What’s up, folks! We are here at Toys ‘R’ Us
shop in Granada (Spain), Maikito is wearing his Paw Patrol suit,
and what is he holding? First thing he does every time he comes into the
shop is pick his favorite toy, Marshall. [SPEAKING AS A CHILD]
But this one you already have! [SPEAKING AS A CHILD]
This is not for taking, just for looking, ok? [SPEAKING AS A CHILD]
You already have this one. Give it a good kiss. Smack! Toy! It’s Woody! Toy! From Toy Story. Toy! Buzz Lightyear! [MAIKITO REPEATS]
Do-do! Say ‘Buzz Lightyear’! [MAIKITO REPEATS]
Do-do-do! [LAUGHING] ♪ HIP HOP MUSIC ♪ Wow, check out this set, it comes with 50 cars. Awesome! 50 cars! This one we already have, see Marcos? This one came in the other set, remember? Beep! Beep-beep! This is the one we have,
it came in this set, see? Do you remember? [TIC TAC SOUND]
Two weeks earlier… Wow, check out this car!
Crazy fella! Here, beep-beep! Vrummmmmm. Do-doo! [BRANCO REPEATS]
Do-doo! Do-doooo! Beep! [BRANCO REPEATS]
Beep-beep! Wooow! Is this the one you liked? Wooow! Not ‘wow’, it’s Breaking Bad.
Say it, ‘Breaking Bad’. Bek-Bek-Bah! That’s right, Breaking Bad. Bye! [BRANCO REPEATS]
Bye. Bye! Which one are you looking for? This one! This? [MAIKITO REPEATS]
Wow. Bek? ‘Breaking Bad’, say it. Bek-bek-bah! That’s right. You go and drink your soda
while we search for some toys. [SLURPING SOUND] Keep on drinking. [SLURPING SOUND] Drink all of it. Very good! [SLURPING SOUND] Beep-beep! [BRANCO REPEATS]
Beep-beep! Check it out, folks, this is the one I bought
the last time we came. I’ve made a video about it already, check it out if
you haven’t watched it yet, I’ll leave the link below. It’s just like this one,
it comes with the same car and all. Now I want to buy this loop and a propeller. The propeller is awesome, they don’t have it here,
I’ll see if I can buy it online. Here they have curves, loops and launchers,
but what I want is an automatic propeller, you put batteries on it and there’s a wheel that
keeps running and boosting the cars. Drink up, all the way! [SLURPING SOUND] [HITTING SOUNDS] [LAUGHING] Yeah, it doesn’t crack,
that’s good for you. Say ‘Breaking Bad’. Bek-bek-bah! I’m thinking about buying each piece
separately and assemble it myself, ’cause they have a whole
set with everything but I don’t find it to be so nice. They are a bit too much. Check it out, it’s crazy stuff. Very futuristic. See? If I buy it seperately I can assemble the tracks
exactly as I like, it’s way better. That’s what Hot Wheels is all about,
right, crazy fella? [MAIKITO SCREAMS IN THE BACK] Wow! Have you drank it all? [LAUGHING] Drink up! You still got some soda there,
drink it all up. Da-da. Wow! [LAUGHING] Drink up! [SLURPING SOUND] Da-da. [LAUGHING] Da-da. Drink up! [LAUGHING] Da-da. [LAUGHING] Da-da. [LAUGHING] Da-da. Wooow! [LAUGHING] It’s a special edition, very awesome. Captain America. Another Captain America,
the classic one. Special editions are a bit more
expensive, $6,99 euros. While the regular ones are $1,99 euros. [MAIKITO SCREAMS IN THE BACK] Have you drank it all? Drink up ’cause we are heading
to the register. Da-da. [LAUGHING] [SLURPING SOUND] ♪ HIP HOP MUSIC ♪ What’s up, folks! We are here at the supermarket
doing the shopping for the week, later today we have a birthday party
of one of Maikito’s friends. Her name is Julia, right, Marcos? [PRETENDING TO BE MARCOS]
My friend Julia, she’s my future admirer. Say it, ‘admire-rer’. Peep-pips. Very good! Give the ham a kiss. Smack! Chocolate! [PRETENDING TO BE MARCOS]
Chocolate, daddy. Chocolate! [PRETENDING TO BE MARCOS]
I’ll swap the chocolate for the ham! Hmmm. Every time he passes the coffee section
Marcos gets crazy for coffee. Check it out, he goes crazy with coffee. What do you want from this aisle? What do you want from this aisle? What do you want? [SCREAMING]
Aaahhhh! Grab whatever it is you want from this aisle. Got it! Got it! Look how happy he is. Are you happy? Hmmm, daddy! Coffee! Fee-fee! Every time he goes into the coffee aisle
he goes crazy and starts to scream. Fee-fee. Say ‘coffee’. Fee-fee! Fee-fee! Say ‘coffy’. Ma-ma-uh. Very good! Now say ‘coffee’ in English. Xexe-ca-cac. That’s right. Check out this section, it’s amazing! [PRETENDING TO BE MARCOS]
Check out this section, it’s amazing, dude! This one is no good, this one is good,
this is wonderful and this one is delicious. Check it out. Wooow! This is savoury. Cheese, veggies, tuna. It’s a Paw Patrol cake! See the Paw Patrol cake here? ♪ SINGS PAW PATROL OPENING THEME SONG ♪ ♪ MAIKITO SINGS PAW PATROL
OPENING THEME SONG ♪ There’s other cakes also, see?
Ninja Turtles, Finding Dory, this one is Peppa Pig’s. What does Peppa Pig sounds like? [PIG GRUNTING SOUND] Claudia is all about yoghurt, you know,
she never leaves this aisle. It’s for Marcos… Nothing for you? This one, yes. Ahh, and anything for me? No. Say it to mummy, ‘coffee’. Fee-fee! [LAUGHING] Who’s gonna drink coffee? Fee-fee! [LAUGHING] This is our digital grocery list. Yoghurt 1 liter, yoghurt for Marcos. People think that I’m just checking the phone
instead of shopping, but they are wrong! It’s our digital grocery list. People look and think ‘She doesn’t leave her
phone even in the market’, but it ain’t true. Paper lists are a thing of the past, right, honey? We don’t use pen and paper anymore,
digital only. Craudete lives on the XXVIII th century. It took me some time to get used, though.
I didn’t like it, I preferred the paper. It was hard to convince you. We’ve swaped everything to digital, folks.
Grocery lists, to do lists, I had a lot of paper lists around
the computer, you know, with things to do, also work stuff,
bits of songs so that I won’t forget them, vlog stuff, lots of things related to design,
and now it’s all digital. I use Google Keep, don’t know if you’ve heard of it.
Google Keep. It’s like a digital list that you can click on things
you’ve already done and when you click them they get stored,
it’s pretty cool. [PRETENDING TO BE MARCOS]
I like stale bread, stale! [SCREAMING]
Hmmmmmmmmm! [LAUGHING] We’ve bought some nose patches,
show it to them, Marcos. “6 patches for you to clean your facial pores”,
it’s for removing blackheads. [PRETENDING TO BE MARCOS]
You mix it up with coffee, stick it to your nose
and pulls it, everything will come off. Honey, I think Marcos needs
one of these, ‘Catapum’. It’s for kids who are always
bumping their heads. Catapum! Dan-din-dan! Catapum! ♪ HIP HOP MUSIC ♪

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