How ‘The Lego Movie 2’ Envisions the Apocalypse | Anatomy of a Scene

This is Mike Mitchell,
director of “The Lego Movie 2 — The Second Part.” All right. Here we are in
Bricksburg, which has been destroyed
by Duplo aliens, leaving it apocalyptic. And Lucy and Emmet
and Battlecatty are checking out a new evolved
alien that’s just arrived, and she spotted Emmet dancing. “Uh, oh.” So it was a real
challenge to make sure that in the
animation that we could only use Lego bricks that really
exist in the real world even though this is all
done on the computer. So we made sure everything
has a handmade feel and that we’re only using
Lego brick for everything including the smoke,
including the dust, including the explosions. And if you look closely,
everything’s dusty. Sometimes there’s
fingerprints on the Lego. This is them master building
a getaway car, Chris Pratt and Elizabeth Banks. “Snazzy racing stripes.” For this film we’re
designing new things with our production
designer, Patrick Hanenberger and art director
Kristen Anderson. But we’re also working
hand in hand with Lego. And as they’re
building toys, they’re helping us design as well. So it’s like a back
and forth that we had between our artists and
our animators and the toy makers, as well. There’s a blinker gag that I
stole from a SpongeBob movie, I directed, that was cut out. And even that stream
of smoke, everything is made out of a brick. “I can’t believe another
year has passed.” “Wrong flare!” “Should old acquaintance — “ “Alfred, battle cars.” “Undeniably, Apocalypseburg
is a nod to Mad Max without stealing from Mad Max. But it was really
fun to do all these apocalyptic vehicles
and this dusty look, but all through the
whimsical lens of Lego.” [screaming] “We’re alive! Aah!” “Love you.” “I love you more. These stars and
hearts are voiced by the children of our
editors, Wyatt Jones and Claire Knight. And I believe they’re
around seven years old when we recorded them.” “Wee!” “Hello!” “Hurray!” [grunts] [whimpers]

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