How to Draw Lego Robin | Lego Batman Movie

Hey everyone and welcome to the club today I’m showing you how to draw a Lego Robin from the Lego Batman movie we start with the inside edge of the goggle on the left side when drawing a circle starts at the top around to the bottom and then back up to the top we leave a little gap in the middle and drop a thing on the right side so starting at the top circle around to the bottom then back up to the top let’s fill the eyeballs in the inside on the left side on a higher cheekbones show up here a little curve that comes down the gap on the outside now we’re here to pick up two points with a circle going around to the top down on the right side at the top teams are little tiny circle or highlight and went to color the outside area in black the strong full circle for the right I so we got smaller circle means that we can ship it over to the inside slightly starting at the top to the bottom back up to the top and we’ve got a small tight circle at the very top here they call it the bottom area and black from here i want to draw the outside edge of the goggles i’m starting middle here at the top with a little point now once around the outisde buzzing all going around like a circle starting middle going around keeping even this gap all the way around so i get to the bottom right here now to draw the opposite side there’s a top again going in the opposite direction going around and again chunky that even gap all the way to the middle going to call that whole area in black now the global displacement to draw the melt in the middle just down here starting to the left and you need to start on occur or towards the right side coming across now he’s on the bottom of the mouth to start the same point I’ll curve down shifting the mouth over slightly to the left along the talking to draw the sheet so starting up here at the top to curve around and back up underneath on the right side on the bottom left area here to drive a reverse curve for the tongue that’s color inside part of the mouth in black we have drawn the size of the face down towards the chin just underneath the goggles here on the Left we’re just going to step inside the edge just short straight line coming down on the right step over to the left slightly and draw a straight line to me down I want to connect them to put with the curve underneath enough i’m going to round out the jaw going around the jaw on both sides going to curve the bottom of the chin from left over towards the right on the end of the colony here i can draw a little square area for the straps so on the side here right in the middle google out come down and then pull straight into the gods we’re going to call it a black good thing on the right side going out going down and pulling that right back in will color that in black this linear in the hair at the top of this garden 11th step down right here is a little wave google up above the right goggle and then down so that’s point here i was going to curve up and out from that point on occur around side of the strap down in towards the cheek coming around a strap and just pull that into the side here is coming over this with little with that goes up on the left here imagine curve going on the global and right here going to curve going up what’s up like that will bring that back in now we’re going to go with you about halfway down this curve going to come down go back up and we’re going to any towards halfway down that curve like that let’s draw the top with show up here at this moment step over towards the right a little curve going up now we’re going to follow that line back into that point there to talk apart all the way around into that part now underneath this year we’re going to turn around this side and drawing the sons of hair right here from around the strap right into the side of the head just a little bit more carrot on the big gap here so on the side here with our little wave that goes across like that that a couple of freckles on the other side to regular school three little dots on the right i’ll do the same thing now that we have a 10-place let’s work our way down the body would throw the next first so i’ll be inside of the chin is all too short line going down side by side will draw the top of the shoulders are going to draw a line going horizontally across but little bit wider than the width of the head right here on the left or away across like that if you’re going to angle the side of the device is going to come out this way down towards the way the left side here pull straight line angling down right there on the right angle down to the same height and want to connect those two points is a straight line going across let’s go back up to the top of the body image on the collar so it starts with AV rating middle of the top of the next now we’re on the collar at the bottom of the rectangle out toward left and then what angle out towards the right now will create a bottom edge of the collar over here curve out on the right will curve out it will pull it back up underneath the top of the body to coming up on both sides let’s draw the three straps along the center here starting at the top of my draw a straight line going across we’ve got that twice one below the other and then at the end we’re going to round them up just to connect them we do this three times down the middle just don’t you two horizontal lines on top of each other will connect them with a curve and we drove one more down here going straight process and it will connect it but curve on the ends let’s go down here and draw on the belt so we start with a circle start at the top right in the middle draw a circle we’re going to a smaller circle on the inside now let’s draw the belt strap going across now the bill is a little bit lower than the top of that circle going to start on the left side go right in behind adult buckle will continue on the right side and we do the bottom side wall so down here straight across behind the buckle and over on the right side this happen don’t move along the belt starting over here and draw a straight line to me down and then one right decided to draw another one right here side-by-side now on this side we do the same thing straight down the side buckle down like that and then one more over on the side in the middle here we draw a little line for the team of the shirts coming down right underneath this trap will go down into the first one go behind and then right into the belt and we’ll continue this below the belt buckle over here on the right side and draw a crest going to start with a circle and the top all the way around now we have to draw that are inside going to start on the side of luck here with a straight line going to loop around coming around like this i’m going to angle out the side between down now let’s draw the lower side here so at the bottom line we go across the shoreline and then we’ll come up i’m going to angle down right there and then connect those two points with a straight line in here and drop it’ll be just for the inside of the are going to cover that in black and then the outside area in black as well we’re gonna have a little curveball here for the lower part of the chef’s right here come down in this work our way down the legs so all the points here on the hip with stepped in a little bit not too short lines coming down right here come down on the right will come down we’ll connect those two points with a straight line going across left to right has drawn the barrel of the hips so right here at this point in the corner curve around and then down on the right will do the same thing going out and then down to the same height going to connect those two points with a straight line going across now the middle we want to draw two lines side by side against little legs so here on the left side center goes straight down in a second line down to the feet on the right and the gap and do the same thing going down here on the side of the barrel and clip we’re going to come down with straight lines also the same height as we have on the inside of the length down anything on the right side and we want to connect with two points with a straight line across on both sides now we’re going to all the chips defeat to step up draw a horizontal line on both sides of the feet now withdraw the boot cuff so if you’re going to have to like to get to the center start on the outside of the leg will curve down and it’s what the mill curve out toward the inside of the legs do the same thing on the right side and then lining it up at the top down towards the middle coming out to the outside they want to have a little bit of trim here so we’re copy that just blew it coming down and back up will do the same thing on the right coming down and then back up if you want you to stick this up just a little bit to accentuate that shrimp across on both sides let’s work our way into the arms but i haven’t just hanging down on other side let’s start with the left side first so just below that corner of the shoulder we’re going to step down to it around out and come down to the wrist to write about their we’re going to angle down in this is the width of the arm and let’s hold that back up underneath the body is fond of saying curved do the same thing on the right side stepping down from the top from out and then down to the wrist the same height we go down here curve the inside part of the arms right there and draw a straight line going across this drawing a couple of the fleet show up here but halfway down the arms with all the curves to use on the right style do the same thing for coming to the outside of the army now let’s draw the little hands look like the shape of a sort of pointing downwards so we start the hand-first right here woke up looking to Magic Circle going to open in along the bottom down here in the circle around just leaving a gap towards the wrist right up here i’m going to round out the end and then we’re going to treat that we can either space all the way around going to get the hand to the wrist with two angled lines like that shoulder width depth in the handwriting here we’ll do a little curve like that to do the same thing on the right side again imagine that circle starting at the bottom of the hand coming around and down to about there will round out the hands now in circle back tracing back around with all the two line for the Rift and then in here to bridge the inside of the hand the final step when added a cake from the top part of the shoulder occur around the arm and then down on the left side coming down right about there on the right side will do the same thing to start the shoulder going around the arm coming down to write about their will connect those two points with the currently from down the middle in behind days starting on the left side will come down into the legs will continue in between will pull it up on the right side and that’s pretty much it there we have it their Lego Robin from the Lego batman movie i hope you enjoy this lesson. 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