How The Avengers Should Have Ended

(music) Thor: You want me to put the hammer down? (large explosion) (coughing) Captain America: Are we done here? Loki: Hello! Iron Man: You’re still here? Loki: Yes… Thor: Why didn’t you run away while we settled our differences? Loki: I’ll never tell! Muhuhahaha… Hmmhmmhmmhmm…Muhuhuhahaha…hahahahaha! Captain America: OK, we are not taking him back to base. He is DEFINITELY up to something! How The Avengers Should Have Ended Cap: Whoa! Haha! Shield! Iron Man: Gentlemen, right this way! Hawkeye: (unintelligible) (Hulk roars) Thor: Ha! Here comes the hammer! Black Widow: Pew pew pew! Captain America: Captainball! Thor: –from whence you came! Nick Fury: Say what again! I dare you! I DOUBLE dare you! (Black Widow yells) Hulk: Puny god, puny god, puny god! (Iron Man grunts) Iron Man: Tank missile! (Hulk pants) Iron Man: Hey, you guys ever had shawarma? (music ends) Superman: This place serves food?! Iron Man: Yeah. You never had shawarma, either? Hulk: SHAWARMA! (hungrily devours shawarma) Captain America: Why do I have to sit on Hulk’s lap? Thor: Mmm! Another! (smashes) Batman: Hey…I’m Batman. You want to know my secret identity? Black Widow: … why? Superman (clears throat): So, you guys had quite a weekend. Captain America: Heh, that’s an understatement. Superman: First you guys were all against each other, then your buddy got killed, so you’re suddenly friends… Hulk: Pffh! Someone die? Iron Man: Uh…yeah, you kinda missed out on that part. Black Widow: But luckily you still wanted to be friends later. Hulk: Oh. Batman: Right, you fell from the sky and conveniently learned to control your rage… Superman: And did you steal a motorcycle? Hulk: Um. Details not important… Superman: Details like Odin being able to send Thor back to Earth? Thor: What? Batman: Or the professor conveniently making a way to close the portal? That worked out well for you guys. Superman: Or the Chitauri all dying “Phantom Menace” style after the nuke? Batman: Yep. One convenient thing after another… Captain America: Hmm, kind of like your utility belt! (Avengers laugh) Iron Man: You know what I think? I think you two are just jealous that we knocked it out of the park. (Avengers indistinctly cheering) Hawkeye: Sorry, guys… Batman: I’m not jealous. I’m Batman… Superman: I guess I would be jealous… if I wasn’t, like, all of you combined. If I couldn’t fly or shoot lasers or catch missiles and see really far, smash buildings and wear red, and… (money rustling) Iron Man: What’s that? You’re fading out… Captain America: Whoa! We’ve broken too many records! Thor: We can’t hear you through all this box office money… (Avengers laugh) (Batman sighs) Hulk: Shawarma! (epic music plays) Hawkeye: Natasha? Do I have a mark on my face? It really hurts…right here. Not here…or here so much, but right here. Black Widow: Nope. Ship shape. Captain America: Hey guys, time to suit up…oh my GOSH, what happened to your face? Hawkeye: I knew it… Captioning by Evan Reynolds

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100 thoughts on “How The Avengers Should Have Ended

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  3. D.C. was done after the avengers. Just kept putting out the same old super and bat man instead of developing other characters.

  4. Stark falling off the building and the iron man suit taking too long and he splats onto the ground should have been one of the hishe scenes haha that would of been Funny AF😁

  5. This avengers hishe has 31 million views the actual trailer has 32 million views 😁😁👏👏👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  6. I just realized in the first Avengers, Ironman, Captain and Thor fought against each other but in Endgame they fought together and led the final battle

  7. Loved the Tommy Boy reference. Kinda narrows down how many viewers can fully get the humor behind

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