and it’s going to be account 100 to account 110 profitable I just leave it here to run 24/24 and look at Account History I made a deposit on March 11 and I’ll show you its history profitable, not green I use it to sell, like a couple of parties just bounce and fool around I will let you see all the history green, red, maybe a red string But finally you can look There are some red commands here SL but it is TP because I have Training Stop Loss installed for it This Bot I see it runs very well, which is in my opinion Because, I let it run 24/24 with an account of only 100. Next This is a bot that works quite well because It ran through the last moment last March and during the weeks At the beginning of March and the end of February, the price fluctuated very horribly prices fluctuate so much that many people have to run out of accounts to the negative level, …. price fluctuates at 100 Pip and 200 Pips 500 Pip, 600 Pip also But this bot still survives and it still makes a profit may not be many but IT STILL LIVES AND CREATE PROFIT I believe this bot is pretty good so I’ll give it to you not sell anything send it to you for a try There is blue here and I also WARNING: this is a Bot I PROGRAMMED So if you see somebody If you sell this bot, please report it to the community because this is a Bot created by CHN Team to donate to you not to sell, if sell I sold it, not it was their turn to sell That’s why you can use it, you can Send, share to your friends but NOT SELL that is my opinion After you see TP 10 $ running from March 11 to now March 20, is 10 days 10 days interest 10% and this Bot not as profitable as that You look at this side This is a 10% profit and running Over here is the same Bot test 2 and it will run for profit 12% profit maybe even more because the day before My other bot On the $ 100 account it has a problem that’s when it enters the command “Free Margin” is not enough For that reason, there are commands when entering commands if it fails to enter, then it is a winning order. Therefore I recommend that you run the Bot to consider it account using at least $ 500 it will only gain proportions accurate enough and if you guys If using this bot, I should run the Demo first If you see Ok, comfortable, stable then you please put to use Real, here is what I give to you all If you want to use it, just use it, just DO NOT SELL, share with friends If you love and support CHN Team, you can register under the Exness link which we put below the description I have been running this bot since February, the other bot was in early March positive and negative yesterday, the day before yesterday I saw it run up to 24% Now it is ten Overall, I found it quite stable, no problem It also passed the last batch The last difficult one was early March 2020 translate Corona, Bitcoin, securities, Oil, gold, everything went down The economy goes down, but this bot still works and still make a profit, I believe this is very important to assess whether the Bot is good or not This is positive 1,200 So here I have shown you how How to program a bot is simple easy to understand and take the first step for you to step on a transaction path Use your ideas to create a bot It deals for you, less emotionally and can bring more stable profits I also give you a Bot created by CHN Team to give to you all We hope that this Bot gets your support If you find this video interesting and useful then please Like share with your friends, comment down below let me know your ideas Give us a thumbs up and thank you See you in the next video
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