Hunger Games HISHE – Bonus Scene

Hahaha! She’s still up in that tree! We’ve got you now! We’re gonna get you, Katniss! Get down here so we can kill you! Come on guys, let’s just wait around. I mean
she’s gotta come down eventually. Sounds good to me,I feel like we’ve exhausted
all options but shooting a couple of arrows. Then I tried to climb the tree but fell down.
So no one else should even bother. Should we try to chop the tree down? I mean
we have axes and swords and stuff, we can probably chop it down. No, that would take way too long. We should
probably just all take a nap instead. Ok. Great, I’ll start a fire. Good idea, but make sure you only use the
fire to keep us warm. Don’t try to burn down this tree or nothing. Only use it for warmth. Ok. Quick question, since we’re all gonna camp
out, can we promise to fall asleep at the same time? Yes, everyone sleep at the same time. This
is an alliance, nobody take the upper hand and slit anyone’s throat in the night, ok? Ok! I know this is a game where we fight to the
death and killing us in our sleep would be like the easiest way to win but this is all
about Katniss right now, ok? She is clearly the most dangerous threat at
the moment. Agreed? Agreed. Yea alright, agreed. Ok. Should we be worried about that tracker jacker
nest up there? Nahh, I don’t think so. It’s just right up
there with Katniss. It’s not going anywhere.

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100 thoughts on “Hunger Games HISHE – Bonus Scene

  1. Everyone is saying they should have burnt the tree down but that might mean the tracker Jackers would have escaped and killed everyone

  2. That girl is amazing at throwing knives I never got why she didn't throw a knife or 2 at katniss at least hit her leg or something like she hit that kid from I don't know how many feet away but it was farther than the tree

  3. Since I love hunger games…I would usually defend it when a video like this popped up…but I can’t disagree with the fire and falling asleep aspect 😂😂

  4. Actually, in the book not just Cato tried to climb it. And one of them was keeping watch the whole night except she accidentally fell asleep.

  5. "This is all about KATNISS right now, okay? She is clearly the most dangerous threat at the moment." Why, because she got a higher score than you, Cato?

  6. If I was a career and everyone of the careers decided to camp out. I would pretend to be asleep then cut everyone's throt starting with the district 2 tributes cause they have the most wins in hunger games history.

  7. I mean why didn’t they shoot fire arrows up there sure it would waste an arrow but it would still kill her (tell me if I’m wrong)

  8. Why does Clove have an axe again? I thought she used throwing knives??? Also, Cato's sword looks like something from a video game.

  9. Except they did shoot at her, and missed, and she just climbed even higher after that. And Katniss was smaller in size than any of them, so she could climb higher than them. And they didn't know why she got an 11 in training, so there was probably some concern she would win in hand to hand at the top of a tree and throw whoever got up there to their death. And they weren't all supposed to be sleeping, the kid that stayed up on guard duty fell asleep.
    As for lighting the tree on fire, if it didn't burn well (live wood doesn't tend to) the best they could hope for was to smoke her out of the tree, which would be entirely dependant on a nonexistent wind since the smoke would have to go straight up in the air.

  10. 1:24
    "Should we be worried about that tracker jacker nest up there?"
    "Nah,I don't think so,it's just right up there with Katniss…it's not going anywhere"
    Lmao XD

  11. I love your videos!! Just wondering if you could make a how the rest of the hunger games series should have ended?? And the same for maze runner????

  12. “Should we be worried about that tracker jacker next up there?”


    “It just right up there with Katniss it’s not going anywhere”

    We all saw how that went XD

  13. Why is one of the careers holding frostmourne? I mean they have fancy weapons but I see no comedic relationship.

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