HOW TO SNEAK FOOD INTO CLASS || Funny Food Tricks and Pranks by 123 GO! GOLD

I’m hungry! Hey Kevin let me have a piece
of candy from your secret stash! Nope not today, sorry! You’re so stingy,
give me that! Come to mama my sweet sour candy! Show me how you did this well it
all started when I saw a giant bowl of candy Oh have I died and gone to sugar
heaven take a sour strip like this one and cut it down the middle on a slant on
the side with the flat edge placed a little hole once you put it aside get a
retractable blade like this one and remove the bottom once you do that the
blank piece should slide right out then you replace the blade with a sour strap
you got earlier once it’s all the way in secure the bottom piece back on now
instead of a retractable blade its retractable candy hey you know what I’m
thinking it’s battle time can do this shouldn’t touch this hey
what is all that gibberish mean your magic wand is no match for my lightsaber
man lucky for me I’ve got one of those too wait Kevin are you okay just kidding oh
yeah okay guys this leg is getting a little out of hand
don’t you think yep see you even got the teachers attention now cut it out
whoopsies all that sugar must have gone to our heads so what’s a little more
right oh yeah totally worth it okay Columbus had three ships the Nina the
Pinta and the Santa Maria lunch isn’t for another two hours
why so embarrassing good thing I have an emergency snacks – I’ll pick it a red
one those are my fave oh no snacking in my classroom young lady you don’t have
to wait til lunch okay okay I’m putting it away all right
I can totally make it to lunch I just have to focus second thought whoa I
still have a glue stick in here something tells me vicki has another
brilliant idea if you have to hide snacks in class use an empty glue stick
case the most important part take out the glue you don’t want to eat
that don’t forget the bottom piece make sure to rinse out the glue casing to get
any lingering chemicals out of there now comes the fun part take some of your
favorite candy like these gummies here out in a stack to stick in the tube
now watch as they slide right in there perfect fit when lunch is a couple
classes away nothing tastes better than a sneaky snack don’t worry it’s just glue nothing to
see here you know glue gummy snacks same thing
you’d better to fast Vick welcome to Wednesday the most grueling day of the
week I think I got there oh man look what I did I can’t help it if I’m bored
out of my mind Vicki look what happened I totally
ruined these notes wait a sec I think I know what will help these sour lemons
are about to make a sweet recovery here you go
I hate a lemon you don’t have to eat it watch see it erases highlighter ink whoa
did you put a spell on that lemon or something okay back to work I go still
can’t believe this lemon trick really works check this out rub on a little lemon to your squiggly
lemon line here see it’s totally legit you ever wish you could elevate your
eating experience get your appetites already because we’ve scratched up some
seriously awesome food hacks you didn’t even know you needed let’s see vanilla
chocolate vanilla it is what are you waiting for Kevin pop that sucker open
oh yeah it smells amazing I’m digging in oh where did my spoon go
well no spoon means no yogurt maybe I can just pull Anna stuff into my mouth
or use the trusty ol finger spoon hey Kat what’s up – did you give me some
yogurt – thanks I’ve been so hungry all day where’s my spoon no biggie I can
work around it hey this looks like Lily’s forgotten her spoon before she’s
folding that thing like it’s second nature whoa where’d you learn how to do
that Lily I just figured my favorite option here want me to show you how to
make a spoon out of a lid simply fill the circular lid into a triangle shape
like this take the bottom and fold it upward manipulate the bottom so that you
can hold it sturdy while the top serves as the spoon voila now you never have to
eat off those dirty fingers again man this is totally life-changing okay
can I finish my story now school’s out and it’s time to finally relax
it’s a few more of these sticks in my art project is finished chuckling oh man you care cheeto dust
all over me way to be gross Lilly that’s the one downside to cheesy snacks cheeto
fingers ooh I feel so grimy now hey can I borrow one of those for a sec can’t
you see I’m working here Oh careful Lily you don’t want to knock anything over
success nicely done girl now you can enjoy your
favorite cheeto snacks without sacrificing your clean hands get sucker
now get in my mouth – these enchiladas are harder to make from scratch than I
thought perhaps I have to just get more in the
spirit of things a little weird but hey whatever works for you Becky and right
after you’re done dancing you can get going on the guacamole avocados right
here okay looks like you’ve got all the other ingredients handy pretty soon I’m
gonna have some killer nachos but wait a second Sophia’s gonna be home in five
minutes I don’t think I can finish cooking all this before that is there
anything in here that can help me one of these bags could be good oh yeah this
will definitely get the job done in a big plastic bag like this one pour in
all the ingredients you need to make guacamole
once they’re all in there seal up the bag tight now comes a super fun part
squishing it all with your hands use your fingers to really match the avocado
and rub the ingredients together once you’re done mashing push all the
guac towards the bottom of the back but instead of opening the seal cut a small
hole in the corner of the bag this way you can dodge muscles as you pour the
guacamole into your serving bowls let that dipping begin hold on a second now
that’s better hey this is pretty good is that Sofia
I’d better go invite her into the Fiesta after a day of traveling it’s easy to
feel more exhausted than ever man I never want to go on an airplane again I
haven’t had anything to eat for hours I wonder if I have any snacks left in here
mmm is that what I think it is I guess this could work but it has a giant hole
in it pay an electric water heater oh right I
know what to do if you have some instant noodles like these but can’t use the cup
put the noodles directly into the electric water heater pitcher next pour
in the fresh water and be sure not to forget the flavor packet time to shut
the lid and heat things up after a few minutes you should have yourself some
hot noodles mmm that smells so good let me just get
a little situated here yes a whole batch of noodles all for me don’t have a bowl
no problem you can eat it right out of the pitcher delicious remember these
from back in grade school here’s how you can still have some fun with them today
take a small wad of play-doh and cut it into a square with an exacto knife like
this one once you have a perfect square take it into your hands and gently mold
it to look smoother around the edges see now drop it into an empty gum wrapper
like this one here really use a piece of gum mmm strawberry my favorite hey what you
got there Amy whoa you’re really good at that
um hey care to share the welfare why of course
how rude of me ever wonder if play-doh tastes like gum we were about to find
out what is this what the heck what an earth is wrong with this gum oh this is

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