How to be a Toy Reviewer feat. The Kid!

AfroDaddy: Hey Liam! Do you want to review a really cool toy?
The Kid: Yeah AfroDaddy: Let’s do that AfroDaddy: Hey there! The Kid:Hi there! We’re the AfroDaddy! AfroDaddy: That’s right, we are AfroDaddy…well, I’m Afrodaddy. You’re The Kid. The Kid: Ya AfroDaddy: We have been given a really cool… The Kid: Do we have a present?
AfroDaddy: Yes! We have a really cool present. TK: When’s it coming?
AD: It’s coming from our friends from Toy Kingdom! AD: There’s actually two! AD: The first one is this one…let’s open it! AD: Whoaaa…okay!
TK: Ooooh AD: So my son has now been transformed into a Toy Kingdom Agent of Fun! AD: He’s got a cape! You’re like a superhero! AD: That’s actually your first gift. You have ANOTHER gift… TK: What?
AD: Do you want to see it?
TK: Ya AD: Okay Liam are you ready for your actual present?
TK: Ya AD: Okay…here it is! TK: What’s in it?
AD: Open it up! AD: What is it? Tell us what it is! TK: It’s called Hot Wheels! AD: Yeah!
TK: It has a big track! AD: Liam, your job is tell all the boys and girls how awesome this toy is AD: But before you can tell us…you have to play with it! TK: Can I play with it now?
AD: Yeah, let’s do that! AD: Okay, so now we have all the bits…now we have to put it together.
TK: Ya! AD: Um…and then this…
TK: Goes here AD: Goes here?
TK: Yup, yup AD: Are you sure?
TK: Ya, it does. AD: Whoa! AD: Okay, so what you do is push it all the way back until it clicks AD: There you go…okay…you ready? TK: DID YOU SEE THAT?
AD: I did see that. AD: So Liam, tell us what you think of this toy. TK: It’s cool! AD: What’s your favourite part? TK: I like this…this…ALL of the parts! AD: And would you give this toy to your friends? TK: YA! We should borrow it! AD: We should lend it to your friends?
TK: Ya AD: That’s very nice of you. Because sharing is caring, hey?
TK: Ya! TK: Look at this car – it goes SUPER fast! AD: Hey, if you think your kid could do what my kid is doing then maybe you should enter them in the
Toy Kingdom “Agents of Fun” competition Basically, they’re looking 4 for kids
to be their official Agents of Fun The 4 kids who become Toy Kingdom’s Agents of Fun basically get toys every single month to review for Toy Kingdom
that’s right up until the Christmas season starts so it’s a really cool
prize to win. You can enter your child very simply just take a video of them
reviewing the toy that’s their favorite like the kid just did now take that
video put it onto Facebook tag Toy Kingdom and also put the hash tag #agentsoffun in the post you’ll be entered in automatically and your child could be
receiving awesome toys like this from Toy Kingdom who wouldn’t want that for
their kids? AD: Having a good time? TK: Ya
AD: Want to play some more? AD: Okay, say goodbye everyone!
TK: Bye! TK: ~Fart Noises~ TK: ~Fart Noises~ TK: ~Fart Noises~

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