How Star Wars Should Have Ended (Special Edition)

Did you hear that? They’ve shut down the main reactor! We’ll be destroyed for sure! *beepoobeeepbooobeee booop booop!* What do you mean, “Not if I have anything to say about it!”? *screams* *screams* *screams* *screams* *screams* *screams* *screams* *screams* *screams *screams* *screams* That little droid did it! Such a Mary Sue. Whoa Whoa Whoa! *screams* Who’s shooting up all my storm troopers in here?! *boop beep* R2? Is that you? Whaaaaoh! Wait! Come back! Nooooooo! There goes another one! Hold your fire! There aren’t any life forms. Are you sure, Sir? I feel like if we let this slide… And that escape pod ends up being the one thing we’re looking for… Everyone is gonna call us out on it. I said HOLD your FIRE! *pew* Jenson… May I speak to you in my office? oooooo
He’s in trooouble. How did my father die? Oh he’s not dead. He’s Darth Vader. What!? Darth Vader’s my dad!!!? Unfortunately yes. Help me Obi-wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope. Well that’s convenient. Princess Leia is also your twin sister. Wha?! You just watch yourself! We’re wanted men! I have the death sentence on twelve systems! Awe… Yep. Shouldn’t have said that out loud. I would’ve just shot that guy. Put that thing away or you’re gonna get us all killed! Absolutely your worship! Look I had everything under control till you lead us down here! You know it’s not gonna take them long to figure out what happened to us. They went down the garbage shoot! What do we do now? We could let the trash monster eat them. NO that’s no fun! Just turn on the trash compactor… And we can you know not verify if they get out or not. Sounds good to me! This place is dead anyways. Really guys. What? Get down stairs and eliminate them! Okay fine! Suprise rebel scum! Oh no! Aaaaagh! OH Look out! What have we done!
AAAAAAAGGGGHHHHH! I’ve been waiting for you Obi-Wan. We meet again at last. How did you get new legs? I seem to remember chopping those off. When I left you I was but the learner… Now I am the… Are those made of metal? Uuugh! What is this? A breathing device? No I need that! What’s with the helmet? Show your face, silly. *gasp* Oh my! Someone has not aged well. I hate you so much. Men. Normally with this information we’d take time to make a more intricate plan of attack… However, rather than transmitting the technical readouts of the imperial battle station… And keeping our hidden rebel base SAFE! Princess Leia insisted on delivering the plans herself… knowing full well her ship was being tracked. Thank you Princess Leia. I’m picking up on your sass. That’s good… because you deserve it! So. In short… We have one chance to make this right… And it’s all Princess Leia’s fault. Sir. We have reached the planet, Yavin. The rebel base is orbiting on a moon on the other side of the planet. We will be within firing range within thirty minutes. Or… You can lightspeed this battle station to the appropriate side of this planet the first time… and be in range now! Oh… uhh… yes… My mistake sir. Stand by. mmmm hmm! The death star is in range! Oh MY! The deathstar is in range! Well… so much for that idea. Raaagh! Boy you said it, Chewy! I was this close to going back and helping those people. Let him beat you, you had too. What will I do now? Tell me. Hmm? Go crazy I will! Oh get over yourself! Use the force, Luke. Let go, Luke! Okaaaaay I’m letting gooooooooo No! NO! Not like that you idiot! *sigh* Skywalkers.

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100 thoughts on “How Star Wars Should Have Ended (Special Edition)

  1. 0.45 jn the vidio when darth varder reconises Arto and Arto actually panicks

    I understand why he didn't really say anything in the moive

  2. another one how many friggin escape pods did they see our of the Windu. I see Travolta pointing and saying to others I see a light. after being awoke from carbonight ya know that ice block thing making you look like a floating table top. by the way Stan Lee slam dunked the torpedo which blew up the death star or was it Shaquille O'Neil? well it's destroyed so the Rebels can get back to partying in clubs once again.

  3. “I remember chopping your legs off”
    And yet you don’t remember the robot arm he got after Dooku cut his arm off

  4. Light speed doesn’t work like that the Death Star would crash into yavin and half the empire would be dead

  5. I miss the original. The original's ending was waaaaay better.
    "The rebel base will be in firing range in 30 minutes." "I say the rebel base is in range now. Fire!"

  6. I am an all time Star Wars fan and never did I think the Death Star could MOVE let alone go into LIGHT SPEED

    Obi-Wan: Oh and Princess Leia is also your twin sister!
    Luke O_O…. Faints but somehow still in the same pose

  8. Obi-Wan: Leia is your twin sister.
    Luke: But I fapped to that recording yesterday!
    R2: *long sad whistle*

  9. same problem with death star destroying yavin as with lightspeeding around it. can't go through the gravity well. if you "go around it" it takes too long. if you blow up yavin with the superlaser you turn it into a star which destroys the death star at the same time.

    because science.

  10. Han: "Hmm… that TIE fighter in the middle looks different from the others. I'll bet it's somebody important… like Vader! Yeah, I should probably aim for him then."
    blows up Vader's TIE fighter
    "Yahoo! Who killed Darth Vader? This guy!"

  11. 2:27 I don't know why, but this one particular scean always gets me and I always just end up laughing my but off😂😂😂

  12. They really should've blasted the escape pod 😂 and Leia definitely should have just transmitted the plans 😂😂

  13. But, how it REALLY should have ended is…

    Blow up yavin…. I mean… how well will the base do when the planet the moon is orbiting becomes a fireball?

  14. I feel like Vader just wants some friends. Every time he hears he has a son/ daughter or sees an old acquaintance he gets so excited. Poor Vader XD

  15. “Thank you, Princess Leia.”
    “I’m picking up on the sass.”
    That’s good, because you deserve it.

  16. 1:01 are you sure? Maybe you should check before we have droids going on to a planet and meet up with teenager and destroy the death star twice!

  17. C3po:they shut down the main reactor well be destroyed for sure


    C3po:what do you mean not if I have anything to say about it

  18. 0:38 In the movie there 10 rebel troopers are guarding to storm troopers. And there are 16 storm troopers??? It doesn't make any sense!

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