How Back To The Future 2 Should Have Started

How Back to the Future 2 Should Have Ended Marty! You’ve got to come back with me. Where? Back to the future! No, no, Doc. I just got here, ok?! Jennifer’s here. We’re gonna take the new truck out for a spin. Well bring her along. This concerns her too. Wait a minute, Doc. What are you talking about? What happens to us in the future? What, do we become a-holes or something? No, no Marty. Both you and Jennifer turn out fine. It’s your kids, Marty. Something’s gotta be done about your kids! Wait a minute, Doc. If we jump ahead to the year 2015, how will Jennifer and I have kids waiting for us there in the future? (gasp!) Great Scot! You’re right! If you come to the future here with me nobody will stay here and get married and have kids that actually need help in the year 2015! It would be like you vanished from existence. Ok, nevermind. You stay here. I’ll take care of it. Try to be good parents! Doc, wait!!!
What is it Marty? Well-uhh… is the future awesome? Oh yes, Marty, it is! But I’m afraid when I leave here now the future will forever be altered. just me telling you a little bit about your future will
cause a chain reaction of events that will create an entire new timeline! Flying technologies delayed, Jaws sequels cancelled, different clothing styles, global warming… The Cubs might have a chance, though! But it’ll never be the same. But it’ll be better, right? Uhhhh…. Doc? I better back up! Not enough road to get her up to 88!

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100 thoughts on “How Back To The Future 2 Should Have Started

  1. It should have ended with Marty home safe. I don't see how after punching out Biff & creating a better life for himself & his family that he could get taunted into racing Needles in the 1st place. No race no messed up back no wimpy kid. The whole back story for part 2 was flawed.

  2. I'm not genius but I think even traveling to the future wouldn't change your future because that would be only a day in your life, instead, your future self would be waiting for you to arrive, because in the end you would travel back being a day older and continue your life normally

  3. Dr. Brown :Hurry Marty! We have to go back to the past
    Marty :Why?
    Dr. Brown :Whe have to create the timeline that homework never existed!

    Dr. Brown :Hurry Marty! We have to go back to the future!
    Marty :Why?
    Dr. Brown :We have to to stop "Milos's Dance" meme!

  4. This starting makes no sense because, if they leave they’ll come back eventually and still have kids in the future. Leaving now won’t change anything

  5. Okay… I just thought of this today. The same idea. And boom, 3 hours later, this video pops up. Kinda scary.

  6. plz plz plz do a bttf-3 hishe (how it shuld have ended)tbh i thought this last time i saw 2# so thx but after he goes back and rips a rule line have him explain the gas station issue and have Marty mention about the other delorians gas tank having gas and they syphon it and go back lol i always think it so it wuld be great and who else figured this one cuz its very clever and i hope I'm not the only one

  7. You are not thinking 4th Dimensional….
    If marty comes back from the future it will be like he never went away so he can have childs… 😀

  8. But Marty comes back to the present. He can still get married and have kids. He doesn't disappear from existence

  9. That would have been perfect if in the middle they changed Jennifer in the middle like what happened to Jennifer

  10. Would it be neat if they time traveled to the movie Teen Wolf?I mean both came out the same year.Hows that for a Paradox?

  11. All Doc had to do was keep him from racing needles or tell him what happens and help be there for Marty with his kids. Then doc could’ve traveled to the past to meet his wife and the entire trilogy ends in an hour TV movie. The end

  12. This is actually true but the creators thought it would be boring and nothing to tell so they thought of Jennifer and Marty eventually made it back to 1985 to have their future written

  13. Well technically, Marty and Jennifer are just going to see what would happen to them in the future and they wouldn’t be missing in 1985 because eventually they come back so it makes sense for their future selfs to still exist for them to see.

  14. I was confused as to why this was a how it should have started but then I realized that this movie’s beginning is a replica of the end of the first one

  15. Wait they would come back from 2015, just a minute later since they Time doesn’t pass when your somewhere else. So the same things would have happened

  16. O sh*t i never even thought about that and hes right. If the leave atm and vanish for all that time they wouldnt even be in the future. Like in the movie " The time machine" when Alexander asks vox about him self and he gives a certian date of his time that wasnt long since he went into the future!

  17. It doesn't look like you can click a video anymore. But yeah, I like the logic. They've got to stay there and make babies!

  18. Yeah. Given all that talk about knowing too much about the future, Doc shouldn't have tried to take Marty from 1985 to 2015.

  19. The fact that Marty and his siblings were slowly being erased in the first movie kinda throws out any hard logic to BTTF timetravel. As soon as Marty had ruined the event where his parents meet he would have winked out of existence. His continued presence while in his own past proves that the BTTF model is fundamentally flawed, and should have been presented as alternate time lines ‘coexisting simultaneously’. But then the drama of getting ones’ parents to meet so that you might actually exist can only happen on a single mutable timeline…with that grandfather paradox in full effect.

  20. Should have ended creator:hey everybody today i will show you an vid with the name:how back to future 2 should have..
    Fan:wait wait wait today you can change it saw only the begin but the name will be how back to future 2 should have started

  21. You Made This On October 20 2015!One Day Before 2015 back to the future 2 took place! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  23. Marty and Jenifer can live in 2015 because they create a timeline from where they leave off therefore never going to the future.

  24. In the first movie it was docs watch that was a minute and he said and I quote, "HE THINKS THE TRIP WAS INSTANTANIOUS, IT WAS LIKE IT NEVER HAPPENED "

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