HUGE Hello Kitty Surprise House Kitty White Blind Bags Doll House Toys for Girls Kinder Playtime

Kitty White: Oh my goodness, my house is full of surprises and I can’t get in! Can anybody save me?! Help, please! It’s Kinder Playtime! Jacob, Emily, Chloe! (baby giggles) It’s a toy party! (children laugh) Welcome to Kinder Playtime! Kinder Mom: What’s going on here Emily? Emily: Hello Kitty needs help! Kinder Mom: She does?! Well we should help her. (yeah) Kitty White! (Kitty White!) Kitty White:Please help me. My house is full of surprises! Emily: We can help you. We love surprises! Hello Kitty: Oh thank goodness! I was so worried! Kinder Mom: No problem Kitty White, we’ll have you fixed up in a jiffy! Kitty White: I wonder how we can get in? Maybe we should try the roof! Try right here! Kinder Mom: Wow! It is full of surprises! Emily: I can help you with that. It’s a Hello Kitty surprise! Kitty White: Wow! I even surprise myself sometimes! Kinder Mom: What’s inside? Awe, it’s a cow girl kitty! Kitty White: Awe, that outfit’s so cute on me. I don’t think we’re going to be able to empty my house through this way. Let’s try a different way. Emily: What about the garage? Kitty White: That’s a great idea Emily! Kinder Mom: Oh my goodness! It’s another Hello Kitty surprise! (Yeah!) So cute! Kitty White: Oh wow, that’s a cool pirate outfit. (yeah!) I don’t think we can go through here either. Oh man, what are we going to do? Hey! What’s this over here? Kinder Mom: That looks like some kind of latch! It opens your house! Kitty White: Wow! What a great solution to our problem! Emily: Wow! Kinder Mom: This is amazing! Emily: (happy screams) Wow, wow! Kitty White: I told you it was stuffed full of surprises. Can you please help clean up my house? Emiy: Oh, of course Kitty White. Kitty White: Let’s do it! Kinder Mom: Okay Emily, where are we starting? Oh yeah, Surprizamals! Emily: Yeah, let’s start with it. Kinder Mom: What’s inside? WOW! It’s a frog! Kitty White: I love frogs. Emily: So cool! Emily: You pick mommy. Kinder Mom: Okay. I want this Lalaloopsey minis. (Whoa!) Cute! Here we go! Emily: Wow, here’s a blind bag. Kinder Mom: Let’s open the bag! Kitty White: I wonder what’s inside! (Cool! We got a…) It’s a bumble bee mini. Emily: I already have that one. Kinder Mom: Isn’t it cute though? Kitty White: Hey, this is kind of fun. My turn! What are these Emily? Emily: Tsum Tsum’s! Kitty White: Alright, can we open them? (Yeah!) I can’t wait to see what’s inside. Wow! Oh he’s kind of creepy! (giggles) Kinder Mom: We got Locke! Kitty White: Oh, he’s kind of creepy. Emily: It’s my turn! I think I will go with this. (ooh, ooze!) Kitty White: That looks gross! That was in my house?! Eww! (giggles) It is kind of sparkly, I wonder what it’s life. Oh, it’s jiggly too. Oh yuck! That’s disgusting! Emily: It has pink on it. Kinder Mom: It makes gross noises. Eww! Awe! Gross! Emily: Pink! I love it! Kitty White: whoa, this is kind of fun! (Jiggly!) Kitty White: That’s gross, but fun! Kinder Mom: This stuff is gross Emily. Emily: Yeah, I love it. Kinder Mom: You love it? Even though it’s gross? Emily: Yeah, because it’s so jiggly! Kinder Mom: It’s like flubber. Emily: I love touching slime. Yuck! I love it! Yeah, ewe, gross. Oh, I love it. Kinder Mom: Is that funny? Emily: It farts! Kinder Mom: Looks like it’s my turn again! Oh yeah, puppy in my pocket! Emily: I love puppies. Kinder Mom: Okay, which puppies did we get today? (black!) Black, cute! (Cute tail!) This one has a cute little black tail too. (awe, cute) Kitty White: Oh I love these puppies! They’re adorable, just like me! Hmm, these Hello Kitty surprises are giving me really good ideas for outfits! What’s inside? What’s inside? That’s adorable! Emily: That’s Robin. Kinder Mom: Red riding hood! Emily: It’s my turn! Kinder Mom: Woo, what is that? Flipp-a-zoo. This looks fun! (Yeah) Kitty White: Oh, let’s open it! What kind of animal is in that Emily? Emily: I can feel it! Whoa! Kitty White: Woo, it’s shiny, ah! It’s an alligator! Oh it’s shiny, ah! It’s an alligator. Kinder Mom: This side’s an alligator, and this side is a golden hippo! Kinder Mom: I see some more Tsum Tsum’s. Kitty White: Oh I hope this one doesn’t have another scary guy in it. Kitty White: Oh what’s inside? I’m so worried! Kinder Mom: Don’t be worried. Most of them aren’t scary. Like this one! It’s Baymax! Let’s pull him out. Emily: Yeah, with a soccer ball. He’s with a soccer ball. Kitty White: Oh wow, he’s awfully cute. Oh look up there! There’s one more Hello Kitty surprise! Just for me! Emily: I’ll get it for you. Kitty White: Awe thanks Emily. So far we’ve gotten a cowgirl, a pirate, and red riding hood! What’s in this one? Emily: Another riding hood! Kitty White: Awe, that’s alright, because it is so cute! Wait, do you feel that? It’s an earth quake! Emily: Look at all of the surprises! Kitty White: Well at least my house got cleaned out fast. This has been so much fun, I want to keep doing it with you guys. Emily: Okay, it’s my turn. Kinder Mom: Emily has another Flip-a-zoo! Emily: Let’s open it! Kinder Mom: What’s inside? Emily: I got an alligator. (That’s a turtle) Turtle and a… (bear!) A bear! Kinder Mom: Or an opossum. (a bear) It’s purple! First it’s a turtle, and then it’s a headgehog! Emily: Oh princesses! Kinder Mom: Okay, which one do you want to open? (This one.) Who do you want to get? Emily: Rapunzel (Rapunzel!) My favorite! Kinder Mom: Who’s inside? Mulan! How cute! Emily: Pretty! Kitty White: Wow Mulan, you are so pretty and I love your dress and the flower in your hair. That is so nice! Kinder Mom: Look you guys! It’s my favorite! (Shopkins!) I think Emily likes them too! Kitty White: I wonder what a Shopkin is. Kinder Mom: Let’s open them up and see! Here’s our first Shopkin! It looks like a juice box of lemonade. Emily: Yeah, or orange juice! Kinder Mom: Could be! And our next Shopkin is… Emily: A feather! Kinder Mom: Some kind of feathery thing. Maybe a hat or just a feather, but it’s pretty! (yeah!) Kitty White: Oh I love Shopkins too! I want to see another outfit! Let’s open up more Hello Kitty surprises! (yeah!) I can’t wait to see what’s inside! What is that? Emily: A zombie! Kinder Mom: It is a Zombie! KItty White: I don’t know if I like that! But it is the cutest zombie I’ve ever seen! Okay, that’s a little creepy. Kinder Mom: Which one are you going to pick Emily? Awe! Yay! It’s Whisker Haven! Palace pets! Emily: Okay, I wonder what’s inside. Kitty White: What is that? Emily: Blossom! KItty White: Wow, they’re so cute and sweet! Look at her tiny little cup! Why are we opening so many cute animals today?! Emily: Because they’re so cute. (I love it.) Kinder Mom: In the back I see a fashum! (Fashems!) Yay! (mashem) Kinder Mom: It’s a fashem! Here we go squishy goodness!(squishy!) Kinder Mom: What is it? It’s blue and squishy! Emily: And it’s a monkey! It’s a bear! Yeah it’s a bear! (Maybe it’s a squirrel!) No it’s a bear! Kitty White: Let’s see how squishy it is! Squish! Kitty White: I am intrigued by these princesses! Let’s open another one of those! Kinder Mom: Alright Emily, which one? Pocahontas! Kitty White: That is quite a name. But I love your dress! Emily: Do you love my hair? Kitty White: It is beautiful and long. Emily: I want Hello Kitty. Kitty White: This is the last one and I bet it is super cute! Awe, it’s another pirate! Emily: But it’s so cute! Kinder Mom: Okay, it’s our last three and there’s three of us! We should each open one. Which one do you want Emily? Emily: I want this one. Kinder Mom: I’ll open this one and Hello Kitty, you get this one! Kitty White: Oh thanks, I love Shopkins! Kinder Mom: Let’s dump them in three, two, one! Awe! Emily: Look at mine! Kinder Mom: Your puppies are cute! Emily: I got a king one. Kinder Mom: Look at these Shopkins! And here is the Lalaloopsey. Kitty White: This is an overwhelming amount of cute! Look at this sparkly cookie cake thing, and I don’t even know what this is, but it looks delicious! And this mini Lalaloopsey, I just want to squeeze her and hug her and kiss her, and look at these puppies! (gasp) Your majesty! Thanks you guys for cleaning all of the surprises out of my house. I had so much fun! Kinder Mom: Glad we could help Kitty White! Thanks for watching, bye! Kitty White: Wow, my house is going to be so empty now.I may miss all of the surprises. Ah! (creepy laugh) Leave us a like, write us a comment, and “sumscribe.” Thanks for watching, bye!

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