Hot Toys Captain Marvel Unboxing & Review

Hey guys. Welcome back to RobToys. It’s Robby here. Today we will review Hot Toys Captain Marvel Deluxe version from Captain Marvel movie This is not Endgame Version. I’m very sure HT will issue another Captain Marvel from Endgame, with short hair. That’d be awesome! The PO price was USD 257 Do you think that Captain Marvel is the strongest Avenger? Let’s talk about it. In the movie when she just got her power, she attacked Ronan’s ships so easily as if she batted flies. And in Endgame, when Thanos’s mothership was attacking the Avengers, she arrived and destroyed the ship as if she was cutting some cakes. Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man couldn’t handle Thanos She alone could handle Thanos! So I think she deserves to be called the strongest Avenger. Let’s get on it. Let’s check out the box first. Captain Marvel Deluxe Version Honestly, I don’t really like the art cover Can you see the lines on the box? They make the picture of Cap. Marvel blur. Or maybe they did it on purpose to match the time setting in the 90s Side box Back view As usual, this is a window box Are you ready? Let me open the cart. Looks awesome, right? On top tray, we have her leather jacket and accessories. Here is the figure. Always make a habit to read the manual before you start. so we know how to handle the fragile parts. because this is a Deluxe version, we have more accessories. Look at those hands and effects. Look at Goose, the Flerken. We also have batteries for the light-up effect. Thanks to everyone who has subscribed to my channel If you haven’t, come and do so 🙂 If you enjoy this video, don’t forget to give it a like Also hit that notification button so you won’t miss any new video from RobToys. We start with the HS Do you think it resembles Brie Larson? If you ask me, I would say yes. The HS looks alive. I love that the hair is sculpted because if it was rooted-hair, we would still be required to fix and style it. With sculpted hair we can enjoy it out of the box. Let’s see the comparison. Good job, Hot Toys. As you know, Captain Marvel dons a shorter hair in Endgame. That’s the reason I bought this custom-made HS. Here is Captain Marvel HS with short hair as if in Endgame. What do you think? Not bad, right? Just in case HT did not release Endgame version, I already have this short-haired version, together with the other Endgame figures. We also have this type of HS When she turned into binary, she looked like this. The eyes light up and we can also change the Mohawk hair accordingly Easy to set it up The battery compartment is inside the neck, as shown. I installed the batteries. That’s the switch One for the eyes, one for the Mohawk hair So cool! The lights are very bright. The Mohawk is glowing! I didn’t expect it to look this cool. I was wrong. Various hands, as shown These are the cool ones. they are transparent and will light up 2 pairs of gauntlets available The red ones came with the figure, while the other ones can be worn together with the other light-up accessories. 3 pairs of light-up effects for the hands The material is plastic, quite durable so it wont easily break. Those are for her arms. To use these effects, we need to unplug the hands and plug these in instead. The third one makes me worry. They’re a bit heavy. I wonder if the figure can hold them. Say hello to Goose the Flerken. Who would have thought that the cat was an alien? he could swallow Tesseract And we finally knew the reason why Nick Fury lost an eye Do you notice something weird with the body? The head and the body are not propositional. Plus, the body looks like a dog’s rather than a cat’s. Captain Marvel’s leather jacket. The details are amazing. One thing worries me the most: the material, again, is pleather. You know over time it will deteriorate, especially in a tropical country. the base and the stand, as shown I like the size of the base. Not too small, not too big The previous IW hexagonal bases are too small. Here is Captain Marvel. I love the color of the suit. Here is height comparison between Captain Marvel and the other female characters. Some of you might be interested to know. And here is Captain Marvel with the other male Avengers. The suit material is similar to Iron Spider’s be extra careful when posing. You don’t want to leave it too long in certain poses. It will leave stretch marks. Let’s see the articulation Be careful when moving the HS because we don’t want the hair to scratch the suit. Arms articulation, as shown Do you see the wrinkle marks? I only posed her for a while. Imagine if you leave the pose for too long. I say no articulation on the body due to hard plastic on the front and back of the figure Waist articulation is also limited Elbow articulation legs articulation Don’t lift the leg too high. As you see, the belt will damage the suit. Knee articulation is not bad, but do pay attention to the wrinkles. Foot articulation For this kind of material, it’s better to leave them in museum pose. here is Captain Marvel with short hair HS Ha ha ha! cool, but I need to modify the neck first. But do you think the HS match the suit? Now it’s time to try the Binary HS She looks even more badass. let’s light her up The switch is inside the gauntlet, as shown. As Is aid before, just plug in the accessories. You don’t need her hands. Oh she can hold it very well despite the weight. Now I dim the room’s lights and turn on all Captain Marvel’s lights. Here she is! She looks menacing! I love it! I have a hard time deciding which accessories to use. For now, let’s enjoy this one. Don’t forget to check more pictures at the end of this video and in my Instagram @RobToys Captain Marvel wearing her leather jacket, with Goose We need to remove the gauntlets before putting on the jacket. This is the wrap up for today’s review. Thank you for watching. Hope the info is useful. I’ll see you in my next video. Bye! Guys, you can also check more photos in my Instagram @RobToys. I put the link in the description box below. Video editing by @photheography7 at Instagram.
Subtitles by @e_mellyberry at Instagram.

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15 thoughts on “Hot Toys Captain Marvel Unboxing & Review

  1. First : Perfect Review Ko. Jelas dan detail. Like it apalagi kamera mengambil gmbr dr dekat.
    Second : Versi Deluxe dpt banyak aksesoris. Mantappp!!
    Mnrtku kekurangan :
    1. Desain gmbr depan box krng menarik. Capt Marvel spt pake Lipstik Merah yg ngejreng (mencolok)
    2. Jaket Kulit rentan ngelotok krn ada rentang usia
    Overall 8,5/10 utk Capt Marvel 👍🏻

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