How To! Fitting Lights to LEGO High Speed Passenger Train! Set 60051

Hey folks, how’s it going, I hope you’re well
and welcome to this video. This weeks video is a remake of the “Fitting Lights to the
High Speed Passenger Train”. The old video I did back in 2015 was done on old equipment
and the sound quality is really bad. I get comments on it all the time saying “I can’t
hear anything” etc. So, I thought I would re-do it, this is a completely unmodified
60051 powered car and these are the lights so I will go through how to fit it and give
information on parts needed for it. So let’s just crack on! So here we have an unmodified engine from
60051 and we have the lights. The lights are part number 8870 you can get those from the
LEGO shop at home website. They are fairly reasonably priced, in the UK it’s £5.49 at
the time of filming this video, which is August 2017. This train is a really nice one from
a design perspective because they made room for the lights and for installing the lights.
So, what I’m going to do is take the canopy off, the front canopy comes off all in one.
So, these little bits here, this is where the lights actually fit, but we need to get
them all the way back to the IR receiver. Take these two bits of roof off and this is
the IR receiver and it just comes out in one piece. So it’s a nice design. Inside there
we can see we’ve got a clear run all the way through to where the lights are going. Now,
there’s this little tile piece here with one stud and this is where I’m going to place
this black block here from the lights with the cables from the lights facing forward. these cables can just go through here to the
front for the moment. Now the next part is we just need to place these lights in the
pieces at the front. These pieces here you can see they’ve got the little holes in it’s
just big enough for the lights to go in. there we have the lights fitted to the front
of the train. Now I’m just going to thread these cables just under these red pieces here.
Underneath like that and then just run the cables all the way back so they go through
the middle of the train. From there once that’s done you just put the IR receiver back on
and that keeps all those cables nice and tidy in the centre there. So there you go, it’s
what it should look like afterwards. It’s a bit of a mess up here but that’s alright
we can sort that out now and we just push the extra cables down. Now this is the light
cable, you’ve got two choices really, you can add it to this part which is the connector
to the motor so your lights will come on when the train is running and they will go off
when the train stops or, what I’m going to do today is I’m just going to add them to
the blue side of the receiver and that means I can turn the lights on and off independently
of whether the train is running or not. I’m just putting in that, just tucking all the
cables in like so, put the roof back on, and the canopy back on. It should if all the cables
are in the right places it should just go on nicely and there we have the finished article.
So here I have a controller, it’s set to channel one which is the same as the train. I just
need to see if it’s turned on. OK, so the motor’s working, you can hear that and that’s
on the red channel. But on the blue channel we should see the lights light up and there
you go. On, Off, On, Off. That’s on the separate channel there on the blue channel. And there
you go, that’s how to fit lights to set 60051, the engine at least. If you’ve found this
video useful then give it a thumbs up, and if you haven’t already then click subscribe.
There is a town update coming, hopefully next week. I was working on it last weekend but
I didn’t have all the pieces I needed to complete the work I wanted to do so I needed to go
and get those and then I’ll be working on the video and the update this weekend as well.
So yes, hopefully next weekend there should be a town update coming out. Again, thanks
for watching and see you in the next one!

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