How The Avengers: Age Of Ultron Should Have Ended – Part One

How The Avengers: Age of Ultron Should Have Ended-Part One I had strings, but now I don’t… Pinocchio song. Pinocchio sooooong! Pinocchio song! Pinocchio song! All the work you’ve gone! Ultron deleted
everything… and no he’s in the internet! If he’s in the internet, he can do anything! Hey guys, I can’t check my e-mails. He changed all our passwords! It gets worse. Ultron shut off
the cable. This is all your fault! How are we supposed to watch Game of Thrones now, Tony?! HOW!? We’ve got no cable, we’ve got no internet… Rage… Building! Roar! Easy big guy! Rawr! Hulk SMASH! The sun’s getting real low! I’m calling in Veronica! You think I don’t know about Veronica? I have failed you! Okay! Let’s see how fast I can buy the parts for a new Veronica. Oh.. That’s evil! He’s using our technology against us! All the traffic lights are green! I can handle this. War machine comin atcha! Don’t worry I got it! *crickets* Oh your suits don’t work either. This is bad. This is very very bad. Stark! What did you do?! What did you do!? *Screams* We have to save these people! Everyone, get in the quinjet! I hope you don’t mean THIS quinjet. Awe come on! So I just sent them on endless goose chases… while I evolved and made my earth destroying meteor. hehehe. They never even stood a chance! *laughter* So when is this meteor supposed to
hit? Oh… some time about now. *laughter* He said now! *chuckle* Wait. What? Hey, did you hear something? How in the world!? Never mind! We’ll talk later. It’s because I’m…

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60 thoughts on “How The Avengers: Age Of Ultron Should Have Ended – Part One

  1. For Capt it’d be like he’s back home with no power. Remember he grew up in the slums of Brooklyn.

  2. This hishe and part 2 are my favourites so far of all the hishe's. It flows so nicely together. I like how Batman miraculously survives the meteor hitting Earth. The writing on this one, the flow, are really good, like how Ultron's at the villain pub explaining how he was successful and Joker's like "what" when he finds out the meteor's about to hit any second. 🙂 I also enjoyed Hulk's rage at no Internet or cable. I like the humour.

  3. Batman has basically transcended all comic book rules. He can go in and out of DC, Marvel, Capcom, Sega Genesis, Dark Horse, Nintendo, North Korea…. doesn’t matter… and no one can kill him.

  4. Hey he is in the internet now!
    launches every single nuclear weapons and explosives
    Welp…. this isn’t good

  5. Who ever disliked was ultron and their army

    Sorry if I copied a comment if I did copy a comment reply to this comment

  6. "How are we going to watch Game of Thrones now, Tony?!"
    "Thor, man, you gotta trust me on this one: I did you a favor"

  7. 2:05

    Voldy really HAD to ask…
    What is HISHE gonna do when cursed child comes out.. R they gonna add Delphi to the villain clup cause…

  8. “He’s using our technology against us!”


  9. This is actually what should have happened.. I actually felt the stakes watching this… this would have been insane to watch them come back from this

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