How to Organize Toy Swords and Lightsabers for Moms Teach Kids Independence: Best Toy Swords Storage

If you have little boys at home then you probably have all kinds of swords and lightsabers. that are always a challenge to store and organize. Placing them on a shelf will let them keep sliding off and falling to the floor, possibly breaking them. It’s hard for the kids to find the one they want without scattering them making it even harder to pack away later. In this video we’ll show you how you can
finally organize your toy swords and lightsabers In a way that lets your boys find the ones
they want easily, enjoy them for as long as possible, and pack them away quickly. Hi, I’m Tidy Mommy! I’m a mother of 3
boys! So I know how the house can be a mess with all their swords and daggers around. We tried putting them in many places until
we found the best solution which was to hang them! We used to put them on a table, and on a shelf. But they kept sliding off especially when the one they wanted was at the bottom. All that crashing sometimes breaks them So the kids would ask to replace them.
What a waste of our hard-earned money! But hanging them displays their entire collection at a glance, so finding the sword they want is easy! No more pulling out the sword at the bottom, no more mess! So instead of wasting their time looking for toys or picking them up, they can spend more time playing and having
fun! Hanging them also keeps them from falling to the floor and cracking, helping them last longer. So instead of cracked or broken daggers they’re kept in good condition for as long
as possible, This lets the younger kids also enjoy the older kids toys without having to buy new ones Keeping them in bins like these didn’t work either because the longer swords just don’t fit. and too many bins cluttered the floor. But hanging them works for all lengths and sizes while keeping our room clean and bin-free at the same time. Then we also tried putting them in a tall dust bin like this But made them hard to pack away especially when the swords got too tight And even makes the bin tip over But hanging them keeps each sword from scratching against others, So instead of having to force the swords down simply place them on the holder,
making packing away easy! Dust bins can also get in the way of cleaning But hanging them keeps them all off the floor making cleaning a breeze! So the solution to organizing your swords is simple! A broom holder! Yes! They work great with swords and light sabers too! Just pick them up to use, then push them back in to store! So easy for the kids to do themselves! The secret is in this rolling grip. Simply insert the sword, and gravity does the rest! The roller drops and automatically grips the sword securely. To remove, simply lift! The rolling grip also adjusts automatically to any thickness. So you can put different sizes of swords in your holder It also comes with hooks where you can hang other long toys like bows and arrows. But before getting your own holder, take a
look at your entire collection first. Check how many swords you want to store so you know
how many slots you’ll need You’ll also want to check the thickness to make sure they fit. The one that we used for this video is inexpensive and available at Amazon. There are different brands to choose from and come in 3, 4 or 5 slots So you can get as many pieces as you need depending on your collection. Also think about the spot where you want to hang them. ideally somewhere where your kids can reach. Drill and install securely. You can also install it behind a door or inside a closet if you want it out of sight. Once installed, you can let your kids arrange them the way they want it. If you have swords that are too wide for the slots, like these lightsabers for example, Don’t worry! You can use the hooks! Just get a piece of string tie it around the end and hang! If your collection is still growing, you can simply add more of the same holders. This will keep your storage uniform and consistent which will help make your room look neater than using a variety of different hangers. You can also check out this mop holder made from aluminum with movable slots so you can adjust the distance between slots depending on the sizes of your swords. There are also clamp holders that don’t need drilling They come with adhesive backings but may not work for thicker swords This plastic bag dispenser based on IKEA is also a creative way to store your swords. Just insert them into the holes to store them horizontally Or you can install the dispenser HORIZONTALLY to store your swords vertically. Whichever solution you choose Displaying all your swords and keeping them within easy reach will give your kids the freedom to experiment and get creative, plus they can simply reach for them themselves, then pack away later, developing their independence. So I hope this video has given you ideas and inspired you on how you can organize your kids toy sword collection. What solution works best for you? Share with us your sword-organizing hacks! Until the next video, this is Tidy Mommy,
organizing for maximum fun, making toys last and encouraging independence.

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