How to make doll outfit 22 Peplum Skirt

Hi everyone, today we are making a peplum skirt 2 feet of ribbon, about 3.5cm in width If you don’t have ribbon, just make a tube out of fabric Velco for closure Cut 14cm of ribbon for the base of the skirt The 14cm should cover your doll’s hip with at least 1cm spare measure your doll’s hip before you cut Since 3.5cm is too short for the skirt, I had 2 pieces to extend the width Cut another 30 cm for the ruffles First I fold and sew the ribbon into ruffles Each ruffle 5mm in width When that’s done you have this long piece To make the skirt 5cm in width I extended the length by sewing the two 14cm pieces together Close the 2 ends of the shirt with 1cm overlap Use a pin to hold it in place From the corner draw a mark 5mm and down Sew a line of both side You get an A line skirt Now sew the ruffles onto the skirt Sew a line at both ends Add velco Done Midori looks cool with this look Have fun sewing and see you soon

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48 thoughts on “How to make doll outfit 22 Peplum Skirt

  1. wow that is so cute! every time I have tried before to make an outfit for my pullip doll, it just didn't turn out as nice as yours. so do you think you can make a tutorial of how to make something really easy with fabric that's easy to sew that looks really nice? like a basic dress or shirt?

  2. I post a comment
    I said add some music and then you
    add music may be you saw my comment
    I love the music so cool matches the tutorial

  3. I never really liked those type of skirts as they always seemed to flashy and extreme, but the fabric you used and how you dressed her in the en was a perfect combination! Pity this skirt doesn't fit my doll's style. But I'll make it in the future if I can! ^_^

  4. I really love how I can take your tutorials and apply them to all of my different dolls. Big or small, I can just adjust and use your basic ideas to make gorgeous things for all my dolls. And I love your idea of using ribbon to avoid unnecessary seams and such! Well done for your creativity and innovation.

  5. Your Midori reminds me alot of CL from 2NE1! πŸ˜€ Btw I was wondering do you measure your dolls because I wanted to make some for my doll but she is 44cm.

  6. Yes, I did them on sewing machine, they are small, but once I got used to it it's fine. My sewing machine has a pedal.

  7. hi yunie please help me
    i am 11 years old, with two baby brothers in my home (who can also climb, by the way). but ignoring that, i truthly bealive that i can take good care of a pullip doll.
    still, i got few problems
    i live in israel. it comes that if i will buy a pullip doll, i gonna have to pay above 500 in my country cash
    i afraid once i will get out for school or whatever, my baby brothers will find a way to ruin her. as i said beafore, i'm only you think i can take care of a doll?

  8. @manga1822 Hi I'm not Yunie (obv, haha) but I got a suggestion. Maybe you can put the doll inside your closet or something, that way your two baby brothers cant get to ur doll to be able to ruin it (as Im guessing they wont go opening drawers anyway) Hope that helps!

  9. Can you please make a tutorial on that outfit? (the shirt and jacket?) I have the "lace" embelishment already I just don't know how to make them…………… the shirt and jacket…………. I'm going to a craft store tomorrow so I kinda want to know what materials I need……………….

  10. The top is a tube top. I don't think anyone need a tutorial on that.
    The jacket you can refer to the coat tutorial, just make it shorter.

  11. I want to make some cloths for my britney spears doll can you make videos of britney spears doll if you can make video of britney spears doll buy
    a britney spears doll so you can make a britney spears doll cloths I'll sububsribe for you ok

  12. Your talents are truly amazing!!! I wish you had more time to create more of your outstanding tutorials designing all your wonderful doll clothes!!!

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