How Ant-Man and the Wasp Should Have Ended (ANIMATED PARODY)

This episode is sponsored by Honey. Check the link in the description for details Tell Hope I love her! Wait! Oh no, she went subatomic! and saved everyone Everyone except me Time for my trusty convenieANTS! Save me ants! Oh yeah, this missile travels faster than ants can fly… Well poop CRASH! My bad guys! Dad are you seeing this? Hope get out of there! Okay! Oh can you not fly? That’s too bad You guys probably better get the lab out of here I’ll just catch up later. Yeah, okay good idea we’ll leave a hot wheel for ya Hey, man, I got this serious problem with this pointless security system job that’s happening tomorrow morning Why don’t you tell me where you’re at so I can come over there. You can help me fix it I don’t think that’s such a good idea man. It’s a it’s just not a good time right now No, no, no, no. No. No, you gotta help me out bro. This is like a serious part of the story for real I’m sorry. Gotta go. Bye. Where is Scott Lang? Literally speaking! That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you He wouldn’t tell me I think he must be in some kind of trouble. Or he’s trying to work it with his girlfriend, you know Otherwise, he for-sure tell me because me and him are like best friends, you know But I asked him is like hey Luis.. You’re my best friend and I tell you everything but I can’t right now. So I got to tell you later. Bye! CRAP! AAAGH!!!!!
It’s a Girl Ghost! Change of plans. Ooo! Are we gonna go like on an awesome car chase through San Francisco? Even though we have a critically small amount of time to save your mom Not exactly. Where’d she go? What the heck is she doing? AAAAGH! Oh man! What are we gonna do now? I don’t know! Where’d she go? I don’t know! AAAAAGHHHH! I can’t believe it’s really you! Yeah! Pretty crazy, right? How did you survive down here? I mean, what did you eat? How are we even breathing right now? Did you make these clothes? Where did you find these clothes? You look so beautiful. Are you wearing makeup? Where did you find makeup? Oh, you know… science molecules convenience Just like my convenieANTS No Hank. You understand what I’m saying. And don’t get stuck in a time vortex We won’t be able to save you Okay going subatomic in three two… Guys, I don’t feel right about this. What do you mean? Uh, oh, I don’t know maybe because the Avengers! W eren’t you watching the news today? I think something huge is going down and the guys could really use my help. We could use your help Scott Yeah, this is important research. Oh is it?! There are aliens attacking the city! Research!!! But I’m not under house arrest anymore I really feel like we’re wasting really important time with this Siri, where are the Avengers right now? The Avengers are currently fighting Thanos in Wakanda. CRAP! You see what I’m saying? Who is Thanos?! We gotta help them! Siri, where is Wakanda? The location of Wakanda is currently unavailable. Guys! This is serious! I feel like if we don’t do something like right now something really bad is gonna happen! AAAAGH! I knew it! See? Oh you’re dead. I thought Ant-man and Wasp would have been here by now. (screech) Mother What the heck was that? Agh! Nick Fury just turned to dust in front of our window! we got to do something! Um… Bruce. This is different. What the?! Kal! Speak to me! What’s going on? Oh no. Oh, no, not today! BECAUSE… I’M… BATMAN!!!!!!! AAAGH! *GASP* I will avenge you Superman. I mean. I will… Unite the league… you… Superman Oh, never mind. His dust is rising. He’ll be back Hey, thanks for watching and thank you to honey for sponsoring this episode I just discovered honey, and it is an easy way to save money on things. You are already buying. Well now you’ve got my attention like this stuff. I got at Best Buy this week if you don’t already know about it Honey is a free shopping tool that automatically searches the internet for the best promo codes every time you buy something online It works on over 30,000 sites! That’s a lot of sites! That’s right! sites like StubHub Overstock Best Buy Amazon Walmart you name it? Just this week. I bought some new adidas and I saved almost 20 dollars or Here’s another one when we got pizza delivered to the office It’s free and it only takes two clicks to install just go to join honey. You can even take the link straight from our description below people who install honey save about 30 dollars on average That’s crazy So click the link below to add honey to your browser or go to join honey We’ll see you next time What? What’d you do that for?! Meow. You want to know my secret identity?!

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98 thoughts on “How Ant-Man and the Wasp Should Have Ended (ANIMATED PARODY)

  1. Batman: BECAUSE IM BATMAN!!!
    Batman again: I’ll avenge you Superman
    Also Batman: oh never mind his dust is rising he’ll be back
    A few seconds later
    Superman:I’ll be right back
    In Wakanda
    Thanos: You should of… gone for the head
    Superman: Thanks for the edvice laser eyes
    Everyone: YAY!


  3. I'm watching this video at 5 a.m. started laughing so hard "because I'm Batman"😆😆😆
    I woke everyone up!😅

  4. but if he never got stuck in the quantum realm that means he never descovered time travel which means the avengers couldn't go back in time to get the inf. stones and save the universe.
    Therefore it shouldn't have ended that way

  5. знаю, что уже поздно это писать, но на 0:38 он сказал:"Моя ошибка, ребят" либо "Мой косяк, ребята"(как вам удобно)


    The last HISHE is wrong because of endgame, if antman wouldn't go subatomic, he wouldn't tell the avengers about quantum time travel.

  7. Please I really need your help !
    Why Janet van Dyn is old after 30 years whereas scott lang didn't take 5 years old in endgame ???

  8. It probably should have ended when Janet didn't have to go subatomic on the missile. It is physically impossible to have the metal sealed in a way that makes it atom tight.

  9. Nope this is how it should have ended.
    Antman: Screw this I got a better idea
    Wasp: What?
    Ghostbusters music starts
    One of the members: Ok time to stop this Ghost.
    Antman: Told you this was a better idea

  10. But if that last part happened they wouldn’t be able to reverse the snap

    If u watched endgame u know what I’m talking about


    And then it turned out that ant mam being stuck in the quantum realm helped lay the foundation for saving the day.

  12. Is Batman the strongest hero because he was able to resist the power of all six stones, well, I guess hulk did, and so did Ironman, kind of

  13. THANK YOU for pointing out the breathing thing. Seriously, I've been thinking "how could she breathe if she's smaller than oxigen" since the ending of Ant-Man 1.

  14. Oh my gosh you guys did a perfect Louis

    Also I'm surprised you guys didn't have an ending where they talk Ghost down in a sane, reasonable way.

  15. If batman is that powerful, imagine what he can do in the infinity wars' climax fight scene. BECAUSE I'M BATMAN!! And all the creatures vaporize, and Thanos slit his own throat…..

  16. I will Avenge y…I mean "Unite the League" you Superman.
    😄😄😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😄😄 they don't have copyright from Marvel to say that.

  17. WOAH HOLD UP! THE GUY WHO PLAYS ANT-MAN IS THE DUDE WITH THE EPIC VOICE FROM HONEST TRAILERS AND STUFF. I feel like everybody already knew that and I just figured it out hehe.

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