HUGE JURASSIC WORLD DINOSAUR ZOO!! Primal Attack Dinosaur Toys Callovosaurus, Dracorex Unboxed

keep watching as we had our new dinos to
our huge Jurassic world zoo we are also good
HUGE JURASSIC WORLD DINOSAUR ZOO!! Primal Attack Dinosaur Toys Callovosaurus, Dracorex Unboxed the new littell primal attack grateful
racks of primal attack calvess auras welcome to jurassic world where only the
strong survive so today we are adding two new primal
attack Jurassic world dinos from Mattel this is the attack pack Dracorex and the
attack pack Calibos auras ok the calaboose aureus i want to check out
first because that is brand new Dino aw that littell as movies looks really
cool here is the other ones here I do have all of them in that will be ok
let’s go ahead every here from decay cool as you can see I got the Battle
Damage spinosaurus busting out of the gates of Jurassic Park
shouldn’t that be Jurassic world anyways that cal thesaurus better watch up so
the caliber Suresh was discovered only one set of bones was ever found but
she is really cool I mean ah she almost has like a bird type beat her head moves
all the way up and down and oh let me see if she could stand almost she could
almost stand up but not quite she’s a little top-heavy there so I wish they
would have made her so uh she’s got to go on all fours so maybe possibly that’s
how she travelled around well anyways really cool-looking
uh dark blue with like orange pattern on the top and the legs the same great
movement on the legs the tail does swing back and forth so she is a really cool
looking data had the new primal attack Draco racks
this is one of the attack back dinos so she is like a new greenish type color
here’s the other ones so let’s go ahead and free her from her cane so just like
she looks exactly like the other Dracorex in which I believe this is
either the third or the fourth Dracorex they’ve made so far but I love the
coloring on this it’s like a lime green with like blue stripes saw her head does
move up and down and then her neck also so you could put her into a charging
position where she could charge other dinos and knock them over just like the
other Draco rexes she is really cool-looking intimidating Dino got all
the spikes on the back here are basically these grow all longer as no
Dino ages movement on the arms the legs really
cool detail so she is awesome okay the Dracorex lived during the late
cretaceous period she was first discovered in 2004 in south dakota and
she was made Draco Rex which means dragon heart of Hogwarts which is a
tribute to the Harry Potter books she was approximately 21 feet long four
feet high and weighed a hundred pounds awesome okay so it’s time to add them to
the Jurassic world fact snap we will start with the calaboose aura simply
scan right off my picture oh so she looks exactly like the toy which is
awesome so let’s go ahead and well let’s first see if we could make her mad
sometimes when you tap these you can make them mad nope looks like I just
switched it to the next one okay so then you could get the 3d view here and go
ahead and turn her I mean I would love if they made it go up and down too but
they did not let’s get some facts on her pelvis soros is an herbivore meaning she
mostly eats plants I mean that’s pretty obvious she is a close cousin of
Iguanodon her length is approximately 8 feet
okay so let’s go ahead and add our Draco rap okay Draco rag so once again she
looks exactly like the toy so it’s really cool how they make the toys
pretty much come alive I just don’t know why they don’t attack that much anymore
before when you touched it they would pretty much instantly attack so here you
got the 3d view so it’s it’s it’s actually really awesome I look at that
basically your toy comes to life haha how cool is that okay so let’s get
some facts on her so Draco red has a heavily armoured flat
skull that’s pretty obvious Draco Rex is related to
Pachycephalosaurus but she does not have a dog on her head she can head for
others predominance in the herd cool let’s go ahead and check out all the
ones I have for the primal attack so the primal attack I have five because one of
these is the three one of the week which is the tarbosaurus awesome so I do have
over a hundred dinos guys if you’ve been watching my videos I included scan
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