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– Citizens of Gotham, we
interrupt this regularly scheduled program of Brick
by Brick to present … Nah, I’m just kidding. Or am I? No for real it’s me (laughing). (jazzy music) Good people of Gotham,
welcome to Brick by Brick. I’m super excited for today. We teamed up with Warner
Brothers to bring you a super special episode, inspired
by the Lego Batman Movie. Yeah, that’s right. And growing up, Batman was
my favorite super hero. ‘Cause he wasn’t an alien,
he didn’t have a bug bite him or get acid dumped on him
or get struck by lightening four times on his birthday,
he was just a billionaire who knows how to do karate. And I’m bad at karate and
I’m not a billionaire. But, maybe one day. But until that day I
don’t need to be Batman. ’cause I can call him when
whenever I need some help. Batman! You rang? That’s right friends, we are
building a Lego Bat Signal. I know, the bat signal
has got a lot going on. But don’t be intimidated,
it’s actually made up of just a few different sections. First thing we build is the bat symbol, and this one disconnects. Woo woo woo, and can
double as a Bat-a-rang. You wanna learn how to
build a Bat-a-rang exactly like this with all these different curves? We made a special video telling
you exactly how to do it. And then our lamp is put
inside of this housing, which carries our LED light
and this whole things sits on top of this bracket, with
these cool vertical pieces. And these attach with a
hinge, so you can point your bat symbol up and down. Now I know it’s a lot of
pieces, but if you want to check the video description,
we list every single one so you can know exactly what you need. Let’s get building. So we are gonna kick this
build off with the front of our lamp. Got the bat symbol and it
attaches to this wall of one by two transparent plates. So we want to make sure
that our wall surrounds our symbol entirely. And you can see that the whole
thing is transparent pieces except for these little bricks,
and these little bricks. And these are very special bricks. These are called SNOT bricks. That doesn’t mean they’re
gross, it just means they have a stud not on top, S-N-O-T. So they have a stud
sticking out of the side, so that lets us add more
pieces to the front of this. And that’s how … our symbol attaches. So, as you get your transparent plates, what you want to make sure,
when you’re building the front of your lamp, is that you
don’t just put them all right next to each other. That each row is shifting over one. ‘Cause that will make
your signal even stronger. Building a bat signal is actually
a lot like building a lamp and I know a lot of you out
there have really wanted to learn how to make a lamp. So, you want to give your
bat symbol double duty, you can have it work as a lamp too. And you just repeat that
pattern, keep stacking, stacking, shifting one over each layer until … You’ve got the entire front of your lamp. Alright friends, next up is
the housing for our lamp. And to figure out how wide
the housing is going to be and how big the housing
is gonna be, we just use the front of our lamp for measurement. Go ahead and lay it down,
and look at the bottom row. And we just grab some
plates, boom just like that. So we’ve got 16 plates across,
so the bottom of our housing is gonna start at 16 across. When you’re deciding how
deep your housing should be, you just wanna make sure it’s
gonna fit your LED light, your lamp, whatever else
you wanna put inside. I decided to go 12 bricks
deep, and I had plenty of room for the light, the cord,
everything and it looked great. Awesome, and what we’re looking
at here, this is actually the bottom plate level of
the bottom of the housing. So we’re gonna put another
level right on top, and we put another level right on top, we’re not gonna have it
be the same size, because we want to go around
the front of the lamp. So we’re actually gonna go one bigger. One bigger on the right
and one bigger on the left. So it’ll be 18 all the way across. Once you’ve done that,
you’ll have a piece that looks like this. You want to make sure it’s the right size. Pick up the front of your lamp. Pop it on there and you’ll
see you got one stud sticking out on each side. And from there, we’re gonna build our walls. To get started on the
walls, we’re gonna take off the front first. We’re just gonna do a row on
both sides of two by bricks all the way back. So pull some out, and make
sure as you put them down, that you’re overhanging one brick. And that side, what we
do on the right side, we’re gonna do on the left side too. Good bat signal symmetry. And then once you finish a
row, it’s good to just pick up your front, don’t have to
push it all the way down, just rest it in place. So if your build is off,
or you’ve made a mistake, you can figure it out fast
so you don’t build so much and then have to unbuild so many bricks. Looking good, ooh! But we see something. We see that this next level is
actually one, two studs here. So we’re gonna have to
come out even one more than we have been. So we can’t do it with these,
’cause that’s not far enough, we need another one. So we use our two by threes. Boop, put ’em on their side like that. And sometimes in the side of
your wall, you’re not gonna be able to have a different seam. So if your seams start
lining up, just have a few plates nearby. And if you see any seams that seem weak, just pop ’em into place. What’s cool about the plates
is they’re so low profile and they’re really strong,
so they’ll improve the wall and they won’t get in the
way of your bat signal. So what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna just keep on going up on the right side,
following the curve of the front of our lamp to the halfway point. Then I’m gonna switch
over to the other side. So we finished another
level, let’s grab the front of the lamp, put it in place. Aha, we see at this point,
we don’t need to go out. We need to go straight up one. So, I’m gonna take some
bricks, and go right on top of this level. Use the front to measure … We’re in good shape and
that’s the halfway point. So we don’t want to go up any higher. What we’re gonna do now is
we’re gonna match what we did on the right side on the left side. So I’ve already gone ahead
and I’ve built that section of the wall. Gonna snap mine in. Let’s do a quick mistake
check, how’d we do? Woo hoo, passed the test. So instead of going any higher
on the wall, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna pause on
the wall, that way we can slide the back in just like that. If we build too high, it
becomes really really difficult to get the back of the wall in. Now it’s time to work on
the back of our bat signal. This is what the back of
the bat signal is going to look like. You can see how it looks when
it is nestled cozy inside. Some things you might notice: I left an opening in the bottom. Because this light, it has a cord. This is an LED puck light,
and what’s awesome about using LEDs, especially
with Lego builds, is LEDs basically give off no heat. So you don’t have to worry
about them melting bricks or starting a fire, and
there’s no wiring to deal with. In addition to the cord,
you’ll also see that I built a little-little shelf for
our little puck light. What’s great about having a
shelf for your light is that when you’re showing your
bat signal off to friends and you’re shining it
up at the sky and down the light stays secure where it is. You don’t want your light
loose and knocking into things and maybe breaking part
of your build when it’s inside your bat signal. So what we’re gonna do
now is flip this around, so now the front of the bat
signal’s pointing to me, the back is pointing to you
and take some two by bricks, and start putting ’em into place. You’ll see I’m leaving a big
opening here and just like we did, when we were working
on the wall, we can always pick it up, put it in place and
make sure we’re doing great. You might be thinking to
yourself, now would be a great time to build the shelf
… and you’re not wrong. But, it can be tricky to
get the shelf in just the right place until you have
your whole wall built, you know what kind of
light you’re using and you have your bat symbol in place. So I recommend just building
the wall all the way up and then putting your shelf in afterward. So what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna continue going all the way up. Once your back wall is complete,
it will look a lot like, you know what’s coming? I think you know what’s coming. It will look a lot like this. You’re shocked, I know. We take it, and we can
place it into the back, spin it around and we can
even take our front now. And slide that down. And what’s awesome, so
once we have out back and our front in place, now
the rest of the housing becomes such a breeze. All we gotta do is follow
this curve up to the top and boom, our housing is complete. Now before we wrap up our
walls and close up the housing, let’s make sure our light works. So, moment of truth. Three, two, fun. Wooo, looks pretty awesome. It’s time to do the top of the housing. And this is a piece of cake. We’re just taking bricks,
and filling this in. So I’ve gone ahead and I’ve
already built what that looks like, it’s basically
a mirror of the bottom and as you can see, I’ve
already added in the little plates to make ’em even stronger. Before we start pushing
stuff down, just make sure it is all making sense. Look good to you? Looks good to me. So now what the housing
needs are the pieces that let us attach it to the
bottom bracket so it’s got really cool swivel. So what we’re gonna do,
slide some pieces over. We’ve got two by two base,
on top of that, you can use a one by two but I just
have some one by ones. On top of those you put our
technic one by two with a hole. Gonna go right like that,
straighten out our pieces. More bricks right on top. Really nice and easy,
and then we take this … And very gently put it in. Now we’ve got our second two
by two, just snap it on top. Got a couple one by twos,
now snap into place. And we’ll use a little bit
of our black little wedges or cheese pieces some people
call ’em cheese pieces. Especially the yellow, they
extra look like cheese. Snap that on there. Just to give it some Batman fanciness. Flip the other side, and
I’ve gone ahead and I’ve built a second one. So take the top off, slide it up in there. Click that on. Now that these pieces are
on, we will be able to attach the bracket, boom. Right there and right
there, and we’ll have our awesome, swivel-y motion. Now it’s bracket time. All the brackets really have
to do is come up from the base, and hold on to our bat signal housing. But, they gotta look good
while they’re doing it, right? So, I think it’s really
cool to do this addition to the bracket. We’ve got these one by
twos, but these one by twos have this little claw that
comes out of the side. So we make a stack of them. We go two, three in one of the stacks. Two, three, four in the other stack. Because what’s better than one stack? Two stacks! And what’s better than one snack? Two snacks! And we take our two
stacks, put them together. And when you’re snapping in the antenna, it’s important that the
bulgey end, the bigger side where the Lego stud will
go, is on the outside. And then we do another one. Now that our brackets are
started, it’s time to add the base, gonna keep the
bracket party rollin’. So, we’ll start with a two
by four, and on top of the two by four, we’re gonna take
a one by two if you got ’em, but I’m using two one by ones on one side. And then we’ve got our SNOT
pieces are making a return. And they are going to stick on like this, so that the little notch is
sticking out to the side. But on top of that little
number, we put a one by four. Now we bring out some yellow. Batman loves yellow, not as
much as black, not as much as dark gray, but yellow,
definitely the color to highlight with. Then on top of this, another one by four. Then we have two more yellow
friends joining the party right on top like that. And another black, and some more yellow. Okay, now we are ready
to take our two columns plug ’em right on. So now what we’re gonna
do is you can see this tower’s got a really cool
lean, it’s taking a break. But this tower has got to
work because, the entire stability of our bat signal depends on it. So we’re gonna put another
plate on the bottom. There we go, break’s
over, back to business. Just put a plate on the
bottom, now, we’re gonna put a plate on the top. Now that this plate is in
place, we’re going to grab two more SNOT bricks, and put
them right above the brick that we put down before. So we’ve got SNOT bricks
way up here at top, and waaay down here at the bottom. I’m going to take some of
our one by twos, put them right in there. And after we’ve put those
plates down, this is a very important part. We take our one by two
Technic piece with the opening and we put it right there. Right in between the SNOT bricks. And this is the piece that’s
gonna like up all the way over here, with this piece. And take a small plate, put
it up top, and that allows us to use this really cool curved
pieces that snap right on. I’m gonna keep the cool
curviness going with some little very Batman-y
one by one wedges. And keep it even, slide
one more plate down there. Add some more curves to it, and … Another pop of yellow. Now we’ve got this pop of
yellow on top, and we got a ton of yellow on the sides,
so it’s time to cover up some of that yellow. So we got these really
cool one by twos with bars and we’re gonna put these right there, and right there. Now I’ve got these one by eight tiles. Snap those on top. Then what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna have two more one by eight tiles, one goes on that side,
and one goes on this side. This gives us a really
cool gradual curve from the bottom to the top. And from the back to the front. Super Batman-y indeed. So we’re gonna do one of
these for each side, so that means we’re gonna need one more. So go ahead and make one
more of these, and it should look a lot like this. What’s up cuz? Just chillin’. They’re identical cousins. It happens sometimes. Now is a super important
part of the build. So, on the back of the
bracket, you see the hole. We’ve got Technic pin, and a Technic pin. And these are gonna go right in there. This is a super important
piece, and make sure you push them in all the way,
there’s a very reassuring snap when they actually click in. It’s great. Now it’s time to bring
back our lamp housing. Welcome back, lamp housing! Good to see ya. And before we can snap
these in, we’ve gotta turn this convertible into a hard top. So, all we’ve gotta do is
build up two level high plate cover for our lamp housing. Should look a little
something like this, goes from one side to the other from the front to the back. So, now you can snap on the sides. And see if they’re a little
bit taller than the housing. And we want it a little bit
taller, that is intentional. And the base is super
simple, you just go measure from one all the way to the other. And then raise it about a brick,
maybe a brick and a plate. Once you’ve done that, bring it out. Snap one side, in snap the other side in. There it is, our bat signal
is practically complete. All it needs is our
Bat-a-Rang, slash bat symbol. Snap that back onto the front. Ah, we did it friends, I can’t believe it. Thank you so much for watching, thank you for building
along if you built along, I’d love to see what your
bat signal looks like. And a huge thanks to the
Lego Batman Movie for making this episode possible,
making this build possible, this has been so much fun
and I hope you’re gonna make a bat signal, I hope
you’re gonna go see the movie and I hope you’re gonna be a
little bit more like Batman. And I don’t mean get closer
to being a billionaire, or get better at karate, I
mean going out and helping people, because at the end
of the day, that’s what Batman is all about. And wherever your Gotham
is, whether it’s a big city, little city, a farm, you
don’t live near anybody, go help the deer in your neighborhood. Go help somebody, and
let’s together make this world a more Batman-tastic place. You don’t even need a mask. But I mean, it does help. We’ll see ya next time. Hey, this is Batman,
the Dark Knight himself. It’s not Adam. I’m telling you right
now, go see my movie. The Lego Batman movie,
in theaters this Friday. It’s going to be Bat-tastic. This isn’t Adam doing an impression. It’s the real Batman. Go see my movie.

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