How to Build The World’s Smallest LEGO Candy Machine

First, you are going to start out with four 2×6 six orange plates, which makes a 6×8 plate, and you are going to put down some smooth pieces; orange ones, all around the border. Alright, now you’re going to take your 4×4 yellow-green plate or whatever you have to make that up- you don’t have to be so precise with the pieces, just as long as they can make up the same size in the end. So you put that down. Then you’re going to put on the smooth pieces that are yellow-green. And finally, you are going to put on eight of the yellow-green 1×1 ramps. And just like that, the first plate or first side of the machine is complete. Alright, so now we’re working on ‘Side 2’ of the machine. Once again you’re going to take four 2×6 orange plates- lay them down to create a 6×8 [plate] and just put on some smooth pieces around the border. Alright, now what I have are four 1×4 yellow-green plates, which will just be the same as my 4×4 yellow-green plate which will just go right over here. And we’re going to put on yellow-green smooth pieces to cover this up. And finally, you probably guess that we’re going to put on the 1×1 yellow-green ramps. And just like that, we finished building two walls of the machine. Now take everything we just built, which should just be these two LEGO walls and down in the description of this video, download and print these Tic Tac decals; [it’s] just two Tic Tac logos that are the perfect size for the machine. You can either cut these images out using: ‘big momma’ scissors, or if your parents don’t trust you with that ’cause you go crazy, you can use these child safety scissors. I’m just going to use the big ones, and you can- once you’ve cut this out, either attach it to the machine using double-sided tape or you can use shipping label paper, which is already ‘stickered’ on the back. But I’m assuming most of you don’t have that, so I’m just going to do it the simple way. Now cut this out so that the black lining is a part of the scrap paper- I just put that so you can eyeball the white outline on the Tic Tac logo. Let’s get cutting! ‘Alrighty’, I just finished cutting out both the Tic Tac decals. Now you’re just going to take a little piece of double-sided tape or scotch tape if you don’t have that, but, double-sided tape is ‘bae’. You’re going to flip it over- just place it on right in the center. Flip it over, and gently place it where you want. That’s definitely higher than I would usually place the Tic Tac logo, but I’m just going to show you how to do it very generally. Once again, take your double-sided tape or regular tape- (and roll it into a ball), put it on the back of the Tic Tac logo and place it right in the center of the green. There we go: perfect. Now to build the candy dispenser, you’re going to take a 1×3 gray plate. And then you’re going to stack five 1×1 gray plates, right over here. And now take a 1×1 light-gray tile, and close it off. Now, we’re going to take another one of those tiles and put it right in the middle. There we go. And take one of the 1×1 gray plates and put it on the other end. Then we’re going to take a 1×2 brick; perhaps the biggest brick in this machine- funny enough. And then we’re going to take two 1×1 light-gray plates, and put them in the back. And finally, take a 1×1 gray slope- put it over there, and you have just finished the dispenser. This coin bank is only five pieces, so it’s really easy to understand- all you need to do is take a 1×4- put it down. Take a 1×1 plate- put it over here. (This was also a plate if you cannot see.) A 1×1 brick with the side stud. Then a 1×1 orange, circular [piece]- right over here- you don’t put it right there, but, clip it onto the side, and then finally a 1×1 gray tile- put it on top and just like that you have built your coin bank. Alright, so you’re going to start off with a 1×6 orange plate. Then you’re going to take two 1×2 light-gray plates and stack them all the way on the right side. Now you’re going to take two of this brick: It’s a 1×1 light-gray with a knob coming out of the side- anyways, it’s perfect for LEGO candy machines. [Going to] put one there and one here- you can tell that I actually just made this one out with the 1×1 piece with like a hole inside, and then using one of these in light-gray. You can do the same yourself- this is just a simpler way to use less pieces. Then from there, you’re going to take two more light-gray plates, put them both on top and then take a 1×2 light-gr ay tile, and put that on top. From here, you’re going to take one of the walls that you made in the first step and smack it on the back so that it’s just above this 1×6 orange plate- so you’ll be able to wiggle it around like so. Then take one of these 1×1 light-gray bricks with the side-stud and put it all the way in the uppermost right corner. Then take two of these 1×1 light-gray plates and place them on the bottom. I’m realizing that it’s probably better to turn this out and then place the two 1×1 light-gray plates on, and then turn it back inwards. And then snap it back on. Here you can put on four 1×1 light-gray plates, so you can make it smooth. Now you can take your coin tray and I would suggest putting it here because it actually helps keep the machine stable. Then you’re going to take what should be your last of these light-gray pieces with the side-stud and put a gray 1×1 ramp on top. I’m going to leave that over here ’cause that’s actually going to be clicked on to the other wall we have. Now you can take a 1×1 orange ramp and put it on so it’s facing in this certain direction. Ah, this needs to stay up- I’m holding the machine up with double-sided tape. Now, you’re going to move this to the back and take one of these 1×2 bricks with the two holes in it and put one of these blue pegs in each- (it can be gray too) Put one so it’s facing backwards and one so it’s facing forwards- doesn’t really matter which way. Now take this part and put it right in the center, and the top. It’ll swing like that but when we put in the second wall, it should be alright. Finally one more thing before I show you what we do for the second wall of the machine. I want you to take one of these 1×2 gray plates and put it on, right over here. Alright, and we’re almost done with the machine. Now we’ve got this wall, and now we’re actually going to do here; is take this gray part I told you about earlier, and put it on so it’s on the right side, the fourth stud up. So now that we have our two LEGO walls, you’re going to put in the coin bank (or coin tray) and the dispenser if you haven’t done those yet. Then just like an ice-cream sandwich or any sandwich, you’re going to flip over the other wall and Click it on. Make sure everything clicks in place. Yep, everything clicked in place for me. Going to lift it up and ‘ay’, what do you know, we’re almost done. Now the last part that we need to build- (we’re going to move this to the side) you’re going to take two of these 1×2 orange plates, put on [a] 1×4 orange tile- just to click everything together, just like that. Then you’re going to take a 1×2 gray plate. Put it on over here and to compensate for this area We’re going to have a nice smooth 1×1 orange ramp. I would say put this on, but first you can’t forget- we need to put in our Tic Tacs. So take your box, obviously any color Tic Tac works. But I would suggest only putting two in the machine or actually, you sort of have to only put two, one or two, because three gets jammed, although it doesn’t look like it- the mechanism lifts the Tic Tacs up- anyways, it’s too complicated. Just believe me guys. So let’s dump out some Tic Tacs. ‘Alrighty’, just [going to] use two of those. Put it into this hole. One, two. Then you’re going to take this piece that we made- (alright that just dumped over, these videos are going super well) You’re going to put this on. It should all click in place and just like that you have built the Tic Tac machine! Congratulations, you have just finished building the world’s smallest LEGO candy machine that I know of. It’s only on a 1×6 baseplate. To use this machine- It’s very simple, first of all [you] can’t shake any candy out or any money out. This machine is ‘legit’ and locked- if you turn it to the back, you try to grab this out, you can’t ’cause the coin dispenser is aligned- I mean the candy dispenser is aligned with the wall. Turn it to the front. You have to put in a penny. Just push it in a little bit and then you turn it around and sure enough, the piece is popping out- now you pull it- there’s a Tic Tac right there, so you can push your candy tray back in. Take your Tic Tac, eat it, save it for later- (that could be kind of weird if you did) Anyways, you turn it to the front. To get the money back, all you need to do, is pull this circular piece, and dump out the coin. And just put your coin tray back into the machine. And there you go! Thank you so much for watching this video- I plan to make more fun tutorials like this in the future. Please tell me what you thought of this video and machines you would like me to make. ‘Peace out, girl scout.’ [Bye]

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