How The Maze Runner Should Have Ended

How The Maze Runner Should Have Ended We’re trapped Thomas! Anything you can think of, we’ve tried it. Did you try a catapult? We tried it. Giant slingshot? Yes. Trampoline? We lost three guys with that one. Well then have you at least tried
climbing out of here? course we tried it Of course we tried it! The vines don’t go all the way to the top. Um… Yeah they do. But even if they didn’t, couldn’t you
at least built a ladder or scaffolding or something? Alright even if you could get all the way to the top so what? Then what would you do? Uh.. then I build bridges across or
something and climb out in this mess. I can’t believe in three years we never tried this! The boys climbed out, ma’am. AAAWWW DANG IT! That maze cost like a bazillion dollars! I told you we should’ve put a dome over that thing! Now I can’t even fake my own death for no reason! Where did all this sand come from? I’m just a lonely griever… I’m just a lonely griever… in this giant maze… wishing I could sting some kids… some kids! *sobbing* *BIGGER SOB!!*

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100 thoughts on “How The Maze Runner Should Have Ended

  1. "Aw dang it! That maze cost like a bazillion dollars! I told you we should put a dome over that thing! Now I can't fake my own death for no reason!"

    Has anyone read the Maze Runner book or series? I'm on the third book

  2. A: the maze moves, therefore breaking the bridge

    B: Grievers can climb

    Edit: C: The “sky” would block it

  3. One thing the movie got completely wrong was the amount of gladers. Newt said in the movie Alby had to new in the glade along for a month before anyone else came while in the book it's explained that Alby was new to the leadership role and the previous leader died. Also, this implies that there was only one boy a month. So there should be 40 Gladers, at the most. And in the movie there's definitely more.

    In the book, Newt, Minho, Alby and a few other nameless boys were sent up in the beginning all at once to get things started, justifying the estimate Thomas made of 50 it 60 guys.

    Learn how to math, movie.

  4. if you read the BOOK then you would know that you cant just climb up because there is an artificial SKY right above the glade.

  5. 1. In the book, the Maze had a dome
    2. Even if they had built bridges over the walls, the Maze shifted and changed every night and their bridges would have been lost

    Who didn't do their research? Not me!

  6. In the books there was a celing that showed a fake sky. And when Teresa came up from the elevator the celing turned off. So they technically couldn't get out of there by climbing over the walls

  7. 1:09 who else thinks the sand was here cuz the earth was scorched by sun? But this is prob a few years after the sun expanded

  8. Yeah why can’t they climb out of the maze? I mean it’s even more easier because you can just build stairs.

  9. The maze changes every night even if they built bridges they would break when the walls move… thats not a good idea…

  10. They couldn't do that because of the blade betels so yeeeaaaah oh and in the comics they are actually underground so again….yeeeaaahh couldn't happen

  11. There was a dome over the maze so that’s incorrect, the had to go through the grieved hole and they still didn’t know about it at that time so that’s incorrect, also the scorch was not right outside the maze, it was very far away, they got to after going through the grieved hole and then going to WICKED headquarters and then they went. I love HISHE but please read the books before making some of these videos.

  12. The walls move… they talk about it in the books and movie. So the ladders would just fall down every night.😂 I love the lonely Griever though, so cute.💖

  13. The maze was actually underground and they had inhibitor chips in their brains that prevented them from climbing out and made the walls look taller than they were

  14. No-one:
    Absolutely no soul in the universe:
    Griever: (sings sad ballad about stinging kids) *sobs AHAHAHAHHAGAGGAGAHAAGHAHA

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