How to make LEGO Candy – LEGO Batman Minifigure!

– Hey guys, what’s up. So today, I’m going to be making you some Lego themed candies. This is inspired because I
just saw the Lego Batman movie and it was so good, it was so cute. I have seen the original
Lego movie so many times and if you’ve seen that, then you know how awesome the Batman character was in that movie. The movie was cute, premier was awesome. I’m off to the Lego Batman movie premier and I’m bringing some of my friends. I was trying to decide which ones would make the cut to
take with me on the carpet and I’ve decided to pick Batman, my Vintage Bennie, myself, Steve Jobs, the Unicorn. I guess I should probably
bring Emmet as well because he’s kind of a big deal. Little school Princess Leia, so I think these are gonna be the winners. What do you guys think, good choice? This seems to be a better setup, because I can’t actually see them all. Lemme work on that (upbeat house music) Alright, so we’re here on the Lego Batman, black and yellow carpet. I’ve got my Minifigs, we’ve made it, pretty excited. There’s also a huge Batmobile, all made of Lego up here, its so cool. We’re in the Lego Batman pre party , there’s lot of Legos going on. (“Cheap Thrills” by Sia) I don’t think I’m gonna ice skate. At the premier they had a
bunch of like little cupcakes and they had little candy Batman logos, and I tried to steal one to bring home so that I can put it on
this Lego guys chest, but it got a little crunchy and I didn’t think that
was a really good idea to put in my purse and
it would make a mess, so I’m gonna just try to
recreate the logo myself. That’s probably not gonna work, so maybe ill just write Batman. Hey honey. So before me, I’ve got
some yellow candies melting and that’s gonna be the
body of our Lego man. He’s huge, its gonna take a lot of candy to go inside of his body. Also got some little ones and ill probably make some cute little Lego bricks. So, ill just melt a few of these up and see what happens. These are melting up nice, let me set these aside,
get these melted up. I’ll just put some more of these in here. Yeah that didn’t do anything Oh yeah, that’s getting somewhere. Ohh yes, look at this, this is beautiful. Its so pretty, I love candy melts, their incredible. Now we’re gonna fill up
these little Lego bricks, with our candy melts. (upbeat house music) Lets pop these guys over here, take a peek and see how these are melting. Oh their melting really, really nicely. These things are so great, cos it does like a super consistent melt and its just, wow, incredible. Okay, so I’ve been
letting these things melt for a really long time. It looks like, think we’re ready. Guess let’s put them in here and hope for the best. The big moment. Hope that I have enough, cos I’m a little concerned that I don’t have enough yellow. And if I don’t, not
really sure what ill do. I’m not gonna do anything because its gonna be too late. He’s filling in nicely though. I mean as long as I cover, most of it, I think we’ll be alright. This is a heavy, heavy man. Get in all those crevasses bud. Get in there. This is great, this is great! Oh, I’m so happy. I thought I was gonna not have enough. Well I guess, I’m gonna
let this sit somewhere because there’s nothing else I can do at this point. I’m gonna just move it aside, cos this is gonna take
a long time to cool. Where shall I put it, where shall I put it. Oh gosh. Oh no! That didn’t work out so well. We’ll just fill these up, I’m done. I’m done trying to be precise and not make a mess. I am done with that, there will be no more
precision, I’m sick of it. I’m sick of the precision. Here we go, there we go. I tried, I tried, I got bored, I didn’t wanna do it anymore. (laughing) What have I done Oh, that’s hot. What a bad idea, what’s
gonna happen to this? My fingers are burning, my fingers are burning! Stupid, idiot, why would
you do something like that. I have no idea. I look forward to seeing
what this looks like. I’m gonna let all of these things cool for the next few hours or perhaps a day because I don’t know how
longs it going to take, so see you guys back here, sometime. So its a, I’m not even joking, its like a week later and I’ve been saving these, not because it took that long to harden but because I was lazy and I just didn’t finish
the rest of the video. So what we’re gonna do, to make clean up extremely easy is, I’m gonna put some, this isn’t what I thought I ordered. I thought I ordered like
clear Saran wrapping, what the heck is this? Press and sealed? (plastic being unwrapped) Yeah oh. What is it though. Has anybody watched Santa Clarita Diet? Because that’s what I feel
like I’m doing right now. Its basically this family,
the mom eats humans. Spoiler alert, this is where
you put down the plastic to not make a mess when
they kill the bodies. So these were the first ones that I did. They were like the, little Lego bricks. Okay that’s making a mess. This was a good idea. Hmmm boy, this is one of those expectation vs reality moments. They’ve all got air bubbles on them. Every single one looks like thrash. It’s like Merry Christmas, here’s nothing under your tree. I forgot about this one. (laughing) This is a mess. Oh no. These ones actually look
better than the bricks, that I wouldn’t have been an idiot and just ruined it the last minute. So I guess, I never really gave you guys a full review of what I thought
of the Lego Batman movie. It was surprisingly really, really good. And the Batman character in the original Lego movie is so good but overall, the
characters were incredible. They had so many different references to previous Batman movies. They had so many throwbacks for parents, because clearly, the kids were not around, when the original Batman was. So this right here is
our big Lego mini figure. And I’m going to try to draw the Batman logo on him just to tie in the whole Batman theme, we’ve kinda got going on here. Oh boy, oh boy. Holy crap, this is the coolest thing ever. Look at this, huge candy Lego man. He worked out very, very well. He is cool. He is super, super cool. Unofficially licensed Batman knife. I really just wanted an excuse to use it, cos this is doing
absolutely nothing really. Let’s draw the Batman logo, on his chest with an edible food pen. I’m not very artistic, I mean well I am but like I’m not. I’m already nervous, that
I’m gonna mess it up. This is not working very well. This is like, freaking discount batman, on sale. Its okay, don’t worry. Mommy’s got a plan. When I went to the premier I tried to steal one of these logos off of a cupcake. There is absolutely no way that I would be able to bring it back home without crushing it. (playful music) My fingers hurt. It’s not as bad as I thought. It’s not as good as I’d hoped but you can’t hope for the
best on your first try. You mean, you could hope but its probably not gonna happen. Cool, I’m super proud of it. Let me add them to this, massacre of bricks. (playful music) If any of you guys see
the Lego Batman movie, let me know what you think and let me know who your
favorite character is. I don’t wanna even mention
any of the characters because I want it to be
a surprise for you guys. Alright, that’s it, Now I gotta clean up my kill zone here. Ill see you guys in my next video, bye! We’ve got mess, mess, mess, mess. Camera, camera. Monitor, so I can see what’s going on and just more mess. Just a lot, a lot of mess. We’ve got batteries, charging nonstop. Yeah this is it. The worst part of cooking videos is how

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