HUGE LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Train Layout BLOCKWARTS By Magnus and Russell

Blockwarts, a LEGO Harry Potter LEGO creation took 5 months and over 60,000 pieces to create, but it wasn’t always this epic in size! I first saw this LEGO Hogwarts creation way back in 2013-14 at LEGO Fan Shows in Brisbane and it was cool, but nowhere near as big as other creations of the time. Magnus shelved his MOC for years, collecting dust and just as I thought it would never be seen again, it resurfaced with major upgrades as part of a collaborative with LEGO train enthusiast Russell. First debuted at the AMRA Brisbane Model Train Show, I knew from the low quality images I’d seen online that it was going to be something special, so we bought tickets and drove an hour to go see it in person at the next show it was at. Blockwarts did not disappoint and is still a work in progress with more details to be added to the castle. I hope to get a chance to film it again at its next appearance. Big thanks to Russell who invited me behind the bollards to film the side that couldn’t be showcased because of venue space issues. Blockwarts was awarded Best in Show, an accolade well deserved!

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17 thoughts on “HUGE LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Train Layout BLOCKWARTS By Magnus and Russell

  1. who built this????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. Thanks for showing us that. What an amazing build, so many scenes from the movies incorporated into a stunning moc.

  3. Cherie, this is so incredible and I'm so thankful you took the time to share this with us! THANK you, and keep sharing your wonderful Lego adventures, you have the most fun! say hi to "Sean" LOL, Vickie from Vermont, still an ABC fan, from Up Above!

  4. Ran across your miniature vs vid. Found this next omg i want to be a lego piece and live here… I hope your architectural genius is seen by the world. Imagine a theme park type built from mostly Lego that ppl can walk through or even hotel omg I would live there

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