How to Build Benny’s Spaceship Spaceship SPACESHIP Tutorial Lego Movie Set 70816 Review Timelapse

Benny Benny spaceship Benny Benny’s spaceship whats going on toy nation we got another episode of twin toys why is your hand going down my shirt thats gross in this episode we are doing, what are doing guys what is this spaceship, spaceship its benny’s spaceship, spaceship, spaceship for ages 9-14 this is 70816 its got 940 pieces thats alot of pieces this is going to take a while and on the front of the box its whole intrigute design of the spaceship we have something for the robo pilot and we got something for robot emmit and on the back eli do you want to talk about the back what do you see on the back i don’t know what that is laughing it looks like a satelite that is actually mobile in it look there is a little compartment area where you can see benny in it spaceship whilestyle? no whats her name space wildstyle and robot emmit and it looks like you can shoot the bullets or missles out of there as well as this other yellow bullet lets build it here we go oh yeah we have to open this thing we got bag number 1 bag number 5 come here liam bag number 6 bag number 7 no 8 no 18 no 19 no 3 bag number 7 bag number 7 8 no 8 8 no 4 we are getting there with our numbers we got this gigantic woah what is this the instruction guide its a huge instruction guide for it and bag number 5 no try again 6 no we are working on the numbers it will be good when we hit the 10th lego build we do but anway, what do you guys say we build this? yayayayayaya he’s excited, do you want to build this yayayayyyayyyayay we are all ready to build this here we go with the fast forward frame HERE We GO!!!!! im liam, im eli please subscribe thanks for watching BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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