How to be Batman • LEGO Batman’s Vlog (Brickfilm)

I’m Batman! This is my vlog. Just for the record, I’m NOT making this because
I have no friends, ok?? I have tons of friends! Because I’m Batman. Today, I’m going to tell you
How to be Batman. Of course, YOU can’t be Batman because
I am Batman. But watch this video anyway. Step one:
Talk in a really deep and raspy voice like this. Isn’t this voice so angelic? Villains run and hide when they hear it. But they can never escape it. Just listen to it. Mmmmmmmmm… I like it. Second: Be ripped! I’ve worked out every day since I was born
to get thus buff! Maybe even longer. You have no idea what it took to get this
nine pack. And no, there was NO plastic surgery involved! Step three: Fight crime as a masked vigilante. That means to fight crime without legal permission. Basically, you’re a criminal fighting worse
criminals but you never get caught. Pro tip! Don’t wear tights unless you’re a 1960s superhero. Cause the tights are lame! Ha! Fourth and final step: Be Batman! This step is the hardest of them all. It takes a lot of brooding and patience to
be Batman. But even then, you can’t be Batman. Because I’m Batman! Hehehe Batman out. Be sure to Like and Comment on this video. And subscribe to this channel. It’s got great stuff on it.

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10 thoughts on “How to be Batman • LEGO Batman’s Vlog (Brickfilm)

  1. I am guessing that you voiced the masked vigilante known as Batman? Or was it THE Batman that voiced Batman in this Lego Batman video?

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